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10 Most Underrated Shows of the 2000’s

1. Nip/Tuck (2003)


Let’s begin with one of the most successful yet underrated shows. Some of you may already know of Nip/Tuck, a series that focuses on two plastic surgeons who are friends and work their jobs in very different ways. It starred Julian McMahon as Christian Troy and Dylan Walsh as Sean McNamara. The show was full of dark humor and was far different from other medical shows since the storytelling was more nuanced and interesting. It came out during a time where plastic surgery was popular but not so widely accepted and easy to get into. Now it is quite common and simple for people to get plastic surgery and in some places it is even a rite of passage. It would have been interesting to see how different the reception of the show would be in this day and age.

It did get six seasons which may sound like a lot for an underrated show but it just isn’t as famous as the other medical drama titans such as Grey’s Anatomy and House. Perhaps if it came out during a different decade it would have been more successful.


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