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Doctor Who: 10 Pieces Of Fan Art As Wonderful As The Eleventh Doctor

Doctor Who devotees tend to be some of the most dedicated fans, and this amazing fan art of the Eleventh Doctor showcase that nicely.

Doctor Who's Eleventh Doctor is an audience favorite for his wonder and chaotic energy. He is the fumbling, awkward, long-limbed alien who dances at his friend's wedding and makes a Christmas list. He's the husband of River Song, Amelia Pond's raggedy man who eats fish fingers and custard, and the man who can make whole armies turn and run away.

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It only makes sense that a Doctor so loved by viewers would be a source of inspiration and get the artistic juices flowing. Here are 10 pieces of Eleventh Doctor fan art that are just as wonderful as the real thing.

10 Starlight Doctor

Via: Saimain 

The mad man in a box. The Eleventh Doctor could be as dark as he could be dashing, as apathetic as he could be compassionate, and as sorrowful as he could be bounding with excitement. This fan art captures the awe and wonder of The Doctor and how he can't help but be swept up in the happenings of space and time. The universe threads through his being and takes him on wandering adventures. He never arrives in the place he wants to go, but always the place he needs to be.

9 No More

Via: Saimain

The same software, different case. The artist of this fan art took inspiration from the time war and the impact it had on each Doctor. The Eighth Doctor was broken by the war and regenerated into The War Doctor, while The Eleventh Doctor was present with The Tenth Doctor and War Doctor and knew what had become of The Moment, Gallifrey, and the war. The Eighth Doctor was destroyed by the weight of destruction and The Eleventh Doctor finally had the weight lifted from his shoulders.

8 Time & Space

Via: Jasric

Here we see The Doctor, his bowtie, and sparks of gold that resemble regeneration energy seeming to have awakened him. The Doctor is physically young but his soul is old and his years beyond guessing. Although these eyes look fresh and radiant, there is power and anger beneath them.

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This is The Doctor who forgets, who wanders through space without the burden of his previous regenerations and has tried to make a new life for himself, a new name. But without his caution, he has been reckless and restless.

7 A Thousand Years In Time & Space

Via: SoniaMatas

Matt Smith's Doctor held quite a persona beneath his seemingly harmless demeanor. This artist has perfectly captured The Doctor's constant internal struggle. He is The Doctor - the only one who makes the call that others refuse to make and lives with the consequences. He is never safe from the suffering that breaks his hearts, the choices that leave him so alone and lonely. His eyes are so sad, so unsure, and so tired, yet understanding of what must be done.

6 Tim Burton-esque

Via: Kenilem

This piece of fan art is wonderfully creepy. Many artists have created haunting crossovers using Time Burton's animation style and this fan art of The Eleventh Doctor is no exception. The iconic bowtie has been made a little scary and sharp compared to the rounded red or blue ones The Eleventh Doctor usually wears.

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His square jaw and the chin are prominent. The smile truly makes him seem like a mad man. And to top it all off, the fez, because The Doctor can't resist the fez.

5 Comic Style

Via: Chrisily

When looking at the copious amounts of fan art made by talented artists there is no shortage of styles. The particular one brings one word to mind. It's raw. The original black and white sketch is also rough and heartfelt through the facial expression alone. The Eleventh Doctor was born from the Tenth Doctor, a regeneration that was meant to save him from going over the edge and going too far. The Doctor knows that living too long is a curse. And although The Tenth Doctor's last words were that he didn't want to go, he knew he must. And when The Eleventh Doctor saw little Amelia Pond, he knew he had a chance to start again.

4 Two Hearts

Via: TheWinterLight

This piece of Doctor Who fan art has made The Doctor vulnerable, seen, and transparent, with his two hearts on display. When they made The Doctor, they made him an alien of a very specific kind. He's not an alien who sheds his skin to reveal claws or blasts laser guns at his enemies. He's an alien who has two hearts, twice the pain, twice the love. Everything is amplified. He's a hero whose weapon is compassion.

3 Number 11

Via: LKBurke29

The detail in this fan art is astounding. Made when the Eleventh Doctor was still fresh to this artist's eyes, it is easy to see how young The Doctor was at the beginning of Matt Smith's run. Trying to find his stride, his kind of Doctor, what he wanted this role to be.

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And as The Doctor grew into his role, the art that shows his beginning also shows his end and how far he has come from where it all began, crashing down in a blazing TARDIS and eating fish fingers and custard.

2 The Ponds

Via: Nillia

Rory was the last Centurion and Amy was the girl who waited. Amelia Pond was the first face The Eleventh Doctor saw and she was there in his hearts when he regenerated. When the three of them were together comedy was a given and tragedy was always following at their heels until it eventually caught up to them. Amy ran away with The Doctor and hid from her responsibilities, but in the end, she chose to live a normal life with Rory. No one will ever forget the Peruvian folk band that was The Legs, The Nose, and The Chin.

1 The Eleventh In Acrylic

Via: napalmnacey

This piece of fan art was inspired by the season 5 episodes "The Hungry Earth," and "Cold Blood,"  in which The Eleventh Doctor, Amy, and Rory faced the Silurians. The dark earthy tones complement his tweed jacket and the lighting accentuates the angles of his face. These episodes were written by Chris Chibnall, the current show-runner of the series.

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