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Black Knight’s Eternals Origin Can Set Up MCU’s Captain Britain

Black Knight’s origin story in Marvel’s Eternals movie can open up a whole new corner of the MCU and set up the introduction of Captain Britain.

Black Knight's origin story in Marvel's The Eternals movie can set the stage for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to finally have its own Captain Britain. The fan-favorite British superhero has appeared in multiple comic book titles since the 1970s, and is someone fans have been wanting to see brought to life on the big screen for years.

Captain Britain starred in his own solo comics for a time in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and has also been seen in the company of heroes like Spider-Man, Captain America, his sister Psylocke, and more. Most of his presence in Marvel Comics, though, came from his adventures with his two superhero teams, Excalibur and MI: 13. Captain Britain founded Excalibur in the late 1980s, and it stayed active for ten years. Captain Britain's band of heroes has been revived a few times in the years that followed, with the most recent Excalibur reunion occurring in 2019. MI-13 was formed in the 2000s.

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Captain Britain and his two teams have yet to be adapted to the MCU, but one character with strong ties to both groups will be making his MCU debut in Phase 4. Classic Avenger and Captain Britain ally Black Knight will be portrayed by Game of Thrones actor Kit Harrington in Marvel's Eternals. Black Knight is currently the film's only confirmed human character, and his introduction has led fans to wonder if Marvel will eventually build toward bringing Captain Britain into the MCU. The two have shared a lot of adventures in the comics, but their connection in Marvel Comics actually goes much deeper than that, as they both have deep ties to Camelot. Here's how Black Knight's MCU origin can set up Captain Britain.

In the comic books, Dane Whitman is the latest descendant in a long line of people who have wielded a mystical, cursed sword known as the Ebony Blade. For centuries, it's been passed down from generation to generation, with the wielder being forced to deal with the Ebony Blade's blood curse, which drains away the user's humanity. The sword's history goes back to the Arthurian era and the fabled city of Camelot. One of the first Black Knights, Sir Percy of Scandia, fought in the service of King Arthur himself and was one of the Knights of the Round Table. During his adventures, he acquired the Ebony Blade, a sword which was forged by the legendary wizard, Merlin. Merlin created the sword's black blade from a meteorite, and enchanted it with his magic. Merlin selected Sir Percy to wield the sword, believing that he would be a suitable owner. Through his connection to the blade, Dane Whitman has communicated with Sir Percy's spirit, and has even traveled back in time to Camelot on occasion.

Like Black Knight, Captain Britain's origin is rooted in Arthurian lore. After Brian Braddock was injured in an accident, he was visited by Merlin and his daughter Roma, who offered him a chance to become a hero. They allowed him to choose between two different magical artifacts, the Sword of Might and the Amulet of Right. After selecting the Amulet of Right, Braddock became Captain Britain and was eventually gifted the sword of King Arthur, Excalibur, as well. It was also revealed that Merlin and Roma were residents of a dimension called Otherworld, which is connected to multiple realities. Captain Britain later discovered that Merlin actually found a way to preserve Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table) by magically moving the city to Otherworld. It's worth noting that through Otherworld, Arthurian figures typically have key roles in Captain Britain's stories.

It's possible that the MCU's version of Camelot will be encountered in Eternals. In fact, Camelot will need to be touched upon when exploring Black Knight's origin - unless of course, the movie makes significant changes to Black Knight's lineage. It could be that instead of linking his legacy (and the Ebony Blade) to the Arthurian era, Marvel will make the Ebony Blade an artifact of the Eternals. But if it does stay true to the comics, it's likely that Camelot will be involved. The movie may explore how the sword was forged, who made it, and the previous owners of the weapon. If so, Merlin and Sir Percy could both be included or referenced in some way. After all, Black Knight's sword is integral to his character and what motivates most of his stories. With Black Knight expected by many to be the male lead, it would be surprising if the Ebony Blade's origin isn't addressed.

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Furthermore, it's been confirmed that Eternals - which will span over a thousand years - will visit different time periods, including Babylon. Another could be Camelot. Set photos have indicated that the film will include scenes that take place in time periods like the Middle Ages (or perhaps even earlier). Flashbacks to Camelot and a previous incarnation of the Black Knight could set up Dane Whitman's role in the story. It could be that one or more of the Eternals traveled to Camelot at some point in the past. There's comic book precedence for this, as Sersi's comic book counterpart served under Merlin.

Camelot represents an important corner of the Marvel Universe in the comics, and the same could end up being true in the comics. If Eternals introduces Camelot, the groundwork will be laid for Captain Britain. Characters from Camelot established in Eternals could return in a future Marvel movie or TV series to give Brian Braddock his powers. From there, Marvel can continue to build on Camelot through Merlin, and eventually introduce Otherworld. Using Otherworld makes sense for Marvel's plans, considering that the MCU is already dealing with alternate timelines and universes -- a trend that will continue in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Captain Britain being represented in the MCU may already be in the cards. He was seemingly teased in Avengers: Endgame when his last name was mentioned by Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), and the MCU could already be setting up his MI: 13 team in Phase 4. If The Eternals gives Black Knight a comic book-accurate origin story, there's a strong chance that Marvel will take an even bigger step toward introducing Captain Britain.

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