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Every Star Wars Movie, Ranked Worst to First

11. Rise of Skywalker


It’s hard to communicate appropriately exactly how disappointing the most recent entry in the saga is.

A film which should be the full-circle finale of a whole nine-film adventure and forty years worth of nostalgia and be an agreeable film in its own right, significantly less carry a fitting end to its own set of three or the adventure in general. Returning chief J.J. Abrams surrenders to all his most exceedingly terrible motivations and the outcome isn’t just the most exceedingly awful film of J.J’s. profession yet additionally the most noticeably awful Star Wars film by a genuinely wide edge.

Abrams and co-writer Chris Terrio’s script is level out ridiculous, apparently burning through the entirety of their time either inexpensively retreading beats from prior movies or hovering back around to retcon components of The Last Jedi which they either didn’t care for or felt were excessively troublesome. Over this current, Abrams’ course and the altering of the film are level out excruciating to take a gander at.

Indeed, even groupings which ought to be evident sure things, as Rey and Kylo’s battle in the Death Star II’s destruction, is without any strain because of a content that neglects to obviously characterize both of their inspirations, inclusion that feels strangely far off and not well arranged, and an alter that neglects to manufacture even the absolute minimum measure of pressure or lucidity.

It’s an outright trainwreck all around and a stain on the legacy of the series.


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