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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Custom Codes for Star Wars Clothes

New custom Star Wars clothes are now available for Animal Crossing: New Horizons which now gives a whole new outlook on how to mold avatars.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons now has Star Wars clothing customization available. There is only a specific way to get them and this guide will help players get a hold of their new intergalactic threads.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a farming simulation game released on March 20, 2020, by Nintendo in which players create their own islands to share with the world. The story consists of being an owner of a deserted island that players purchased from Tom Nook, who is a "tanuki" character in the series that oversees development. In a complete open-ended fashion, players can explore and commence planning out their ideal tropical settlement any way they best see fit. Complete with wildlife, bridges, waterfalls, and botany, players can terraform their island as far as their imagination allows them to. This even consists of decorating the landscape and interiors of the shelters.

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With that said, there is also a slew of customization options that correspond with everything including how the avatars are dressed and how the island operates. Even though players will create their own character at the very beginning of the game, there will be times to "freshen things up" a bit. Everything from growing new flowers, buying new materials to even raising new animals, the very purpose of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is to; grow, evolve, and change. Therefore, new clothing options tend to be updated on a regular basis and there's a very particular process that players need to follow to get a hold of them. Right now, there is Star Wars swag available and every type of wardrobe from all the trilogies of the franchise can now be unlocked.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is well-versed in putting in custom designs inspired by other television shows and movies by the implementation of QR codes. With a cell phone, there are two ways to get codes for the current Star Wars clothing selection. Either scan the QR codes using the "Nook Link" or just simply enter the code at the "Able Sister's Shop". All these costumes were made within Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so they'll look sharp upon download, so there should be no concern about losing fidelity. The following is a list of the QR codes players can enter to get the all the Star Wars threads they desire. Everything from Han Solo to the Bounty Hunter Boosk, there's a colorful selection to choose from.

Padme Bunhead Dress > MO-Y5H2-B790-WQ14

Padme Green Dress > MO-P3NO-5Y80-XPH7

Padme Lake Dress > MO-QFGB-SYDH-JWL6

Padme Queen Robe > MO-XT3Y-GVLM-YKY8

Padme Tatooine Robe > MO-GD16-Y1VF-670P

Amidala Orange Dress > MO-MHWY-DFTV-YFCM

Naboo Handmaiden Dress > MO-PX9K-VD2S-2NKB

Padme Mustafar Garb > MO-DGWF-SJ9M-R6DP

Amidala Silver Robe > MO-7KKL-WXRT-17TC

Anakin Jedi Robe (Episode. III) > MO-N101-MKB4-6D6D

Ben Solo Sweater > MO-H2J6-6TWC-M581

Kylo Ren Coat (Episode. VII) > MO-JWTL-1PPK-JBYJ

"Swolo" Tank Top > MO-RT9S-BCDD-363J

Han Solo Coat (Episode. IV) > MO-MJG8-SHSN-9072

Leia Bespin Coat > MO-KYQY-8JP2-Q60X

Leia Hoth Sweater > MO-YTG4-R80H-8SG9

Leia Hoth Hoodie > MO-HN4J-JWTL-JMRH

Princess Leia Robe > MO-WH18-HS0L-P52S

Leia Ceremony Robe > MO-8HLT-26P9-PPT6

Luke's Robe (Episode. VIII) > MO-P7VF-8B3Y-TMCL

Jyn Erso > MO-YYSL-2KSV-KF47

Rose > MO-PS91-J0NM-G552

Rebel Suit Coat (X-Wing Pilot) > MO-VQ78-WB3L-HRFR

Rebet Suit Sweater (X-Wing Pilot) > MO-534S-42MW-HSK4

Storm Pilot Hoodie (Finn's Jacket) > MO-NS28-QL4X-5R4V

Obi-Wan Coat > MO-DQX3-SND5-P8QG

Hux Greatcoat > MO-WY09-2WT2-RD64

Porg Hat (Brimmed Hat)> MO-XCF4-CHMR-DS7G

Porg Sweater > MO-5X39-H998-GWBX

Rey TLJ Coat (Alt) > MO-FYB9-X0RG-MWTR

Rey TLF Sweater > MO-NQ9N-3RP3-Y5YR

Rey TROS Hoodie > MO-DR4K-GGH3-7CH6

Rey Jedi Training Vest Sweater > MO-T38V-NPSF-RT1Q

Boosk Hoodie > MO-D2VM-7BK6-WFTX

Jedi Robe (Tunique) > MO-PJ15-LTDS-XC4T

As fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons can see, about every angle regarding Star Wars clothing has been conjured up. Surely, there's enough to choose from that'll make fans of both franchises happy. Terraforming as taken a whole meaning with this galactic set of customary garb and there's a new type of fun to be had. Let's see what happens next that'll introduce a new layer of productivity for all the islands out there. Perhaps, there will some new surprises yet to be unveiled.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now available on Nintendo Switch

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