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15 Chuck Norris Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

Iconic action star Chuck Norris inspires hilarious memes and jokes, and here are the best examples of his online legacy any fan could find.

Legendary action star Chuck Norris has just turned 80. Long live, Chuck! The actor who is known for beating every on-screen character who dares to get in his way was born on March 10th, 1940. His penchant for inflicting pain isn't surprising given that he is a champion of numerous martial arts contests. He even invented a martial arts system known as Chun Kuk Doo.

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As a result of his toughness, ruthlessness, and endurance on-screen, funny memes about him always pop up on the regular. The actor's last movie was The Expendables 2, but he has still maintained his fame, thanks to internet jokes. To celebrate the veteran actor's birthday, here are some hilarious memes about him.

Updated on June 30th, 2020, by Richard Keller: Chuck Norris memes are, like the man himself, absolutely timeless. These delicious little morsels of internet culture created on behalf of the action film and TV actor honor his steadfastness and general awesomeness. This is the reason we have a few more Chuck Norris memes that are too hilarious for words.

15 Expert Accuracy

There are some things that can't be explained in this universe, and the meme above is one of them. Mr. Norris didn't simply take out his ten intended targets. He found another one hiding somewhere and took them out as well. All with nine bullets.

Being the man Mr. Norris is, we wouldn't be surprised if he threw the bullets by hand to reach all the targets. Furthermore, the projectiles probably listened when he told them where to go. As for the eleventh target -- maybe Chuck beat him up first then threw a bullet at him.

14 He's Good With Animals

There have been numerous bear sightings across the United States as of late. However, we think it may be due to Mr. Norris walking through the woods. Frankly, the bears don't want to be near him.

Plus, they don't want to end up like one of their friends. The grizzly bear is so afraid of Mr. Norris that he's afraid to get up and walk out of the man's home. We guess it could lure Chuck with a picnic basket, but it still might not have time to safely get out.

13 Emergency Situations

The 911 service calls Chuck Norris when help is needed? Of course they do. After all, he is Walker, Texas Ranger. Why wouldn't they call him?

We understand he can't be in all places at once (except when he wants to be, naturally). Perhaps he delegates his power to others to help those in need. In the end, a percentage of Mr. Norris is better than none at all.

12 When The Terminator Tries to Mess With Him

The two toughest men out there, Chuck Norris and Arnold Schwarzenegger, seem to get along fine in real life. They were actually in Expendables 2 together. However, when Arnold is transported to the future and becomes the Terminator, things change.

Mr. Norris is no longer a pal. He's downright ticked off when the advanced robot asks him for his clothes and motorcycle. You would think the Terminator would know this from the look in Chuck's eyes. However, it doesn't understand human emotion. As a result, it would mean broken servos for the Terminator.

11 Use the Force, Chuck

The Force is an energy field that connects everything in the universe. If someone is able to tap into it, they gain the immense power it provides. It has been known by many different names across space. On Earth, it's known as Chuck Norris.

Mr. Norris exudes confidence, resilience, and keen knowledge of various fighting skills. Most likely, using his own energies, he could create the crystal that powers a lightsaber. Plus, there's no way he would turn to the Dark Side. He might just be the Jedi we've always needed.

10 When Kanye Tries To Interrupt Him

The infamous 2009 MTV Music Video Awards incident where Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift on stage and suggested that Beyonce should have won instead remains fresh on our minds. In her recent self-produced documentary, Taylor said she was left traumatized by the incident. Kanye, on the other hand, still believes he helped her become more famous.

Well, imagine Chuck Norris getting an award for "Best Nose Breaker" (well... why not?) and Kanye interrupts him. That won't end well, will it? Kanye is probably aware of this so he'll just reconsider the interruption and allow good-old Chuck to finish his speech.

9 Guns Need Him More Than He Needs Them

Other humans might need guns for protection but Chuck Norris doesn't. Guns need him instead. Let's just hope they know how to use him. Like Liam Neeson, this man comes with a special set of skills. His kick is more powerful than a bullet. And his punch... Legend has it that his punch was what knocked down the Berlin wall.

In most of his movies, Chuck Norris comes across as a very skilled martial artist who only uses guns occasionally. His fists and legs serve him just as fine as weapons. And that is probably the angle that inspired this meme. Dear guns, make sure you get a Chuck Norris license.

