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Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: 5 Times We Cheered For Sabrina (& 5 Times She Chilled Us To The Bone)

In Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Sabrina Spellman is a heroine with a big heart. But the powerful young witch can be quite terrifying.

Sabrina Spellman challenges patriarchal norms and defends her loved ones from evil forces throughout Netflix's Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina. The titular character initially refuses to sign her soul to the Dark Lord, preferring to use her magical abilities to help others and protect Greendale. It is easy to cheer for this empowering young heroine, though on occasion, Sabrina can be as unnerving as her satanic father.

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Sabrina is a sympathetic character with good intentions, but the half-witch has an undeniable dark side. Like Game of Thrones' Daenerys Targaryen, sometimes we cheer for this white-haired heroine — and sometimes she chills us to the bone.

10 Cheered: Protecting The Town From The Greendale Thirteen

Sabrina and the Spellman family step up in Part 1 and protect the town from the vengeful spirits of the Greendale Thirteen. The witches refuse to abandon the mortals to a terrible fate.

Sabrina summons hellfire to defeat the deceased witches in an epic scene that foreshadows her formidable power as the daughter of the Dark Lord. Unlike the rest of the coven, the Spellmans show their heroic side by standing by the mortals of Greendale.

9 Chilled: Signing The Book Of The Beast

Sabrina challenges the Dark Lord and stands up to the Church of Night during the beginning of the series by refusing to sign her name in the Book of the Beast. Her empowering decision is admirable but her resolve wavers, and she eventually signs the Book and pledges her soul to Lucifer.

It is hard to root for Sabrina as she reverses her previous decision to pursue a separate path that retains her freedom and power. This chilling scene foreshadows the young witch's journey from naive acolyte to the Queen of Hell.

8 Cheered: Defending Theo From Bullies

Sabrina isn't afraid to stand up to bullies, be they high school jocks or the evil Dark Lord. In Part 1, the half-witch defends her best friend Theo from Billy and his friends. Sabrina establishes WICCA, a support group for women, and uses magic to exact revenge on the bullies.

It is easy to cheer for Sabrina when she uses her powers for good and stands against domineering tormentors like Billy and Father Blackwood. Despite her demonic parentage, Sabrina is a compassionate person who contests prejudice and injustice.

7 Chilled: Becoming Queen Of Hell

Sabrina's dark journey culminates in Part 3 as the half-witch's doppelganger ascends the throne and is crowned Queen of Hell. Despite her misgivings, the second Sabrina admits that she wants to stay in Hell and rule as its demonic monarch.

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This scene represents Sabrina's dual nature. Although she is half-mortal and loves her family and friends, there is a chilling darkness within her that wants to fulfill Lucifer's legacy.

6 Cheered: Challenging Father Blackwood

Sabrina refuses to accept the misogynistic status quo at the Academy of Unseen Arts and challenges the draconian Father Blackwood. The half-witch insists on practicing the same magic as the warlocks and contests the savage Queen of the Feast tradition.

Father Blackwood is a powerful opponent but Sabrina refuses to bow to his demands. She inspires change and progression within the Church of Night by challenging outdated and sexist customs.

5 Chilled: Joining The Weird Sisters

After Sabrina signs her name in the Book of the Beast, she embraces her role as a witch at the Academy and begins to accept her inner darkness. Part 1 concludes with a post-makeover Sabrina joining the Weird Sisters in a chilling sequence that hints at her future.

Sabrina teams up with Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas earlier in the season to exact revenge on Billy and his friends. Despite their bloody history, the witches make a formidable team as they torment the mortals.

4 Cheered: Saving The World From The Green Man

In Part 3 of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, the survivors of the Church of Night are challenged by an evil coven. They take over the world after unleashing the Green Man, though thankfully, their actions are reversed due to the timely intervention of Sabrina.

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Sabrina uses time travel to reverse the deaths of her family and friends. With Pesta's help, they poison the Green Man and defeat the coven, stopping the apocalypse once again.

3 Chilled: Rescuing Nick From Hell

Sabrina's single-minded determination to retrieve Nick from Hell in Part 3 is a puzzling decision that shows a chilling side to her character. The half-witch disregards the danger she places her family and friends in by rescuing the possessed Nick, inadvertently unleashing the Dark Lord from his confinement.

While her actions are understandable, Sabrina undoes the efforts of Lilith and the coven by immediately freeing Nick from Hell. Her actions are for naught as her relationship with Nick falls apart in the aftermath of his possession anyway.

2 Cheered: Standing Up To The Dark Lord

Sabrina refuses to meekly accept the will of the Dark Lord and challenges the evil figure continuously throughout the series. She initially refuses to sign her name in the Book of the Beast and stops at nothing to prevent Lucifer from opening the gates of Hell and unleashing the apocalypse.

Her arc is about forging her own path instead of accepting the decisions other people make on her behalf. She inspires Aunt Zelda and Aunt Hilda to stand up to the Dark Lord as well, encouraging the progression of the coven.

1 Chilled: Resurrecting Tommy

Sabrina interferes with the balance of life and death in Part 1 and uses magic to resurrect Harvey's brother Tommy after he is killed by the Weird Sisters. The half-witch sacrifices Agatha — temporarily — and taps into dark and powerful magic against the advice of Ambrose and her aunts.

Sabrina doesn't understand the dark magic she is using and pays for her ignorance. Tommy returns as a shell of his former self, prompting Harvey to euthanize his brother. Although her intentions are good, this is another example of the chilling potential of Sabrina's powers.

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