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5 Surprising Masked Singer Contestants (& 5 Everyone Guessed)

Many celebrities have participated in The Masked Singer, but which contestants were obvious and which came as a surprise?

Since it premiered in 2019, The Masked Singer has taken America by storm. With legions of fans and a star-studded panel, the show is on its third season with no signs of slowing down. The show's concept is simple – celebrities dressed in costumes and intricate masks sing each week and judges Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger must guess who's under the mask.

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Grammy winners, NBA players, and even politicians have graced The Masked Singer stage. Though there have been some singers who were easy enough to guess, there were others who left the audience gagging upon their reveal.

10 Surprising: The Bear

When The Bear took the stage sing-rapping "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-Lot, fans were perplexed as to who it could be. The clue package included hockey skates, elephants on the wall, and a reference to this person being scrutinized.

The Bear was part of Group C and unfortunately the first to be eliminated. Though the judges (and fans) wracked their brains over who it could be – the primary guesses were Candace Cameron Bure and Tonya Harding – it turned out to be none other than Sarah Palin, the former Governor of Alaska.

9 Not Surprising: The White Tiger

Fans of The Masked Singer overwhelmingly clocked The White Tiger as Rob Gronkowski pretty early on in his run. Not only did the Tiger bust some signature Gronkowski moves, but fans felt the clues obviously pointed to the Buccaneers Tight End – the locker room, quarter, and especially a skiing cow.

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By the time the White Tiger was unmasked in early April, two of the four judges guessed that it was Grownkowsi, affectionately known as "Gronk" by fans. The football player seemed to enjoy himself throughout the competition, and though his it was obvious that it was him, fans were still bummed to see the artist formerly known as The White Tiger get unmasked.

8 Surprising: The Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree blew fans away with her quirky vibes and powerhouse voice. Not only was her voice hard pinpoint, but the clues included references to everyone from Lisa Kudrow to Rachel Ray and Bebe Neuwirth.

Though the Tree revealed that she shared a stage with one of the judges at one point, they still struggled to nail down the voice behind the festive tree. When the Christmas Tree was revealed to be SNL-alum Ana Gasteyer, all of the judges were surprised. Ken Jeong was especially speechless since he appeared with Gasteyer in Fox's live-action A Christmas Story.

7 Not Surprising: The Flower

The Flower's time on The Masked Singer was short, a fact that may be due to how quickly fans guessed that it was music legend, Patti LaBelle, beneath the mask.

Though the clue package had many of the fans and judges guessing other icons like Shirley Bassey, Björk, and Anita Baker, it was LaBelle's distinct vocal tone and penchant for raising her arms and shrugging her shoulders that gave her away. However, fans across the internet were appalled that she was unmasked after just four episodes.

6 Surprising: The Lion

The Lion graced the stage in season one, where she blew the judges and fans away with her performances of "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody," "Feelin' Good," and "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing." Her clue package pointed to someone who came from a famous family full of strong women, and who was ready to step into the spotlight on their own.

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Though judges guessed everyone from Kendall Jenner to Paris Jackson, the Lion was revealed to be Rumer Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Willis, who has appeared in Empire and Mad Max, was the winner of Dancing With The Stars in 2015.

5 Not Surprising: The Leopard

Before The Leopard first sang, it was hard to determine who it was based on the clue package. The clues pointed to a singer who had once been uber-famous but whose career had declined, and yet they were constantly in the news because of their relationships.

When the Leopard began to sing, however, many fans instantly recognized the voice of Seal, the British singer best known for the song "Kiss From A Rose." Though the judges guessed Billy Porter, RuPaul, Jeff Goldblum, and Bobby Brown, it was obvious who was behind The Leopard mark.

4 Surprising: Thingamajig

The Thingamajig captured the hearts of fans and the judges alike, most especially Sherzinger. The judge and Thingamajig flirted all season long, but this didn't get Sherzinger any closer to figuring out who was behind the furry yellow mask.

With clues like the number 4, running with the bulls, and a sign language dictionary, it was tough for the judges to determine who it was. Some of the judge's guesses included John Legend, Ronnie DeVoe, and Steph Curry, but most of the judges still struggled to pin the Thingamajig down. It was Jeong who guessed The Thingamajig's identity correctly – Indiana Pacer's point guard, Victor Oladipo.

3 Not Surprising: The Banana

The Banana was one of season 3's more interesting singers. From the outset, fans picked up on his country twang, his party boy lifestyle, and the fact that he met McCarthy-Wahlberg in the '90s. When the Banana began to sing, however, it was easy to recognize the voice of Poison singer Bret Michaels.

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Though judges guessed that The Banana could be one of the Blue Collar Comedy trio (specifically Bill Engvall), by the time Michaels was revealed both McCarthy Wahlburg and guest judge Sharon Osbourne knew who was under the Banana mask.

2 Surprising: The Monster

The first season of The Masked Singer had several stars who were easy to guess, such as Tommy Chong and Ricki Lake. However, it was The Monster who proved to be the most difficult guess for much of the season.

In the clue package, The Monster noted that he'd become pigeonholed for one signature style and that he was massively misunderstood. He wanted to win the show to prove that he's more than "just puff and fluff." While the judges guessed it could be CeeLo Green, Kenan Thompson (who appeared as a guest judge twice on the season), or Jamie Foxx, it turned out to be Grammy-award winning singer T-Pain.

1 Not Surprising: The Peacock

Season one's runner up had a ton of stage presence, a versatile voice, and dropped clues that alluded to a long career in the spotlight. When he sang 'The Greatest Show," in the first episode, it quickly became obvious that it was Donny Osmond.

Osmond is known for being part of the duo Donny and Marie with his sister, Marie Osmond. Disney fans will also recognize Osmond as the singer of "I'll Make a Man Out Of You," from the movie Mulan. Though the judges guessed Neil Patrick Harris and Neil Diamond, fans were sure it was Osmond.

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