8 More Influential In The House Than His Dad?

Chuck Norris has always been portrayed as the ultimate macho man. There's simply no manly thing he can't do. And if you are his father, his 'manliness' can make you look weak. What can you really do about it though? Nothing, except sit there and be a proud (or scared) father.

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This meme is quite ridiculous because it suggests that Chuck has been the head of the house since he was a baby. Now that he is moving out and heading to college, his father will now be able to take over those duties. We bet he was paying the bills. Or the bills were paying him.

7 He Wiped Out Life On Mars

Wonder why there is no life on Mars? Wonder no more. Chuck Norris wiped it out. This might also mean that alien life doesn't exist. So, he is basically managed to do a bit of what Thanos failed to do. And he didn't need any infinity stones to do it.

Of course, scientific research has proved that life on Mars isn't possible because the oxygen levels aren't enough. But in the world of memes, this is false. Life on Mars is possible. Mars had inhabitants. Chuck Norris just made them all extinct.

6 The Only Thing He Lacks Skills In

Has there ever been a man as tough? Crying isn't necessarily a form of weakness but don't tell that to the legendary action star. While other actors normally need stunt doubles for dangerous action scenes, Chuck Norris needs them for only one thing: crying. That's the only thing he is not qualified to do.

Forget crying, it is even rare to see Chuck Norris wincing in pain. Most of the hilarious 80s action movie tropes apply to him. No one would tell him this to his face though. After all, deliberately seeking trouble is not a wise thing. Keep doing what you do Chuck.

5 Don't Make Hulk Angry

In the Marvel comics, nuclear physicist Bruce Banner ended up becoming the Hulk after a Gamma bomb full of radiation exploded in his presence. Bruce mostly turns into Hulk when he is angry. Hulk is also said to be one of the strongest Marvel superheroes.

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So, it's even more hilarious and ridiculous to think that Hulk can turn into an even greater being when he becomes angrier. That being is Chuck Norris. The action star is rarely seen in a fit of rage in the movies but even at his calmest state, he is very lethal.

4 Wonder Why Batman Fights Crime At Night?

Batman is known all over the world as the vigilante who fights crime at night. During the day, he is a billionaire who goes about his normal business. But why does he prefer the night? According to the meme world, its because he lost a bet with Chuck Norris.

The two apparently fought a "Shift Match." The winner would get to fight crime during the day while the loser would fight crime during the night. Batman lost and that's the reason things are the way they are. Maybe its time the Justice League traded Chuck Norris for Batman. They haven't been doing so well lately.

3 Even Liam Neeson Shakes At The Sound Of Chuck Norris

Liam Neeson has been one of the more popular action stars of the last two decades. And he has a bunch of his own hilarious memes. The Taken movies are iconic for the phone calls during which Neeson's character calls the villain and tells them that he's going to find them and kill them.

But what if the villain was Chuck Norris? Apparently, Mr. Neeson would have to reconsider. He'd be quick to apologize too. What's even funnier about the meme is that he pretends that he's dialed the wrong number. Everyone is afraid of Chuck it seems.

2 We Exist At The Mercy Of Chuck Norris

Charles Darwin's Theory Of Evolution suggests that all living beings, including humans, survive and evolve as a result of environmental factors and the ability of earthlings to survive these factors. Chuck Norris says this is wrong. We only survive because he has allowed us to. If he wasn't lenient enough, he'd be earth's only inhabitant.

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This meme is inspired by the fact that in the movies, anyone who gets marked for death by Chuck Norris' character usually ends up dead. There's no debate. So, if he wanted, he can take out everyone. Do not underestimate him now that he is 80.

1 The Earth's Rotation Is Credited To Him Too

With the solar system and gravity, we know why the earth rotates and moves in orbit around the earth. But what if we were wrong? What if all this was happening as a result of the unrivaled power of Chuck Norris' leg? What if NASA has been lying to us all along.

It's impossible but it's still fun to imagine. His kicks usually send villains flying after all. Hopefully, Stallone will pull him out of retirement for Expendables 4. Make those 100 phone calls Mr. Stallone, please. If Joe Pesci came back to Hollywood, anything is possible.

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