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D&D Moral Alignments Of Disenchantment Characters | ScreenRant

Disenchantment, a Netflix series taking place in in a fantasy world, is fitting for a D&D moral alignment chart list.

Disenchantment is veteran animator Matt Groening's first Netflix show. The series is about a defiant princess with a drinking problem and her two friends, a demon runt and a runaway elf — whose adventures are both fabulous and comical.

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Disenchantment is set in what seems to be fantasy world, but follows an atypical narrative, with several women characters playing important roles. Given the diverse brew of characters available, from gay wizards to amphibian queens, they are perfect candidates for the Dungeons & Dragons moral alignment system. Here is where the main characters fit in.

10 Stan The Executioner - Lawful Good (Crusader)

Stan is the official executioner of Dreamland, and as such, performs his job with pride. However, he always tries to provide some entertainment for his would-be casualties: in the form of terrible golf jokes. Stan is a Crusader, because he is shown to be the only character in the series who believes that Bean did not kill her father. In fact, he even sneaks into the dungeons with his giant axe, terrifying Bean and her friends, only to hack off their handcuffs. Stan then takes them to an escape chute, so they can avoid the death penalty inflicted by Odval (unfortunately, they are caught soon after.)

9 Queen Oona - Neutral Good (Benefactor)

Queen Oona is the original suspect behind the stone-curse affecting the townsfolk: an unfair accusation borne out of bigotry towards her amphibian heritage. Oona displays all the traits of a Benefactor, for instance, when she obediently agreed to marry King Zøg in order to barter peace between her people and Dreamland. In doing this, she her renounces her own ambitions of becoming a powerful warrior and going on adventures. Luckily for her, she gets the opportunity when Dagmar returns, divorcing Zøg and running off to become a pirate queen.

8 Princess Bean - Chaotic Good (Rebel)

Princess Bean is a definitive Rebel: she rejects the imperial conventions of princess-like behavior (shyness, deference, and refinement), behaving, for all practical purposes, like a thug. She is often irresponsible, given how she sneaks out of the castle to go drinking all night, and doesn't seem concerned at all about her enraged father when she returns from her alcoholic festivities. Bean is also hesitant to fulfill her most important royal duty — getting married to a prince for the sole purpose of a political alliance — preferring the company of bizarre friends, instead.

7 Prince Merkimer - Lawful Neutral (Judge)

Prince Merkimer was one of Bean's suitors, and expressed himself in the typical arrogance of his lineage. However, after Elfo fed him a blended potion of pig and elf blood, Merkimer is converted into a talking pig. In this form, he is forced to acknowledge his prior misogyny because women simply laugh at him when he approaches them.

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Over time, Merkimer has become a much more understanding pig-person, a classic Judge, as he now cannot depend on his past royalty to get his way. As Lawful Neutral, Merkimer is far less biased against people who are different from him — not that he has much choice in his present state.

6 King Derek - True Neutral (Undecided)

King Derek is a sweet, demure, innocent child — the exact opposite of his half-sister Bean. He loves his toys and watching the news, and has an irrational fear of skillets. In terms of morality, he doesn't seem to sway one way or another, leading to his classification under Undecided. Even though Bean grudges him for being allowed activities that she was forbidden from doing, Derek shows that he cares for Bean in his own way. While he doesn't mind Bean being tortured by Odval, as he is distracted by his new pet, he does try to stop Odval from executing her.

5 Elfo - Chaotic Neutral (Free Spirit)

Elfo is one of the first elves to reject the eternal, tedious happiness of Elfwood, escaping to the world outside his of kingdom, so he can have some actual fun. This hatred of being tied down to a single way of life is why Elfo is a Free Spirit. He may not know much about the harsh realities beyond Elfwood, in one case asking, "What is war?" — but the only guide he follows are his own whims and fancies. Although sheltered, he quickly adapts: getting drunk and into fights, goes through painful experiments conducted by Sorcerio, and even develops the courage to hit Luci (with his own tail.)

4 Queen Dagmar - Lawful Evil (Dominator)

For most of the show, Queen Dagmar is only spoken of with a misty longing, considering that she was cursed to be a statue for most of her daughter's life. However, when she was cured, she proceeded to turn all of Dreamland into stone after gaining Bean's trust. In true Dominator fashion, her ambitions are overtly cruel, such as when she admits to Zøg that she meant to poison him, shortly before kicking him down the stairs. Dagmar even tries to instill a curse on her parental kingdom and is willing to kill her only daughter (by screwing a crown into her head) to succeed in her mission.

3 King Zøg - Lawful Evil (Dominator)

King Zøg is a typical king, governing his kingdom with little interest as to its prosperity. Instead, he spends his time on frivolous things, such as engaging in self-flattering conversations with his subjects. As a Dominator, Zøg can be extremely vicious — especially towards his children, Bean and Derek, whom he mocks and screams at, respectively.

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He is hellbent on trying to bring back his wife, Dagmar, by creating the Elixir of Life (even it meant torturing poor Elfo to death). Zøg cares deeply for his daughter, but does not know how to respond to her except through anger — this gives Bean the impression that he does not love her.

2 Odval - Neutral Evil (Malefactor)

Odval is the prime minister of Dreamland, serving under King Zøg as well as King Derek. However, he has always shown a subtle level of infidelity towards Zøg, in one episode offering to kill the king under the pretext of checking if the Pendant of Life was functional. As a Malefactor, he only thinks of himself, opting for power and wealth over loyalty. After Derek becomes the ruler, Odval discards his treasonous pretensions and takes over Dreamland with King Derek as his puppet. To further his ambitions, he orders that Bean be executed for shooting her father, even though it was an accident, to allow him a firmer grip on the kingdom.

1 Luci - Chaotic Evil (Destroyer)

Luci is a demon from Hell — albeit not exactly a traditional one. While he does share a bond of friendship with Bean and Elfo, his nature forces him to perform acts befitting a Destroyer — he convinces Bean to defy her father with more and more ridiculous stunts, such as getting her drunk and high on hallucinogens, or trying to convince her to kill Prince Merkimer. However, Luci does exhibit loyalty towards Bean, as seen when he saves her from Hell while knowing that he will be eternally exiled if he does so.

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