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Friends: 5 Times We Felt Bad For Joey (& 5 Times We Hated Him)

Joey Tribbiani wasn’t just there to make you laugh on Friends. Sometimes you felt for him, and sometimes you just hated his guts!

For many people, when they think about the hit show Friendsthe first person they think of is Joey Tribbiani. Played by Matt LeBlanc, the good-hearted, womanizing, sometimes-dimwitted actor was known as one of the funnier characters on the show. As the show went on, however, Joey Tribbiani's character began to show more of a range as he went through personal and professional successes and failures.

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Joey Tribbiani wasn't just there to make you laugh. There were times when he made you really feel for him, and there were other times when you despised him. His antics weren't always funny, making him a fully rounded character that sticks in the minds of viewers to this day. Here are the five times we felt sorry for Joey Tribbiani, and five times we couldn't stand him.

10 Felt Bad For Him: When Rachel Didn't Reciprocate His Feelings

Joey, as the perpetual ladies man, doesn't always have an easy time committing to someone. He eventually finds a person that he has true feelings for in Rachel Green, his long time friend, and the on-again/off-again significant other of Ross Geller.

She should probably be off-limits to him, but he can't help himself. Joey tells her how he feels about her. Unfortunately for him, the feeling is not mutual.

9 Hated Him: When He Tried To Spoil The Chances of Another Actor

Joey will do pretty much anything to get an acting role he wants. There comes a time when he is serving as an acting coach, though an actor he is mentoring is competing for the same role as him.

Joey decides to purposefully give him bad advice as to how to land the role, to improve his chances of getting the part. He got what he deserved. The actor took his advice and ended up getting a role. Ironically, he was applauded for his unique portrayal of the character.

8 Felt Bad For Him: When Estelle Passed Away

You never know when someone important to you is going to pass away, making it that much more important to never end things on a sour note. Joey's agent from the beginning of his acting career, Estelle Leonard, passes away. The last interaction Joey had with her was firing her.

Phoebe Buffay, always the kind soul, impersonates her over the phone in order to not make Joey feel so bad about the final exchange he ever had with his agent. He soon finds out that she has died, but it was good of Phoebe to give Joey a chance to deliver a proper farewell to someone that had been so vital to his success.

7 Hated Him: When He Tried To Force Ross Out Of His Apartment

Joey could be a bit selfish. Ross Geller is not in a good spot in his life, with his wife having just left him. He needs a place to stay while he gathers himself, so Joey and Chandler Bing agree to take him in as a roommate. They eventually grow tired of Ross, though, which causes them to hatch a plan to get Ross to move out.

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This seems like a somewhat-understandable plan if the roommate in question is a vile person with whom you have no previous ties to. But this is supposed to be one of Joey's best friends, who is going through a genuinely tough time. Not cool.

6 Felt Bad For Him: When Erin Didn't Reciprocate His Feelings

He might be a womanizer, but Joey goes through his share of heartbreak on Friends. His brief relationship with a woman named Erin is one of the first times we see Joey show any sort of vulnerability.

He really likes her, but she does not feel the same way about him. She treated him the way he treated so many women before her; as a short-term fling. Did he deserve a taste of his own medicine? Perhaps. But the viewer still feels for him.

5 Hated Him: When He Was Too Embarrassed To Introduce His Friends To His Co-Stars

Joey's big break in his acting career occurred when he landed a role on Days of Our Lives. This gets to his head a bit. When an opportunity arises for his co-stars to meet his friends, he feels embarrassed by them.

He buys them all tickets to a play so that they will not be there when his new, more famous friends show up for a get together on the roof of his apartment building. Ross, Phoebe, Rachel, Monica, and Chandler were not without their flaws, but that is still no reason to be ashamed by them.

4 Felt Bad For Him: When He Speaks To His Mother About His Father's Affair

Joey's father is rough around the edges, to put it nicely. He finds out that his father is having an affair, which is obviously heartbreaking for Joey. That isn't the worst part, though.

The real heart-wrenching moment occurs when Joey speaks candidly about the situation with his mother, who has known about it for a while. It can't be easy to find something like this out, but it is doubly hard when you have to talk about it with someone you love so much.

3 Hated Him: When He Threw His Girlfriend's Prosthetic Leg In A Fire

Even Joey admitted that this was the worst thing he ever did. He is dating a woman who has a prosthetic leg, and they find themselves in a situation where they are sitting in front of a fire. The fire is dimming down, so Joey throws what he believes is a log onto it.

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Unfortunately, it was her leg. While this was clearly an honest, albeit horrible, mistake, he flees the scene instead of trying to help her out. The act itself can be forgiven since it was an accident. But his reaction to the mistake cannot be overlooked.

2 Felt Bad For Him: When His Co-Star, Kate, Left Him

Perhaps Joey's biggest heartbreak occurred at the hands of Kate, a co-star of his on stage. He has feelings for her, though she is dating the director of the play. She chooses the director over him, even after they spend a night together.

It gets much worse, though. They rekindle things after she and the director separate, but she breaks his heart once again by deciding to leave for an acting gig in Los Angeles. Tough break, Joey.

1 Hated Him: When He Tries To Speak French

Part of Joey's schtick on Friends was being dim-witted. While it could generate laughs, sometimes it was just too much. Joey tries to learn French in order to get an acting part.

Phoebe is charged with teaching him, but Joey can't seem to pronounce a single word even remotely correct. It's over the top, kind of offensive, and just makes the viewer get tired of the dumb Joey routine.

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