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D&D Moral Alignments Of Good Girls Characters | ScreenRant

Good Girls is filled with complex characters, but many of them still align with one of Dungeons and Dragons moral alignments.

Good Girls is one of the latest comedy-dramas from NBC — its seamless fusion of the two genres being one of the reasons for its immense popularity. Another reason is the story itself: three women, all mothers, trying their hand at crime in order to provide for their households. Good Girls is an incredible show — with complex characters — none of whom adjust to the boxes in which society expects them to snugly fit.

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The acts of crime and passion committed by these people reflect the anxiety faced by many suburban parents in this decade, especially when it comes to their children. Considering that each of these characters possesses extraordinary abilities, going above and beyond expectations to satisfy their needs, the list given below aligns them to their best suited moral alignment, as used in the popular tabletop game, Dungeons & Dragons.

10 Stan Hill - Lawful Good (Crusader)

Stanley Laman Hill is a compassionate man who wants nothing more than to protect his family and become a police officer, in that order. However, Stan's career is destroyed when his wife, Ruby, comes under FBI suspicion for being involved with a local gang. Being a Crusader, he chooses his loved ones over his job, even risking jail-time by stealing evidence that would have implicated Ruby.

Even though Ruby's constant criminal activities put a strain on their marriage, Stan realizes that he must do everything he can to protect Ruby in order to prevent irreparable harm to their children.

9 Marion Peterson - Neutral Good (Benefactor)

Marion Peterson is a kindly old woman, unfortunately, stuck with a toxic grandson, Leslie. She embodies the Benefactor, as we see when she nonchalantly forgives Annie for stealing her precious figurines — even asking her to stay and spend time with her.

It is obvious that Marion loves Leslie too much to see him suffer (or get murdered by the gang), which is why she allows him to stay in her secret loft. However, her morals refuse to allow Leslie to hurt Beth, Annie, and Ruby through inaction — forcing him to go to the police station, finally revealing to the FBI that Beth had not murdered him.

8 Ruby Hill - Chaotic Good (Rebel)

Ruby is a religious person, never missing Sunday church with her husband and kids. She has always been a Rebel by nature, as we see in a flashback where her teenage self confidently drives a car for Beth and Annie, despite having never driven before.

Ruby's intrinsic contempt for society is evident — for example, when she is willing to lose her job because she does not want to apologize to one of her customers, a crude teenage delinquent, for allegedly "burning his hand." Nevertheless, Ruby constantly feels guilt for her actions, especially when she sees her daughter, Sara, falling into the same trap.

7 Ben Marks - Lawful Neutral (Judge)

Ben Marks is a thirteen-year-old who happens to the most mature character on the show. He is a classic Judge — being smart, honest, and dependable. In fact, it almost seems like he is the parent in the relationship, given his mother's childish habits — often taking care of her instead of the opposite.

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Ben believes in a universal moral code, refusing to talk to Annie when she wouldn't tell him how she was making money. He also does not hesitate to accuse her of behaving irresponsibly, such as when she goes out on alcoholic binges or brings home unsavory men.

6 Beth Boland - True Neutral (Undecided)

Beth is the definition of Undecided: she simply is not able to choose between her family and her criminal career (to be specific, her husband, Dean, and Rio, the gang leader she is infatuated with).

She displays a frightening degree of composure, sassing Rio without fear, even when she has a gun pointed at her. Beth tries repeatedly to escape from her life of crime — even promising Ruby and Annie that they are done with it on multiple occasions — but is always dragged back into it due to her lack of conviction about her purpose in life (whether it's being a mother or being a respected leader.)

5 Annie Marks - Chaotic Neutral (Free Spirit)

Annie is like a ticking time bomb; her independence and her unpredictability form a volatile combination. As a Free Spirit, she is the most enthusiastic about the trio's escapades — she brings up the strangest schemes and happily agrees to risky ideas brought up by her big sister.

In season 3, her psychiatrist mentions that her recklessness is due to her fear of rejection, something she reacts to by trying to kiss him. She rarely thinks before acting, as seen when she has an affair with her ex-husband with full knowledge of his wife's pregnancy (their years of failed attempts and miscarriages don't daunt her in the slightest.)

4 Dean Boland - Lawful Evil (Dominator)

Dean Boland truly loves his wife and children but is seen as a terrible human being. His Dominator persona is first exposed when Beth discovers that his financial indiscretions have almost bankrupted their savings. It does not bode well for him when it is revealed that all the family's money went towards buying skimpy thongs for his mistress.

Dean might be terrified of Rio, but continues to brag about his masculine exploits to his wife. For instance, when Beth wants to involve herself in his company, he blabbers out something about how she is best in the kitchen while he is great at selling cars (he is not).

3 Rio - Neutral Evil (Malefactor)

Rio, like Beth, is unsure how to deal with his feelings for her. When given the chance, however, he always chooses money over people — like when he had innocent Lucy murdered in cold blood in the back of his van. Rio is a Malefactor, out for himself and nobody else (except, perhaps, his little boy.)

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In the season 1 finale, he orders Beth to choose between him and her husband; her inaction results in Rio shooting Dean as retribution. In the season 2 finale, he demands that she murder FBI Agent, James Turner, saying that this was the only way to earn his trust.

2 Leslie Peterson - Chaotic Evil (Destroyer)

Leslie Peterson, who prefers to go by Boomer, is a nasty, selfish, cruel character who has incredibly toxic opinions about women — often more than opinions, like when he tries to rape Annie in exchange for keeping her secret, or when he forces Mary Ann to marry him, so she can avoid going to prison.

His Destroyer tendencies extend to Marion, whom he claims to love dearly, but is stealing money from. Leslie's hatred for Annie, Beth, and Ruby, stem from his ingrained misogyny and he even tries rationalizing his attempted rape of Annie.

1 Mary Pat Warner - Chaotic Evil (Destroyer)

Mary Pat Warner is first depicted as an overburdened widow, buckling under the stress of caring for her innumerable children. However, when she finds out about the trio's money-laundering scam, she has no qualms about blackmailing them for $10,000 a month, a ridiculous amount for anyone to pay, let alone women struggling with money themselves.

Being a Destroyer, she has no shame in extending her extortion to Annie's place of work, threatening her to pay for household goods worth thousands. Mary Pat goes even further when she asks Beth, Annie, and Ruby to help her dispose of Boomer's body. It is later revealed that the body they got rid of was actually Mary Pat's absconding husband (whose "disappearance" allowed her to collect his disability checks indefinitely.)

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