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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: 10 Ways Spike Got Worse And Worse

As the seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer progressed, there were times when Spike acted badly, strangely, or just plain out of character.

When Spike and Drusilla crashed their way into Sunnydale (literally), the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer changed forever. Before their arrival, vampires were seen as either brutish or extremely fanatical. There hadn't been any rebellious, fun vampires until Spike arrived on the scene, sporting a cocky attitude and a great coat.

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Originally, Spike started out as the Big Bad of Buffy's second season, but he was so beloved by basically everyone that he returned as a series regular not two seasons after his debut. However, there were times as the show progressed where Spike acted badly, strangely, or just plain out of character.

10 Jealous Of Angelus

Before Buffy Summers had even been born, Spike was part of a vicious and dangerous vampire gang known as the Whirlwind. This group of killers consisted of Spike, Angelus, Darla and Drusilla, and they laid waste to wherever they ended up.

Spike and Angelus had a fractious relationship in the past, but their relationship in the present was practically non-existent. Every time Angelus flirted with Drusilla, Spike became jealous, which diminished his reputation as a threatening and dangerous villain.

9 His Love For Drusilla

Right from their introduction, Spike and Drusilla were clearly smitten with each other (or whatever the soulless, evil, vampiric equivalent is). They came to Sunnydale to lie low for a while, as Drusilla had been injured by an angry mob before their arrival.

At first, Spike's love for Drusilla was a compelling feature of his personality since being in love was a rarity for a vampire. However, over the course of the series, it became tiresome, as viewers were forced to watch Spike try to win Drusilla back, and it hurt his character.

8 Switching Sides

As stated, Spike made his first appearance in Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a villain, and he thoroughly succeeded in his antagonistic role. He was menacing and dangerous, but was also very charismatic and easy to watch. He also hated the Master and the Order of Aurelius.

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However, as time went by, Spike began to develop misgivings about helping Angelus destroy the world. Therefore, he defected and helped Buffy, which was the beginning of Spike becoming a hero. As a hero, though, Spike lost his edge and became less thrilling as a result.

7 Falling In Love With Buffy

Initially, Spike was a brilliant character because he was so flawed. When he made a mistake, he tried to talk his way out of it, and when that didn't work, he'd simply burn his opponent in direct sunlight instead — hell0, Anointed One!

His failings were what made him such a fun and occasionally relatable villain. However, when he fell in love with Buffy in Season 5, something in his personality shifted, and viewers were given yet another lovelorn vampire, lusting after the Slayer, which went against everything Spike stood for.

6 Falling For Lindsey's Lies

At the end, Spike had become such a popular character in his own right that even the end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer wasn't enough to keep him down, despite him being killed in the series finale. Thus, Spike was swiftly resurrected and joined Angel.

It transpired that Lindsey McDonald was responsible for Spike's resurrection. Lindsey had also been lying to Spike and manipulating him, which Spike fell for unusually quickly. Spike was an experienced vampire and he should have suspected that something was wrong.

5 Not Enough Screen Time With Faith

Spike and Faith are two of Buffy's most complex and nuanced characters, with incredibly intriguing backstories to explain why they are they way they are. It is deeply unfortunate, then, that Faith and Spike have only really interacted twice in the show.

The first time was in Season 4, but this shouldn't really count as Faith was then residing in Buffy's body — while having an extraordinary conversation with Spike. Their second encounter was during Season 7, but because of the massive cast, they didn't get a chance to know each other.

4 Betraying Drusilla

When Spike made his Buffy debut, it was quickly established that he wasn't like every other vampire. For one, he could actually love another being. Of course, this other being just so happened to be an evil and disturbed vampire, but it was still impressive.

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Spike and Dru had been together for a long time, and according to them, they really did love each other. However, Spike had a funny way of showing it as he betrayed Dru on multiple occasions. The second time he almost killed her, which was odd seeing how committed he was to her in Season 2.

3 Sleeping With Harmony

Spike had many interesting relationships during the show's run. His romance with Drusilla was extremely engaging and it made them stand out from other vampires; his relationship with Buffy was also compelling as the two did have feelings of some sort.

However, Spike's most groan-worthy relationship was with Harmony. He was only with her because he was bored and lonely, and it was just incredibly awkward to watch these two together.

2 Becoming A Joke

In Season 4, Spike was captured by the Initiative and became Hostile 17. During his imprisonment, the Initiative placed a chip in his head that caused him tremendous pain if he ever hurt a living human being, thus effectively neutering him.

Needless to say, Spike didn't handle this change very well. The chip rendered him basically impotent, and the fact that he ended up living in Xander's basement damaged his reputation even further. Spike was once a great villain but after the chip, he couldn't even scare a baby.

1 When He Tried To Sexually Assault Buffy

Season 6 is well known for being the show's darkest season. Buffy coped with depression, Willow's magic addiction got out of hand, and then there was Spike. Originally, Spike was the only person whom Buffy didn't have to hide how she felt.

However, as Buffy gradually got used to life again, she tried to mend herself and so she called things off with Spike. Spike then encountered Buffy in a vulnerable state and tried to force himself upon her. It was a shocking and harrowing scene, and permanently damaged Spike's character in the eyes of fans.

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