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10 Things That Happened In Season 1 Of Friends You Completely Forgot About

A lot happened in Friends’ 10 seasons and a lot from the earlier seasons might be forgotten by some fans. Take a look at these top season 1 moments.

Even though it's been 16 years since the last episode aired, Friends remains one of the most popular sitcoms to date. Maybe it's because fans enjoy watching Monica and Chandler's love story or because they miss Phoebe's quirkiness, the show consistently manages to bring a smile to the fans' faces.

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Since the show has 10 seasons, it's hard for fans to pinpoint what their favorite moments could be, especially when some fans might not be able to remember the gags and storylines of the earlier seasons as much as they do with the latter. Take season 1, for example - can you remember these 10 moments?

10 Joey's Freudian Play

In "The One With The Butt," fans got to see Joey in action for the first time as he invited the gang to watch his play. It turned out that Joey had earned himself the lead role in an off-Broadway production, entitled Freud! The Musical.

While it was painstakingly obvious that this was an awful play, it did provide viewers with one of the most underrated scenes - Joey singing about penis envy. If fans look carefully at the gang, they'll be able to see the actors trying to stop themselves from breaking out into laughter.

9 George Clooney And Noah Wyle Guest Appearance

In "The One With Two Parts," fans of hit medical-drama, E.R. were delighted to discover that George Clooney and Noel Wyle would be making cameos on the show. Ironically, they made their first appearance as Rachel's doctors, helping the waitress after she sprained her ankle falling from the balcony.

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The two doctors then asked Rachel and Monica out on a date. However, this ended in disaster when the two women sabotaged one another. After this, Clooney and Wyle didn't make another appearance.       

8 Chandler's Polyamorous Relationship

Before he married Monica, everyone knows that Chandler was terrible at relationships. Not only was he shallow and obnoxious, but most of his romances ended in disaster because he allowed his insecurities to get in the way. It's one of the reasons why his relationships with Kathy and Janice never worked.

If fans thought these were his worst relationships, they may have forgotten the polyamorous romance he engaged in during season 1. In "The One With The Butt," Chandler begins dating Aurora, a former soldier who was already married and had a boyfriend. This, too, ended in disaster when he realized she was dating another guy, as well as him.

7 Joey's STD Billboards

Another underrated storyline some fans may have forgotten has to be everyone believing Joey had VD. In "The One Where The Underdog Gets Away," Joey is delighted to tell the gang that he had a modeling gig and would be featuring on several health billboards.

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However, Joey is soon shocked and humiliated when he discovers he is the new face of an STD campaign. Matters get even worse for him when his face is plastered across the city, meaning his family and all prospective dates see it. It's quite funny to watch as he destroys the poster until it makes him look better.

6 Monica Becomes Friends With A Fraudster

The writers gave Monica had some weird storylines over the years, but one of the worst had to be when she befriended her fraudster. In "The One With The Fake Monica," the chef discovers that her credit card is stolen and decides to track down the thief with Rachel and Phoebe.

Once Monica catches the fraud, she decides not to involve the police and strikes up a friendship with her. She also allows the woman to continue using her credit card on lavish and extravagant events. It was quite stupid.

5 Steve The Stoner's First Appearance

Do any fans remember the episode in season 9 where Phoebe and Joey set up Ross and Rachel on bad dates? In this episode, Rachel goes on a date with a guy named Steve, who wouldn't stop crying or insulting himself. He would also overshare personal information, which made her feel uncomfortable.

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This was Steve's second appearance on the show. He was actually first introduced back in the season 1 episode, "The One With The Stoned Guy," where he interviewed Monica for a chef's position. Surprisingly, Rachel didn't recognize him.

4 When Joey Dated Ursula

If fans had to pick one memorable aspect of Joey's character, they would probably choose his bachelor lifestyle. There were only a few women who managed to make him consider settling down. However, did anyone believe that Ursula would be one of those women?

In "The One With Two Parts," Joey develops an increasing attraction to Phoebe's twin sister and asks her on a date. For a couple of weeks, Joey manages to stay faithful, taking her to restaurants and showering her with gifts. Unfortunately for him, the two broke up when Ursula grew distant with him.

3 When Ross Kissed Chandler's Mother

Another shocking hook-up that had taken fans by surprise was Ross and Chandler's mother. It might be hard to recall, but if fans cast their minds to "The One With Mrs. Bing," they will see Ross and Nora Bing share a kiss. This all came about after the writer decided to console Ross over Rachel and Paolo's relationship.

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However, their hook-up didn't remain a secret for long when Joey stumbled upon the two in a clinch. Considering how angry Joey got about Ross breaking the code, it's ironic that he breaks it himself with Rachel's mother.

2 Joey And Chandler's Apartment Change

One of the more subtle changes that fans may not remember happening is the layout of Joey and Chandler's apartment. Not only were the walls a different color to the ones the fans see in the later seasons but fans may not have noticed the shelf by the door disappeared too.

Considering that it contained quite a lot of groceries and stored a lot of crockery, it seems like it was an important piece of furniture. So where did they put all of this stuff?

1 When Phoebe Found A Thumb

Out of all the members of the group, Phoebe is the one who had the weirdest storylines. She dated her sister's stalker, accrued a restraining order from Sting, and kept hundreds of rats as pets. However, one of the most disgusting storylines that go unmentioned is the episode where she finds a thumb in her drink.

In "The One With The Thumb," Phoebe is compensated $7,000 after she finds a severed thumb in her drink. Instead of giving the money to charity, Phoebe decides to give it to Chandler if he promises to never smoke again. The viewers never learn what he does with this money ...

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