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Chinese Zodiac: 5 Netflix Originals Dogs Will Love (& 5 They Will Hate)

Those born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the dog are known for loyalty and honesty, but which Netflix originals suit their personalities best?

Netflix's original shows and movies have proven to be incredibly popular amongst audiences around the world, but because there are so many now it isn't always easy to just pick one. Because of that, people often spend ages scrolling around to determine what they should jump into next.

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But with the Chinese zodiac personality traits, it is quite easy to determine what a person may like and hate. The dog zodiac is known for extreme loyalty and being very honest, yet they can also be stubborn and very critical. But what Netflix shows suit them best?

10 Will Love: Stranger Things

Stranger Things has proven to be a monster hit for Netflix, with this series becoming incredibly popular. Taking a group of kids and throwing them into the sci-fi world where their lives are in legitimate danger was a brave choice, but it's one that paid off.

With tons of 80's throwbacks, the show has been loved by teens and adults alike. For dog zodiacs, this would be a show that they would watch as the characters all show terrific bravery and resolve, which is a trait many in this zodiac share.

9 Will Hate: House Of Cards

House Of Cards was the original big Netflix original and was the one that showed the world just how high the quality of these shows was going to be. However, while the show proved to be very popular with its fourth wall breaking characters, it is one that dogs may not want to watch.

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The main reason for that is the lack of loyalty shown by any character throughout the entire show. While the political world is certainly a tricky minefield, this show is full of backstabbing and betrayals, which isn't what dog zodiacs are like.

8 Will Love: Big Mouth

Something that signs of the dog love is comedy, and few Netflix originals provides more laughs than this animation series. Big Mouth has proven to be a huge hit and is a show that has become very relatable due to how well it is written.

The humor is something that will have all dog zodiacs laughing, not to mention the amazing creativity that goes into making this show, which is something else they'd appreciate.

7 Will Hate: Marriage Story

Marriage Story proved to be an absolutely sensational hit for Netflix, for Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson bringing their very best to what is a very emotional story. It touches on the very real story of divorce and the fact that sometimes marriages just don't work, even though people care deeply about each other.

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However, those in the dog zodiac tend to be romantics at heart and are known for their great loyalty. Because of that, a movie purely based around divorce and the difficulties that come with that is something they'd not enjoy.

6 Will Love: After Life

Firstly, Tony is an incredibly loyal person, refusing to start a new relationship purely based on the love and connection he has with his wife, who dies before the series' first episode. But that's not why dogs will love this show.

It is the fact that Tony, and several other characters, are so bluntly honest. Dog zodiacs are very honest people, and even though Tony can often cross the line with being too honest, it's something they will appreciate.

5 Will Hate: The Haunting Of Hill House

It's not the fact that this show is incredibly scary that will put off dog zodiacs from enjoying it, instead, it is the fact that nobody in the show is loyal. The series focuses on a family, but this family aren't a tight-knit group, and they often end up hurting each other through their actions.

Whether it's lying, stealing, or writing stories about other members, they may love each other, but they rarely show that. The lack of loyalty and care is something that dog zodiacs won't appreciate.

4 Will Love: You

While it is arguably one of the worst traits of the dog, they are often known for being fairly sneaky and sly. They show great cunning, and even though most people dislike that about them, it does make You their perfect series to watch.

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Joe might use his sneaking ability to hurt people and even kill, but that doesn't mean that he's not incredibly talented at it. The fact that dog zodiacs have this trait makes it relatable (minus the murder), and is why this is a show for them.

3 Will Hate: El-Camino

While Breaking Bad wasn't a Netflix original, the spin-off movie, El Camino certainly was. The story of Jesse Pinkman was incredibly well done and was something that people wanted to see.

While it was great, it isn't necessarily something that dog zodiacs would love to see. The main reason for that is simply because of how cool-headed they are in life, which is the total opposite of how Jesse is throughout the movie.

2 Will Love: Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch was an incredible movie which allowed viewers to choose their own journey and make decisions that impacted the film. There were tons of different variations of what could happen, and that creativity is something dogs would absolutely love.

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Something like this had never been done on such a scale before and it really was incredible to see. The story itself also happened to be a really engaging and interesting one, which helped.

1 Will Hate: Dead To Me

The entire premise of Dead To Me is about hiding a major secret and lying, and that is something that dog zodiacs are totally against. They are loyal and honest, therefore committing to a show about lies just seems to be a terrible decision.

While it is a fun show to watch, with the second season proving to be just as compelling, it unfortunately wouldn't be the right one for this zodiac sign.

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