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5 Period Dramas Aquarius Will Love (& 5 They Will Hate)

Here are five period dramas people born under the zodiac’s Aquarius sign will love, along with five movies Aquarians will hate.

Period films can often engage an Aquarian's love of history and scholarly insight, as the air sign is intrigued by how people lived in different eras. Given that Aquarians tend to be free-thinkers, independent, and well-informed, they especially gravitate towards films with forward-thinking protagonists who often seem "ahead of their time" in their ideas and behaviors.

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Aquarians won't want a stuffy parlor room pieces – they'll gravitate towards films that strive to give their characters depth, even if they take place amidst the reserved Victorian nobility. All the better if there's a mystery to be solved or an ideological quarrel the Aquarian's mind can be applied to.


Based on the literary masterpiece by William Makepeace Thackeray, Vanity Fair stars Reese Witherspoon as the indomitable Becky Sharp, who began life as a pauper artist's daughter and climbs to the heights of British society.

Aquarians are always willing to follow someone who doesn't let conventional society dictate how they live their life. The air sign, known for being both sociable and emotionally reserved, will empathize with Becky as she's pulled between her strategic plotting and the desires of her heart.


Aquarians aren't opposed to sweeping romances, but Atonement (based on the novel by Ian McEwan) is a little too insipid for their tastes, not to mention emotionally frustrating to sit through.

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Two young lovers are kept apart by the Second World War and the jealous machinations of the woman's younger sister. The man spends most of the film imprisoned for a lie, which will leave logical Aquarians fuming over the romantic pay off that feels like it could have been cleared up with some honest communication.


Aquarians don't mind if their period dramas have another genre mixed in because it keeps their attention. And Then There Were None is an adaptation of Agatha Christie's crime novel of the same name, in which 10 guests answer a summons to a mysterious manor and try to figure out how they're all related.

The air sign will love solving this "whodunnit" mystery, with a stellar cast including Charles Dance, Miranda Richardson, Sam Neill, and Aidan Turner. They'll find themselves emotionally attached to a character only to find out they've been murdered, keeping their attention right up until the thrilling conclusion.


Period dramas run the risk of either turning into one long edit of wistful characters wandering in drawing rooms, or one long brutal battle on the soggy English moors. Outlaw King is the latter, much to the disappointment of the Aquarius.

For those air signs expecting a historically accurate look at Robert the Bruce, or something at least as entertaining as Braveheart, this is not the film (and Chris Pine is not the actor to portray him).


Jane Austen's beloved novel is the basis for Pride & Prejudice, a story that has been adapted into film many times but was showcased the best with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfayden.

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Aquarians will instantly take to the feisty and independent Elizabeth Bennett who constantly defies social order to live her life how she chooses, and in so doing attract the love of Mr. Darcy, another free-spirit hidden by a guise of propriety.


Aquarians are fans of witty banter and verbal sparring, but the recent adaptation of Emma was a little too mean-spirited for their taste. Their sense of fairness won't permit them to sit through an entire film devoted to the selfishness of one English socialite.

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Emma is a character Jane Austen created that isn't generally well-liked, but she's supposed to grow from a meddling matchmaker to someone whose life isn't defined by gossip. Unfortunately, the film eschews substance for style and modern humor, much to an Aquarian's dismay.


One of the most popular period dramas of all time, Titanic has stunning visuals and strong acting performances, but Aquarians will love it because it's a timeless story that is rooted in a real historical tragedy.

The highly documented event is the backdrop for a love story between two star-crossed passengers, each from different strata of society. Aquarians will root for them to be able to not only survive the catastrophe but to also go on and live their lives to the fullest.


An interest in history and Shakespeare might have piqued an Aquarian's interest with Shakespeare in Love, but they'll quickly realize the film is nothing more than a rom-com dressed up in an Elizabethan collar.

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All the film's clever quips can't conceal its convoluted plot and maudlin characters from an Aquarian who had hoped for some scholastic drama and romance. Aquarians won't like the film's contrary nature and the fact that it can't decide whether or not to be a satire or a spoof of its own material.


A four-part mini-series that explores concepts of societal morality and classism, North & South isn't nearly as stuffy as it sounds – beneath its in-depth exploration of economics in the North and South of England during the Victorian Era simmers a smoldering love story Aquarians are sure to love.

The air sign has the unique knack for seeing an argument from both sides and using logic to draw its conclusions, so an Aquarius will relish understanding the perspective of the proud Northern manufacturers and the stubborn Southern gentry.


Aquarians ordinarily would flock to a period film like Marie Antoinette, with its kaleidoscopic visuals and contemporary energy. However, there are issues with its delivery that cause it to never quite rise to its ambition.

Though it has the look of a period drama, the lead actors perform like unemotional Southern California slackers. This is intended to make viewers look at the events through the princess's eyes, but it comes off as jarring.

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