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D&D Moral Alignments Of Malcolm In The Middle Characters

The Wilkersons are a unique bunch. Here are the Dungeons & Dragons moral alignments of Malcolm in the Middle’s main characters.

Malcolm In The Middle is a comedy series produced by Fox — it is the story of a flawed American family told from the perspective of a genius kid struggling to find a place for himself in the world. At school, Malcolm is bullied for being too smart; at home, he has to face his domineering mother and his violently annoying brothers (not that he can claim innocence).

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All the characters in Malcolm In The Middle are stars in their own right, from the bumbling, yet adorable, Hal, to the genocidal maniac that is Grandma Ida. The main characters of this show have, therefore, been aligned according to their moral tendencies by using the system employed in Dungeons & Dragons.

10 Lois Wilkerson – Lawful Good (Crusader)

Lois is best described as a tyrant (at least by her children and, sometimes, her husband). Her need for order and organization surpasses everything else; those who disobey her slightest commands face instant punishments. However, Lois' motivations are slowly unraveled throughout the show, revealing that her domineering attitude comes from a place of love.

Therefore, Lois is a classic Crusader, especially when it comes to taking her of her family. This is seen on several occasions: When she takes time off for her anniversary or the fact that she keeps a detailed plan for her sons' futures to make up for her dropping out of college.

9 Hal Wilkerson – Neutral Good (Benefactor)

Hal is a pleasant, polite man who never rubs anyone off the wrong way, in direct contrast with his wife. While he is regularly shown to be a mediocre father – lying to his children or stealing their money — Hal has depicted the traits of the Benefactor in several episodes.

For instance, when Hal secretly takes Francis back to his military school after the latter breaks out (to prevent Lois from finding out), or when he tells Dewey that his life will be filled with wealth and comfort because of his intelligence.

8 Dewey Wilkerson – Chaotic Good (Rebel)

Dewey is the youngest of the Wilkerson siblings (at least until Jame arrives at the end of season 4). He is almost certainly as smart as Malcolm, but chooses to direct his talents elsewhere, such as music and engineering. Dewey is a Rebel solely because he has had it the toughest, as both Malcolm and Reese constantly picked on him as a child and never let him hang out with them.

Due to this, Dewey has a tendency to act out for attention. This is especially obvious when he visits the house of a neighbor because she was more maternally inclined to him, or when he got a tattoo saying "MOM" on his torso to cheer up Lois when she was upset.

7 Piama Tananahaakna – Lawful Neutral (Judge)

Piama Tananahaakna is Francis' wife, appearing after the third season. She is a strong-willed woman, able to keep up with both Lois and her mother, Ida, without a single sign of weakness. As a Judge, Piama is the voice of reason in Francis' head, often keeping him out of stupid or dangerous scenarios.

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Piama prefers to be uninvolved in most Wilkerson matters, but her impartiality does have its limits — such as when she helps Ida make peace with her other daughter, Susan, finally getting Ida out of the house to Lois' delight.

6 Stevie Kenarban – True Neutral (Undecided)

Stevie Kenarban is in Malcolm's gifted class and has been his best friend since childhood. Stevie is a polite, obedient child who rarely protests to his parents about their countless overprotective rules, even if they take away most of his agency. He belongs to the Undecided alignment, but this is largely due to his lack of mobility.

Stevie feels as though he has no control over his life, which results in a passive response towards most antics that Malcolm gets him involved in. Stevie has also lost Malcolm to more popular kids in more than one instance, but he always takes him back when the situations inevitably go south.

5 Francis Wilkerson – Chaotic Neutral (Free Spirit)

Francis shares several features of intelligence present in Malcolm and Dewey, but spends his life only doing the things that he knows will aggravate his mother. His Free Spirit persona is overwhelming, with his extreme pranks including setting cars on fire, getting himself handcuffed to a stripper pole, or escaping from military school to meet his "girlfriend."

Francis has been a problem child since he was born, as a flashback reveals that Lois' overbearing nature is a direct result of his own violent tendencies (when he was five, he locked Lois out of her car while she was in labor with Malcolm, resulting in her delivering the baby on the lawn).

4 Malcolm Wilkerson – Lawful Evil (Dominator)

Malcolm is not so much a character as a conflict of identities. He boasts of an extremely high level of intelligence and is tireless in seeking academic growth, but also shows several negative characteristics such as a giant ego, impulsive behavior, and unwarranted selfishness.

As a Dominator, Malcolm's demeanor often exhausts his parents, as they are unable to properly discipline him due to his exceptional genius. In fact, even Reese and Dewey have refused to interact with him because of his entitlement — the boys tell him that he is "a drag" because of his desperate need to be in the spotlight.

3 Reese Wilkerson – Lawful Evil (Dominator)

Reese is undoubtedly the most violent of the Wilkerson boys, to the extent that even Lois deemed him an incurable case. His attitudes best reflect that of the Dominator: He has no dearth of malice with regard to his pranks, from egging the entire neighborhood with his catapult to accidentally murdering a horse after putting it on rollerblades.

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Reese was apparently homicidal even before being born, as Lois recounts he caused his own premature birth from kicking her vigorously (and kicked the OB/GYN in the face as soon as he emerged).

2 Lionel Herkabe – Neutral Evil (Malefactor)

Lionel Herkabe is a supposed genius, hired by the school to take over Malcolm and Stevie's class. However, the only behavior he shows is a condescending revulsion for his students, a form of self-hatred at what his life had been reduced to.

In true Malefactor fashion, Herkabe considers no emotions other than his own; he not only burdens the kids with a workload beyond their capability but is ready to deliver a steady stream of insults when they come back to school inevitably without completing it. Fortunately, Malcolm and Reese together managed to get rid of him for good by revealing that he failed Gym class in school and battering him with dodge balls when he tried to save face by completing the course.

1 Grandma Ida – Chaotic Evil (Destroyer)

Grandma Ida is the worst character on the show, and probably a finalist for the worst person in existence. Not only does she make everyone in her general vicinity miserable, but she also acts as if she was the one worse off in any given situation.

Ida is a typical Destroyer. Some of her vile acts include being openly racist to Piama (due to her Native Alaskan ancestry), severely hurting Francis' groin, suing her own daughter after slipping on the Wilkerson front yard, and many, many more. She does perform one act of kindness when she loses her leg after saving Dewey from a truck, but Ida uses that to her advantage and continues to harass her disgruntled daughter.

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