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Batman VS Daredevil: 5 Reasons They Would Make Great Partners (& 5 They Would Hate Each Other)

Batman and Daredevil are very similar characters with just a few differences in their personalities. If they ever meet would they be good partners?

Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil reintroduced himself into the screen byways of Netflix and Charlie Cox, who portrays the man without fear. In 3 seasons, we saw Daredevil roam the city and protect Hell's Kitchen from the corrupt and we saw the character develop before our very eyes.

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Bruce Wayne AKA Batman made his 6th Live-action appearance in the last 30 years and he was brought back to life by the seasoned actor Ben Affleck. Batfleck brought us a different version of the Dark Knight, giving us a veteran vigilante who has protected Gotham for over 20 years. If these heroes were to ever cross paths would they make good partners? Or would they absolutely hate each other?

10 GREAT: They Both Have A No Killing Rule

Matt Murdock started his hero journey trying to help his city from the corrupt drug lords and gangs that have taken control of the city. Although he viciously beats most of the bad guys he faces, his Catholic faith and his good nature keep him from killing, no matter what. Whether it's Wilson Fisk he's facing or it's Elektra begging him to take a life, he has maintained his rule.

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Batman started his crusade as a promise to his city that no one would ever have to suffer like he did after a criminal killed his parents in front of him. Like Daredevil, he's ruthless with the criminals and doesn't pull back his punches but will never go too far as to kill them. He vows to never kill as to prevent himself from ever being like the lunatics he chases down.

9 HATE: Neither Are Great Team Players

For a majority of the three seasons and one season of The Defenders, Daredevil has always preferred to work alone to keep his friends safe and to keep others from slowing him down. Despite being part of a super team, he never really fit in and never really wanted to.

Batman, like Daredevil, has also been part of as superteam he helped form but he still showed some reluctance to work as a team when he decided to sacrifice himself rather than let his team help. Maybe it was his traumatic experience losing Robin or his dark and broody nature that keep him from working with others.

When you bring two guys who hate working in teams together, you're bound to get a few arguments and maybe even a few punches thrown.

8 GREAT: Both Symbols For Their Corrupt City

As the "Devil of Hell's Kitchen" he instills fear in the things and criminals of the city, often just terrifying them with his name alone. He eventually embraces the name and has his suit designed to resemble Satan and the lore behind the biblical character.

Batman decided on the Bat as his symbol as it was something that he has always feared due to a traumatic childhood experience. He uses the bat very similarly to Matt to instill fear into the criminals of Gotham and use a symbol of hope for the good people.

7 HATE: Daredevil Is Too Reckless

One thing about Matt and his abilities is that he has always been impulsive and overly confident in his skills. No matter how many times he gets beat up and badly injured, he always comes back for more. Whether it's Foggy or Claire continuously begging him to stop fighting crime, he always goes back.

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Although Batman is similar, he has always been a man with a plan and a plan after that. He is so calculated in his attacks that he usually comes out unscathed. Working with someone as reckless as Matt could lead to a lot of conflicts, similar to Jason Todd and Batman in the comics.

6 GREAT: Both Were Trained By A Mysterious Mentors

When Matt was young, he was approached by a mysterious man who shared his abilities and taught him how to control and use his abilities to an advantage. He spent a couple years learning how to embrace his powers and learn to fight before he was abandoned and left to wonder where his mentor went.

As a young man, Bruce traveled the world to learn every type of martial art and skill he could so when he returned to Gotham he would be a capable hero. Upon his travels, he meets a mysterious man with an organization that trains Bruce for years before he abandons the League to go back to Gotham.

5 HATE: Matt Is A Lawyer & Might Not Always Agree With Batman's Techniques

Part of the reason Foggy hates that Matt is a vigilante is how hypocritical it is that he's breaking the law as Daredevil and protecting it as Matt Murdock. Matt often avoids breaking the law as much as possible and usually only wears the suit to intimidate the criminals.

Batman has no friends or law background to ever hold him back from taking the law into his own hands and he usually does whatever he deemed necessary to take down villains. This could be an issue when he decides to break laws and Matt is forced to try to stop him.

4 GREAT: Both Are Local Heroes

Matt protects Hell's Kitchen and often stays in the confines of his city, even preventing him from getting involved in bigger events in the MCU. He often only partners up with local heroes and has never left his city, in the comics or the show.

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Batman protects the fictional city of Gotham and usually only works with members of his Bat-family and like Matt rarely leaves his city. In both the comics and the movies, he reluctantly joins the League because he knew how much time it would take away from his patrol of Gotham.

3 HATE: Daredevil Isn't Much For Gadgets

Throughout the three seasons and the comics, Daredevil has never had any fancy gear or gadgets besides his staff and his suit only improves after he is almost killed. He is never been one for using gadgets and often depends on his abilities.

Batman is the king of gadgets and gizmos. From his Batarangs, grappling hooks, Batmobile, and supercomputer, he relies on his tech to help him patrol the city. Although it won't be as much of an issue, it could still lead to conflict between the two.

2 GREAT: Both Prefer To Work In The Shadows

When it comes to their "hero shifts" both of these heroes prefer to work at night and in the shadow. The last thing they want is attention and go through great lengths to prevent being seen or heard.

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Both heroes are known for coming out of nowhere and disappearing into thin air like they were never there. It's something both these heroes take pride in.

1 HATE: Batman Has A Lot More Experience As A Vigilante

Matt started his crusade as Daredevil just a few days before the start of the show, making him a three-year vigilante veteran. Facing a lot of near-death experiences and almost always going in on his own to take on small armies, three years is a long time.

In Batman V Superman, it is revealed that Bruce has been Batman for over 20 years in Gotham, giving him decades of experience over Daredevil. Now, this could be really good or really bad for Matt who we know doesn't take too well to criticism.

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