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10 Things That Happened in Season One of Shameless That Everyone Forgets About

Shameless is almost eleven seasons strong. Here, we reminisce over the Gallagher family’s first year on television, with all the things you forgot!

Everyone's favorite dysfunctional family has been on the air for going on eleven seasons so no one blames you if you can't keep track of everything the Gallagher's have gotten up to.

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The motley crew of characters has matured (kinda) and changed a lot since season one, some of them literally changing. Fans have watched the Gallaghers grow up on the screen for ten years and are preparing to say goodbye in the upcoming season, so let us reminisce over the Gallagher family's first year on television.

10 Frank Stayed Sober For Two Weeks (Almost)

In episode Eight "It's Time to Kill The Turtle", Frank ends up in the hospital for alcohol poisoning. His doctor, supprised Frank has survived all of his alcoholism, offers Frank $3,000 to participate in a case study. All he has to do is stay sober for two whole weeks. The thought of the money entices Frank and he becomes the sober dad of the kids' dream, especially bonding with Debbie's when he replaces booze with an addiction to sugar.

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But Lip is not a fan of the new development, warning his siblings that it won't last and its best to rip the band-aid off fast.  Frank is nearly at the 2-week mark when Lip and Ian force alcohol down his throat, causing Frank to lose the money. All is right again in the Gallager house. and all goes back to normal for the Gallaghers.

9 Debbie Stole A Baby

In a plot that completely foreshadows Debbies' journey as a teen mom, Episode 4 "Casey Casden" centers around a young Debbie stealing a little boy from a birthday party because she misses her fake Aunt Ginger.

She dresses him up in dresses (she couldn't find a little girl)  and plays with him until Fiona discovers what is going on and promptly begins to panic. The family spends the episodes banding together to get the baby back to his family before anyone can get arrested for kidnapping.

8 Mandy was played by Jane Levy

Many will forget that Mandy Milkovich, Mickey's rough around the edges cousin who is off and on again with Lip throughout most of the early seasons, was actually a completely different actress in Season 1.

Although now she can be seen reading everyone's mind through song on Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, Jane Levy actually donned a pleated mini skirt and lots of eyeliner to play the first iteration of Mandy Milkovich. Jane Levy was offered her role in Suburgatory and left the show after season one, so viewers never got to see more of Levy's version of the character who was replaced by Emma Greenwell.

7 Anthony Anderson played Veronica's Pyromaniac Brother, Marty

Only ever seen or really mentioned in this fifth episode "Three Boys", Veronica's bipolar, brother Marty (who also has Tourette's syndrome) comes to the fake wedding that Veronica and Kevin throw in order to collect a dowry her father left her.

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But Marty isn't there for good wishes, he wants to stop the wedding and attempts to burn down the Alibi after they lock him in the bathroom. It's a fun role to see  Anderson in before he went on to become Dre on the hit comedy Black-ish.

6 Ian Was Sleeping With a Married Man

Before Ian Gallager became one half of Gallavich, he was still hiding his sexuality from most and sneaking around with a married man. Starting in the Pilot episode, Ian is seen hooking up with Kash who owns the local convenience store, with his wife. The two eventually get caught by Kash's wife and the security system she installed. She lets them continue the affair as long as he agrees they can have another child, a fourth.

Kash goes along with the plan for a bit but quickly grows tired of his life, especially when Ian starts to hook up with Mickey Milkovich behind his back. Kash leaves town and his family at the end of the season but not before jealously shooting a shoplifting Mickey in the leg.

5 Fiona Dated a Cop

Tony was the sweet cop whose loyalty to Fiona equaled that of a puppy. He was willing to ignore all the misdeeds the Gallaghers participated in, illegal as they were, for a chance with Fiona. She dates him briefly in season one, even taking his virginity! Unfortunately for smitten Tony, She quickly realizes she's not over Steve/Jimmy.

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Tony develops a vendetta against Steve, doing everything he can to prove to Fiona that Steve isn't a good guy. This leads to Steve trying to convince Fiona to take off with him to Costa Rica but Fiona chooses a new career opportunity instead. Tony later runs into Ian in season 6 and informs him that Fiona turned him gay.

4 Liam was a Prop

Liam was another character to change actors, actually changing actors twice during the show so far. In season three when Liam starts to talk and walk more and then again in Season Eight to current actor Christian Isaiah. It really wasn't until the newest incarnation of Liam that he actually started to get his own storylines and more screentime.

In the first season, Liam is still in diapers and his whole purpose in the show seems to be either to serve as an obstacle someone in the family or another or as a prop, being held on-screen by one of the various members of the household. Honestly, the only real storyline where he's the center is about his paternity, and Ian's revelation(see below) steals the thunder.

3 Ian isn't Frank's Son

In episode twelve, "Nana Gallager Had an Affair", everyone finds out that Liam actually is Frank's biological son, and it's actually Ian who was fathered by someone else. This isn't really brought up again in later seasons so it's easy to forget that Ian is actually the son of one of Franks brothers but Monica had apparently slept with all three and can't remember which one is the father due to a summer of heavy PCP use.

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In the following episode, "Daddyz Girl", Ian and Lip go on a mission to discover his father they find out that Frank has a twin brother named Jerry. But its more than likely that Ian's biological father is Frank's other brother Clayton. It is never really confirmed on the show as Ian chooses to leave it a mystery, but Lip seems to believe it is Clayton due to the strong resemblance.

2 Frank Was Raped by Lip's Girlfriend Karen

This is one of the craziest storylines to happen on the show but it may have gotten buried under all the shenanigans of following seasons. It also happened in the same episode we found out about Ian's paternity, so here is a recap. In "Nana Gallager Had an Affair", Karen gets called a wh**e by her own father after having to confess her various sexual misdeeds at a purity ball.

In the following episode, "Daddyz Girl", Karen rapes a very drunk Frank on camera and sends it to her father and his co-workers for revenge. This actually leads to her dad committing suicide. No wonder viewers may have blocked this one out.

1 Kevin and Veronica Fostered a Child

Before the couple had the trouble-loving twins, Veronica and Kevin decided to foster a child (which may or may not have had to do with V's unpaid parking tickets). They end up with Ethel, a thirteen-year-old girl who was living with a 65-year-old polygamist that she was in a relationship with until his death.

Veronica and Kevin later learn that Ethel has a son, Jonah, and they allow him to come live with them too. They all start to feel like one big happy family. Unfortunately, in Season 2, Ethel falls for local boy Malik, bonding over the fact that they are both teen parents, and she runs away with him and their respective children after stealing Kevin's marijuana for money never to be heard from again.

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