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Frozen: 10 Most Inspirational Quotes | ScreenRant

Disney’s Frozen is an excellent offering in a tradition of great movies. Frozen is all about embracing one’s self. Here are its most inspiring lines.

Frozen is one of Disney's greatest smash hits of modern times. The movie inspired many and became an instant classic with its great cast of characters, beautiful animations, wonderful songs, and most importantly, it's great messages.

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Frozen really speaks to the heart of many people. It is all about being true to who you are on the inside and not allowing other people to crush your power and joy. With such strong takeaways, it's no surprise that Frozen is filled with inspirational quotes that come from Anna, Elsa, and more. Here are some of the best of the best lines from the film, that will fill viewers with determination, love, and certainty they will succeed.

10 The sky’s awake, so I’m awake, so we have to play.

This Frozen quote reminds the viewers that it's important to have fun. The beauty of Disney movies is that they unlock the magic of childhood and imagination and this quote does exactly that. Although it comes from a young girl, it's a good reminder to embrace the moment.

Anna is awake and she wants to have fun, everyone could stand to embody that spirt.

9 Don't know if I'm elated or I'm gassy. But, I'm somewhere in that zone.

Most inspirational quotes don't sound exactly like this one, but Anna strikes again. It's inspirational to know that even a Disney princess embraces that place between elation and queasiness when excitement strikes.

When strong emotion strikes, it's important to embrace it in its totality. It's inspiring that Frozen reminds its viewers to feel all of their feelings and really live in the moment.

8 Only the act of true love will thaw a frozen heart.

This quote is an inspiration because of the symbolic weight it holds. Of course, no one in real life is getting their hearts literally frozen, but people's hearts freeze in different ways all the time.

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When that happens, it's crucial to remember that it's acts of love and the embracing of the people who matter that will help thaw the ice and bring warmth back into life.

7 Love... is... putting someone else's needs before yours.

This is an incredibly poignant quote, simple but powerful. It's incredible that a children's movie can so succinctly sum up what love means. This quote reminds viewers that engaging in love means to help those who are important. It means prioritizing not only the self but the needs of those who make life colorful and great.

Olaf might be a snowman, but he sure is smart.

6 I never knew winter could be so beautiful.

Winter can be harsh, full of sharp icy and frozen storms, but Frozen reminds us that it can also be beautiful. Though things seem scary, even dark, maybe evil, sometimes they just need to be looked at from another perspective.

In the right hands or the right hearts, and with the slightest bit of perspective, there can be beauty found in everything.

5 They say, 'Have courage,' and I'm trying to.

Giving advice is easy, but follow-through can be hard. Sometimes, when others give advice, they don't value the strength it takes to keep going. Anna keeps going. Even when the odds are hard, she gives her best, and that's all that she can do.

This quote reminds the audience not to ever give up. Even if what they're doing doesn't seem like enough, as long as they're moving forward, it is.

4 Some people are worth melting for.

For a few balls of snow and a childlike persona, Olaf is surprisingly smart. Although he thankfully doesn't actually melt, this moment is among one of the most emotional from Frozen. It reminds the audience that there are some choices worth making for those they love.

Sacrifice can be hard, but for loved ones, sometimes the tough choices are easy.

3 I don’t care what they’re going to say. Let the storm rage on. The cold never bothered me anyway.

This is a super inspirational line, it speaks to a lot of important parts of being a powerful, confident person. For so long, Elsa was confined, forced to live her life according to the standards of her society, and forced to hide her true powers and gifts.

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In these iconic lines, Elsa reminds the audience that it doesn't matter what others say, it's what's inside that counts.

2 Let it go!

Of course, this is one of the most iconic lines that has ever been uttered in a Disney movie. "Let it go," is more than just a few words, it's an anthem, a pledge to not hold onto the things that keep us down.

Let it go might be the most inspirational words from any Disney movie and they certainly ring true no matter the situation.

1 I like the open gates. / We are never closing them again.

Some of the final lines spoke in Frozen, this exchange offers a full-circle ending to the movie. What began with doors that were shut and locked, ends with everything flung wide open.

No more hiding of true selves, no more restrictions. It is so important for everyone to open the gates inside of themselves.

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