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Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta Learns One Of Goku’s Most Famous Techniques

Vegeta has been busy training to defeat Moro in Dragon Ball Super, and now the Saiyan prince has learned one of Goku’s most famous signature moves.

Dragon Ball Super featured a landmark moment for Vegeta as he copied one of Goku's signature techniques, albeit somewhat reluctantly. Currently in the Dragon Ball Super manga series, a brand new arch-villain called Moro has arrived on Earth. A magic user somewhat similar to Babidi, Moro wields strange and unique attacks, but instead of summoning an obese pink candy-lover to do the heavy lifting, Moro is plenty strong enough to take on foes himself. Aside from having God-level strength, Moro can absorb the ki of his opponents and easily defeated Goku and Vegeta after taking away their ability to transform. Having now harvested countless planets, Moro is even stronger and can mostly keep up with Goku's Ultra Instinct Sign form.

While Moro has been bolstering his own strength, Goku and Vegeta have not been idle. Goku opted to train with Merus, an angel who was masquerading as a member of the Galactic Patrol in order to better study life in Universe 7. This marks the second angelic being Goku has trained under (the first being Whis) and the Saiyan can now transform into Ultra Instinct Sign at will, giving him a massive boost in speed and power. Unfortunately, Ultra Instinct burns up Goku's stamina if the user doesn't switch up a gear to the silver-haired mode. Vegeta took a different approach to training, especially by his usual standards. Recognizing Moro used strange abilities, the Saiyan Prince headed to Yardrat, the same place Goku learned Instant Transmission in Dragon Ball Z, and has been learning from the locals.

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Dragon Ball Super has shown glimpses of Vegeta's unusual training regime and showcased some of the potential abilities he could learn from the inhabitants of Yardrat, but exactly what tricks Vegeta has picked up remain to be seen. In a shocking moment, however, Dragon Ball Super's latest chapter adds a familiar technique to Vegeta's move set. Sensing that the battle on Earth had begun, Vegeta finally decides to join the fight, but is shocked to discover his new alien friends couldn't just teleport him to Earth with Instant Transmission. This meant Vegeta would quickly have to learn the technique and transport himself there, or else spend 10 days taking a spaceship home to an empty battlefield. After some fierce concentration, Vegeta finally does it - using the technique Goku made famous from the Android saga onward to get himself from Yardrat to Earth.

This is a major moment of character development for Vegeta. Aside from their Saiyan transformations, Goku and his rival utilize entirely different move sets and such is Vegeta's distaste for Kakarott, he surely wouldn't be caught dead borrowing a technique. Just don't tell him the Galick Gun is a purple Kamehameha. Vegeta swallowing his pride (an increasingly common occurrence in Dragon Ball) and using Instant Transmission is a mark of how far the character has come but, fortunately, Vegeta hasn't changed too much. After successfully landing on Earth, he claims that using Goku's move was a one-off, and he probably wouldn't be able to repeat the trick again anyway. While this second part of this is debatable (if he did it once, what's stopping him?), it makes sense that Vegeta wouldn't make a habit of borrowing something his sworn rival made famous.

Some might argue that Vegeta learning Instant Transmission almost instantly is unrealistic. Only seconds after realizing he would have to teleport himself, Vegeta was able to pull off a long-range journey between planets. This may seem like a plot hole, but there is a working explanation from a few chapters ago. As explained by the elder of Yardrat, all of their strange techniques come from the same manipulation of energy. So even though Vegeta hasn't been studying Instant Transmission necessarily, whatever techniques he has been working on at least use the same principles. Seeing Vegeta pull off the Instant Transmission technique was a punch-the-air moment in Dragon Ball Super... now if only he was allowed to finish off a villain for once.

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