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10 Best Martin Scorsese Movie Posters, Ranked | ScreenRant

Martin Scorsese’s films stand the test of time, and some of them have been immortalized in some truly great posters.

Martin Scorsese is considered one of the greatest directors of all time and there are plenty of reasons why. No other filmmaker can boast of having Scorsese's longevity and consistency. Having made his first movie in 1967, he has remained relevant in Hollywood for over five decades.

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Though the celebrated director is mostly known for making gangster flicks, he has often ventured into other genres as well. Scorsese is also the second most Oscar-nominated director of all time (9 nominations). Here is a ranking of his ten best movie posters.

10 Taxi Driver

Judging from the poster, Taxi Driver might seem like a horror movie about a cab driver that murders passengers. Not quite, but close. The movie follows a taxi driver who plots to assassinate both a presidential candidate and a man running a prostitution ring.

From the poster, it might not feel like it, but Taxi Driver was a brilliant movie. It was nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars and its currently considered a classic. It was also one of the only few Martin Scorsese movies to not be adapted from a book.

9 Casino

This is your typical '90s poster. The film's main characters placed against a black background normally got the job done. But there's very little in terms of creativity. A couple of casino tables or Las Vegas neon lights would have added a bit more flavor.

Casino was adapted from Nicholas Peggi's book Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas. It didn't get much love from award organizations like Martin Scorsese's other films but for fans of mob movies, it was a decent adaptation that got the job done.

8 The Wolf Of Wall Street

The Wolf Of Wall Street was arguably the craziest biopic ever made. Drugs were glorified and the adult content was a bit in excess. But Martin Scorsese is never afraid to go to the extremes, no matter what form of backlash may arise. He did the same with The Last Temptation Of Christ.

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The Jordan Belfort biopic was banned in a number of countries but still managed to gross $392 million worldwide. It's also the most critically-acclaimed film among the Scorsese-Dicaprio collaborations. As for the poster, it's colorful but there is room for improvement.

7 Gangs Of New York

The color scheme is perfect, and so is the way the American flag blends with the images of the main stars. The historical drama film was adapted from the Herbert Asbury non-fiction book of the same. It also languished in development hell for a long time.

Apparently, Scorsese had the script for 25 years before the movie was made. Though not one of his best works, Gangs Of New York was nominated for ten Oscars. The performance of Daniel Day-Lewis as Bill The Butcher was also widely praised by critics.

6 The Irishman

After more than two decades of waiting, Scorsese finally gave fans another gangster flick and it was more than impressive. The Irishman told the story of mob hitman Frank Sheeran (Robert De Niro) as per his own account which has been disputed by several parties.

Robert De Niro and Al Pacino reunited for the first time since their 1995 classic heist film Heat, with the latter playing the controversial union leader Jimmy Hoffa. The poster was simple but good enough to get the job done. It simply makes you ask: what are these guys up to?

5 Shutter Island

One look at the poster is all it takes for you to know that there is something sinister going on on that island. The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo as two U.S. Marshalls who got to an island to investigate a psychiatric facility.

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They soon learn that there is a lot more happening on the island than they had imagined. Shutter Island—which was also a book adaptation—was snubbed at the Oscars but performed decently at the box office, grossing $295 million worldwide.

4 Raging Bull

Is it the best boxing movie of all time? Probably. Adapted from the memoir Raging Bull: My Story, the movie tells the story of Italian-American middleweight boxer Jake LaMotta who was something close to a god in the ring but was self-destructive out of it.

What makes the poster so beautiful is that it is simply a picture of Robert De Niro as Jake. He has a black eye courtesy of a punch, which shows just how serious things in the ring are. Surprisingly, Scorsese was very reluctant to make the movie but did it anyway. It ended up being nominated for eight Oscars.

3 The Departed

With such a star-studded cast, the appetite for this movie was high and it definitely lived up to its promise. It was also the third-last film that Jack Nicholson appeared in before retiring. A couple of different posters were used in promoting the film but this was the more common one.

In the movie. mob boss Francis "Frank" Costello (Jack Nicholson) plants a mole named Colin (Matt Damon) in the Massachusetts Police Department while the police also plant their own mole William "Billy" Costigan (DiCaprio) in Costello's crew. Soon, they find out about each other.

2 Goodfellas

Goodfellas is arguably Scorsese's best ever movie. And the poster was quite stylish too. At the top. De Niro, Ray Liotta, and Joe Pesci look like they are about to put someone in the trunk of the car while the dead person lying at the bottom gives you an idea of what kind of violence you can expect.

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The title says Goodfellas but the characters in the movie are anything but good. You can tell that by just looking at the poster. The movie was nominated for six Oscars. They could have been more were it not for the obsession with The Godfather Part III which many critics later admitted was inferior.

1 Mean Streets

The Mean Streets poster is similar to those of Hollywood movies that came out before the 1970s. Back then, the posters were mainly artworks rather than pictures. Novels had similar covers too so it was sometimes hard to tell whether the promotional material you were looking at was for a book or a movie.

However, most of the artwork was cool. Means Streets came out in 1973 but stuck to this style. The poster shows Robert De Niro's character Johnny Boy while the cars below give an impression of just how chaotic the streets of Little Italy in New York were.

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