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Dead By Daylight Killer Guide: Michael Myers | Screen Rant

Michael Meyers is both a horror icon and one of the most interesting characters in Dead by Daylight. The character is difficult to play but rewarding.

One of the most interesting and competitive online experiences, Dead by Daylight pits 4 survivors against one player-controlled killer. With a huge roster of both Survivors and Killers, fans of the game are spoiled for choice in regards to their options within Dead by Daylight. From the Hillbilly to the Demogorgon players can choose a variety of interesting and unique Killers to play with based upon their preferred style of play. The gameplay of Dead by Daylight is relatively simple, survive the onslaught of the Killer while completing various objectives throughout the map, while the killer's primary objective is to kill the survivors as quickly as possible. This creates one of the most addictingly intense matches in any competitive game on the market.

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As players examine the roster of Dead by Daylight they will come across memorable horror icons alongside new characters created by the Dead by Daylight team. However, one of the most popular Killers on the list is the horror icon, and some consider the grandfather of modern horror, Michael Myers. The eerily stoic slasher's Dead by Daylight iteration provides one of the most interesting Killer playstyles to date. With a variety of abilities unmatched by his compatriots, Michael Myers is as interesting as he is dangerous. Doing the horror icon justice through his deadly but methodical playstyle. This guide will assist aspiring Michael Myers players in mastering the characters. By detailing his abilities and his general gameplan players will be one step closer to mastering the character.

Michael Myers possesses an assortment of abilities that is unlike any other killer in Dead by Daylight. His assortment of unique abilities makes the towering figure as stoic, mysterious, and eerie as he is in his source material. Michael Myers provides fans of Dead by Daylight with a unique recon and aggressive playstyle that is as unique as Myers is intimidating.

Michael Myer's first ability is his Stalking ability, which allows Michael to see a white outline of any Survivor in his sight. Explaining the use of this ability is rather complicated, as it provides some rather obscure utility to Myer's playstyle that is deeply connected to his other ability,  Evil Within. But this Stalk ability is the foundation of Michael Myer's playstyle and is what makes the character such an intimidating and deadly threat in a match.

As you use Michael Myer's Stalk ability you will notice Myer's Evil Within gauge begin to increase. Stalking is the primary method in which Myers levels up his Evil Within gauge, as the meter is connected to how long Myers can see a Survivor when in his Stalking mode. The longer a player can look at Survivor while in Stalking the higher the gauge will begin to increase. The level to which this gauge will increase is dependent upon how close the Survivor is to Michael and for how long he can maintain a visual on their hitbox. The closer a Survivor is the more gauge he will gain and the further a Survivor is the less gauge he will receive.

As you level up your Evil Within gauge Michael goes through three levels of Evil Within. The first provides Michael with an undetectable effect which limits his terror radius completely. When you upgrade to Evil Within tier-two Michael gains access to increased vaulting speed. However, if Michael Myers gets into Evil Within tier-three the character gains access to an increased lunge range and an instant down knife attack. Allowing Myers to down any Survivor with a single attack. Making the tedious road to get to Evil Within tier-three worth the time investment.

Michael Myers is one of the more difficult killers in Dead by Daylight and requires a solid sense of patience to excel with. The character does not play like a traditional Killer, but with enough time becomes one of the most powerful Killers in the game. Here are some essential tips and tricks to find success with Michael Myers and his rather difficult move set.

As you play Michael you obviously wish to get to Evil Within level 3 as soon as possible. It is what makes the character such a threat during a match and grants Michael Myers some needed buffs. However, a wise Michael Meyers player will hold onto a high level of Level 2 Evil Within Gauge in order to save Meyer's Evil Within 3 buffs for a guaranteed down. Rather than popping Level 3 Evil Within as soon as you get it, holding onto the major buff for when you know, you can land a guaranteed down is a solid strategy.

An easy way to gain access to some guaranteed Stalking time is to follow a Survivor to a pallet, wait for them to throw the item down to stop you then using the pallet tossing animation to Stalk the mentioned Survivor. This provides a few seconds of the highest level of Stalking in order to max out your Evil Within gauge. Use this to take advantage of fleeing Survivors and gain the most mileage out of your Stalking ability.

Finding success with Michael Myers is about being patient with the character. He is not as aggressive as a Killer as some of the other roster members are, but when you acquire enough Evil Within gauge, he becomes a steam roller, killing everyone in his path. So simply put, stay patient and smart, use as much time as you can get to level up your Evil Within gauge, and then enjoy the unleashed potential of Michael Meyers. He is a Killer with a high skill ceiling but he is incredibly rewarding for players willing to put the time in with his toolkit. So take your time and be wise with Michael Meyers and before you know it you will be taking out Survivors in no time.

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Dead by Daylight is available on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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