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Game Of Thrones: 10 House Stark Memes That Will Have You Cry-Laughing

As a cultural phenomenon worthy of the tile, Game of Thrones sparked thousands of hilarious memes. And we have the best House Stark ones!

As fans already know, House Stark is a crucial player in the Game Of Thrones and a highly respected royal family of the Westeros. They are one of the very few noble houses just like Ned Stark, who do not believe in threats or unnecessary violence for the throne.

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Despite being wise and mighty, they slipped several times throughout the eight seasons, which gave way to some really awesome memes. Today we are going to share with you ten hilarious memes about the center of the GRR Martin’s Game Of Thrones universe, House Stark.

10 The End!

King Robert offers our beloved Eddard Stark to be the Hand of the King. Ned wants to say no, but, Robert tells him that he is finding it extremely difficult to manage everything without Jon Arryn.

When Ned receives a letter from Catelyn's sister hinting that Lannisters might be behind Jon Arryn's untimely death, he accepts the offer. But really, if he hadn’t, they would still have been living like a big happy family that they were!

9 Who's The Worst Of Them All?

Sansa was betrothed to the Golden Boy Joffrey Lannister, who she imagined to be a righteous and noble Prince. Her bubble burst soon as we all know.

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Sansa didn't think she could meet anyone worse than Joffrey, but, her destiny took him to Ramsay Bolton. Honestly, Sansa went through worst of all things possible in the show Game of Thrones.

8 House Stark Is Complicated

Sure, Game of Thrones is complicated. Various forms of taboo not limiting to incest, bastards, illegitimate affairs, etc., are largely prevalent among not only the common characters, but, in the houses too.

Of course, House Stark is complicated too. The father is actually the uncle, the brother is the cousin and the aunt is actually the mother.

7 Ned Or Sansa

Ned Stark kept even his honor on stake, to keep his sister's secret. He felt the brunt of an angry wife and gossiping people everyday for 18 years!

One would think a daughter would take after her father, but, as soon as Jon revealed his identity to his siblings and told them that he is the real heir to the throne, she spilled all the beans to Tyrion, who in turn, told Varys.

6 House Stark Or Greyjoy

If Tony Stark sneaks into Westeros, which House will be belong to? Will he be a natural House Stark or House Greyjoy? This meme is a hilarious take on the dilemma that is actually perpetrating fans’ minds.

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If you are interested in this too, there is a ton of interesting fan fiction online which explores a Westeros with Tony Stark as one of the lead protagonists. Most of the fans seem to think that Tony will conquer G R R Martin’s universe in a matter of days.

5 The Naïve Newbie!

We will admit, we thought Ned was “the” lead protagonist too. He has this distinct vibe and a king-ly charm about him that no one could help but think that he is one for a long haul.

But, the showrunners and of course, the author gave a shock of a lifetime when they killed Ned in the initial season itself. That execution set things in motion for the entire series to unravel.

4 That Look

Bran has got this specific expression that only he is able to give. It looks like he is judging the hell out of the person standing in front of him.

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Fans have at times criticized his limited expressions and lack of them sometimes, in the show. Given his journey and everything he accomplished, Bran has aced this one for sure.

3 You’ve Been Making Pies?

This is weirdly funny, though it's supposed to be dark! Samwell Tarly did have an unusual love for baking and we got the proof of that when we saw him choose a long, cook's unworthy life instead of choosing thrilling adventures, life was promising him. Arya did not like this Sam at first, but, she grew to love him with time and so did we.

2 100 Problems

This meme is hands down the best of all. Seeing Jon Snow regretting the moment he sees the dragon is a satisfaction we did not get in the show, but, that’s what memes are for!

Jon and Daenerys’s story arc unraveled through a trajectory that no one saw coming. The finale episode of 7th season of GOT saw Gilly stumbling upon the secret record of the marriage of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen.

1 Winter Is Coming, Or?

This meme is brutal for sure, but, it is brutally honest! The whole saga of ice and fire is spun around the decisions of the House Stark. If Ned didn’t trust Littlefinger, he wouldn’t have lost his head.

If Catelyn didn’t make a poor decision in kidnapping Tyrion or freeing Jamie, she wouldn’t have started the war. If Robb Stark didn’t refuse to marry Frey's daughter, Catelyn and he would still have been alive. Examples are many, moral is one, of course!

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