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Ant-Man Vs. Spider-Man: Who Would Win (& Why?) | ScreenRant

They’re both iconic characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but who would win if And-Man and Spider-Man were pitted against each other?

Ant-Man and Spider-Man only briefly came into contact with each other in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and yet fans did get to see them fight one another, if only for a moment. But who would really win if Ant-Man and Spider-Man were forced to fight one another, one on one?

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Who would be the better fighter, and thus the better hero? It's hard to say from their interaction alone, but it's not hard to guess when examining the history and storyline of each character. If Ant-Man and Spider-Man were ever on opposing sides again here's who might come out on top.

10 Ant-Man: Mentor

It's very depressing to have to admit it but, post Endgame, Ant-Man, rather than Spider-Man is the one who has a mentor who is still alive and kicking. While Peter may be younger than Scott, Scott's personality still means he needs a little looking after and, Hank is still alive to assist him.

It's always helpful to have someone in your corner and Ant-Man definitely has the edge in the new world of superheroes post-Tony Stark's sacrifice.

9 Spider-Man: Civil War

In their brief encounter in Civil War Peter uses the Star Wars wrap a cable around the legs trick to take down a giant Ant-Man at the airport in Germany. In their only fight thus far on-screen Spider-Man obviously wins.

Based on history alone, Spider-Man should win in any matchup between Peter and Scott. Both had help in the Civil War conflict, but Spider-Man really took down Ant-Man all on his own in that one instance.

8 Ant-Man: The Wasp

Ant-Man has a mentor but, probably, more importantly, he has a partner. The Wasp is Ant-Man's secret weapon. The Wasp is much more focused and down to earth compared to Scott, she can keep him on the straight and narrow.

Add to that the fact that she can fly and there's little Peter could probably do if he was double-teamed by Ant-Man and Hope Van-Dyne. He could hold out a little while with his spider senses, but not forever.

7 Spider-Man: Spider Senses

Scott Lang's greatest ability as Ant-Man is his power to shrink and disappear from in front of his enemies, however, that power is less effective on Spider-Man than it would be on anyone else.

With Peter's spider senses he could find Ant-Man where many other superheroes would struggle to sense Scott Lang coming at them with his enhanced strength. Spider-Man would be able to follow along where other heroes would fail.

6 Ant-Man: Giant-Man

Fans have seen Spider-Man takedown Giant-Man, but that was in a group situation where Scott was obviously focusing on multiple foes at once.

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If it was a one on one battle there's very little to stop Scott in his Giant-Man incarnation from stomping on Spider-Man as if he really was no more than a spider. Size can certainly matter when it comes to a fight, and growing larger rather than smaller might be the key to Ant-Man's success.

5 Spider-Man: Brains

Scott Lang may have a mentor, but Peter can always depend on his own brainpower. It's always been clear that Scott is far from the smartest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe while Peter is close to the top of the list.

Dr. Strange and Tony Stark may outrank Parker, but that doesn't mean that Peter's ability to problem solve and think on his feet is not both important and beneficial when facing off against an adversary who is in no way close to Stark or Strange's level.

4 Ant-Man: New Technology

As Hank Pym is still alive to mentor Scott, he is also still alive to developed new technology for him too. With brains and new tech on his side, there's no saying what Scott's Ant-Man could be capable of if he were to face off against Peter Parker's Spider-Man again.

New weapons and surprise attacks can make all the difference in a battle. If your powers don't change an adversary can plan in advance, so it's always good to have a surprise on your side.

3 Spider-Man: Can Build His Own Tech

Scott Lan may have Hank Pym but, as seen in Spider-Man: Far From Home Peter is quite capable of developing his own technology (especially when gifted with the tools once owned by Tony Stark.

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Ant-Man is not the only one who could develop new tactics and gear and, by designing them himself, Spider-Man would probably be in a better place in knowing how to use his new weapons.

2 Ant-Man: Sneaky

If Peter's not paying attention or is distracted those spider senses of his don't always do what they are supposed. Ant-Man's main power, the ability to shrink in size, maybe just enough to give him the edge in a fight with a distracted or unsuspecting Spider-Man.

Add to that Ant-Man's increased speed and strength at his sneaky minuscule size, and again, there's nothing more effective than a surprise attack.

1 Spider-Man: Innate Powers

When it comes down to it, without the suit, Scott Lang is nothing. Peter Parker, however, can use all of his powers without having to change out of his school clothes.

Innate powers mean that Peter's special abilities are always at his disposal. He doesn't have to plan in advance or dress to use them. It would be much easier for Peter Parker to take down Scott Lang in a fight if he showed up unannounced. Without his suit, there's literally nothing Scott could do.

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