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Adventure Time: 10 Side Characters Who Deserved Their Own Spin-Off

Adventure Time’s diverse cast of characters opens up ample opportunities for future sequels and spinoffs. Here are 10 side characters who deserve one.

While the beloved animated series Adventure Time wrapped up back in 2018, it remains one of the most iconic cartoons ever. Thankfully, HBO Max is bringing back the show for a four-part series of one-hour specials. The hype has ramped up to astronomical levels, and it's clear that fans would love any sort of continuation in the Land of Ooo.

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It would be smart for the creators to strike while the iron is hot and get working on even more Adventure Time content. Luckily, there's no shortage of directions to go in. The show's diverse cast of characters opens up ample opportunities for future sequels and spinoffs. This list puts together the best side characters that could feasibly carry their own show.

10 Neptr

In a silly attempt to prank Jake, Finn once created Neptr, the Never-Ending Pie Throwing Robot. Brought to life by Ice King's lightning bolts, he refers to both Finn and Ice King as his father figures. The odd little fella regularly bemoans his existence and purpose in the universe. But as the series progressed, he was often seen hanging out with BMO, another robot on the show.

His strange yearning for adventure made him more loveable as the show went on. And yet there's still an inherent sadness to him that could make it oddly dramatic. Andy Milonakis voiced the robot and would be a great comedic anchor to make a spin-0ff worth watching.

9 Cosmic Owl

Throughout the show, many characters have dreams that feature the Cosmic Owl. He's an interdimensional deity that appears in premonitions, and he helps guide souls to the Land of the Dead. That may sound like a pretty depressing spinoff, but the show revealed a bit more about the character that makes him intriguing.

Apparently, he's just a regular dude when not working. Between going grocery shopping and playing board games, he's got problems just like the next inhabitant of Ooo, including pining over a lost love. A Cosmic Owl-centered spinoff could be a fun way to dive into the mythology of the universe while still keeping it grounded.

8 Joshua

Jake and Finn's dad Joshua has always been mysterious. Apparently, he once imprisoned a demon named Kee-Oth, created an epic dungeon full of traps and monsters, and even birthed Jake himself via a magical hole in his head. Now that is some crazy storytelling just waiting to be explored.

A prequel about Joshua and his wife Margaret could illuminate some information about the history of the Land of Ooo. On the other hand, people not in the know might just assume that he is actually Jake, which would be confusing for new fans.

7 Earl of Lemongrab

Possibly the most bizarre Adventure Time character is Lemongrab. He was created by the Princess Bubblegum and quickly became the most obnoxious citizen of the Candy Kingdom. She banished him to his own territory, where he ruled with an iron fist. The episodes set in his earldom are the most upsetting stories ever featured on the show.

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Voiced by Rick and Morty's Justin Roiland, a Lemongrab series would surely be a success. The freakish cloning, cannibalism, and destiny are more than enough to fill a show. Lemongrab's shrill voice might be the only real setback, as parents and kids everywhere likely find it to be UNACCEPTABLE.

6 Abracadaniel

The self-deprecating wizard Abracadaniel was always a fun addition to the series. His uselessness shows up in the worst times imaginable, and he struggles to conjure even the faintest spell. His magical powers are mostly limited to changing the colors of small objects and changing things into butterflies.

A show centered around this weak magical character could be hilarious if done right. The comedy would be key, and his inability to live up to expectations would create some needed conflict. Abracadaniel could slowly become the powerful wizard he always wanted to be, and that would connect with audiences everywhere.

5 Prismo

Like the Cosmic Owl, Prismo is a character that has unlimited potential due to his status in the Land of Ooo. He's an interdimensional pink shadow that grants wishes from the center of the multiverse. Plus, he also knows how to party. He's buddies with Cosmic Owl, Party God, and other powerful beings, and is often seen hanging out in the Time Room with them.

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Prismo is voiced by the talented comedian Kumail Nanjiani, known for his work on Silicon Valley. His experience in film and TV would make him the perfect voice actor to lead his own cartoon series. Plus, the character is endlessly fun and probably has a whole history that's just waiting to be told.

4 Magic Man

Tom Kenny's evil wizard character known as Magic Man is hard to forget. He's a sociopath with a tragic backstory and is known for constantly terrorizing the Land of Ooo. He can easily teleport, transform people, and even give inanimate objects sentience. That's a lot of power for one dude.

The character's development got a lot more complicated as the show progressed, and it only gives more potential for a spinoff show. Giving Magic Man a full redemptive arc could be fascinating, and fans of Adventure Time would no doubt tune in every week.

3 Billy

Finn's idol and mentor is the legendary hero, Billy, and fans have always wanted to know more about him. When he was young, he was known for protecting Ooo from countless monsters and threats, much like Finn and Jake. Battling evil oceans, giant bears, and defeating the Lich are just some of the entries on his good-guy resume. It's easy to assume there's a lot more there we don't know about.

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Billy was voiced by Lou Ferrigno in the original run, but a prequel series about him as a young warrior would likely call for a new actor to take on the role. Being about a hero like Finn, the show would probably be a lot like Adventure Time. There's no doubt it would have the makings of an epic.

2 Lumpy Space Princess

Perhaps the most recognizable character on this list, Lumpy Space Princess is a shoo-in for a spinoff series. She's famous already for her hilarious scenes in the show and also has a heartfelt backstory. Kicked out of her parent's house for her attitude, she moved to the woods with a pack of wolves and lived exclusively off of canned beans.

The series finale opens the door to a possible sequel series centered on the big purple character. People already love this princess, so it only makes sense to continue her story on a new show.

1 Peppermint Butler

The most alluring character on Adventure Time isn't Finn or Jake. It's the prim and proper Peppermint Butler, who in the first few seasons just seemed like a simple assistant to the Princess. However, the show reveals that he's actually a demon-obsessed occultist known to some as the Dark One.

He's got an evil side seen in his friendship with Death, desire to steal Finn and Jake's flesh, and suspicious motives. He once summoned a demon to possess Cinnamon Bun. But what's fascinating is that he always puts forward an air of innocence. A series centered on our favorite Satanic candy butler is painfully obvious. But for now, we'll have to be satisfied with the upcoming Distant Lands specials on HBO Max.

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