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Game of Thrones: 10 Things That Make No Sense About The Dragons

The Dragons from Game of Thrones are a beautiful spectacle but there are a lot of things about them that don’t make much sense.

There were few sights in Game of Thrones that thrilled fans more than the dragons. They clamored for them to appear, to reach full size, and start wreaking havoc. When that finally happened, no one was disappointed. Daenerys' dragons were reputedly the last of their kind, as was Daenerys. Without their devotion and raw power, her bid to reclaim the Iron Throne for her fallen house would have failed.

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That being said, things didn't exactly turn out well for her once she did finally reach the end of her journey. But for all that's great about the dragons, some stuff just doesn't make sense.

10 Origins

Where dragons come from was a point of confusion in Westeros. The first dragons mentioned appear to have come from a chain of volcanoes in the Valyrian Peninsula known as the Fourteen Fires. After that, various Valyrians used the dragons to support massive kingdoms, with the most successful Dragonriders being the Targaryens. But how these amazing creatures evolved is a mystery around the known world in Game of Thrones. Magic was suspected to have played a role in their development, but no one knows for certain.

9 Ties To Magic

The dragons were rumored to have ties to the levels of magic in the world, so much so that it was said that the amount of magic in the world actually decreased while the dragons were gone. After their return, those that could perceive and wield magic seemed to indicate an uptick in the magic around them.

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Though there does appear to be a correlation between dragons and magic, correlation does not equal causation. While it is logical that dragons and magic are connected, it seems strange that the potential connection has not been explored further.

8 Only One Type Of Dragon

From what people have seen, there appears to be one type of dragon in the world of Game of Thrones. They were the giant, fire breathing, flying reptiles that helped Daenerys take back the Iron Throne, even if it was only for a short period of time. But it seems strange that no other types of dragons evolved, such as ones that live in the water or a species that is bound to the earth. Perhaps the Drowned God of the Iron Islands was a sea dragon of some kind that came to be worshipped as a god.

7 Breathing Fire

The most powerful weapon at the disposal of the dragons was their ability to breathe fire. Keeping in mind that no one else had a flying weapon of any kind, a dragon who could swoop down and strafe the ground with a sustained blast of potent flames was an insane advantage.

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But the means by which they produce fire has never fully been discussed. Initially, it was indicated that the dragons had two tubes in their throats that each expelled a different chemical. When combined, they produced fire. That theory seemed to be abandoned later in the series, leaving fans with no answer.

6 Extreme Body Heat

Due to the fire produced from inside their bodies, dragons also unsurprisingly produced a large amount of body heat. It was said that steam would rise from their bodies in the rain and snow. That would also make them difficult to ride. Targaryens like Daenerys have some sort of invulnerability to heat and fire, so they were able to ride the dragons. But when she rescued Jon Snow and his allies from the Night King north of the wall, normal humans could ride her surviving dragons without issue. Frankly, it was a surprise the dragons allowed it all.

5 No More Eggs

Upon her marriage to Khal Drogo, Daenerys was gifted three petrified dragon eggs, possibly the last in the world. When she was finally able to hatch and grow them, they gave her an unbelievable advantage over her enemies. That being said, it's incredibly hard to believe that there are no more eggs out there.

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Dragons originated in some capacity from the Valyrian Peninsula. Though the region was ravaged by a massive volcanic eruption known as the Doom of Valyria, one has to imagine that there are more dragon eggs in the region waiting for someone to help them hatch.

4 Connections To Their Riders

Dragons establish a virtually unbreakable connection to their riders, one that runs so deep that it might actually exist on an almost telepathic level. How powerful this connection was remains a bit of a mystery. Dragons seem to be able to sense when their rider was in distress or in pain. This connection appeared to be a powerful tool that no one, except for maybe the Targaryen's, seemed to be able to exploit to its fullest.

3 Targaryen Control

Speaking of the Targaryen's, the strength of their connection to their dragons eclipsed virtually everyone else who had come into contact with dragons. The question of how that almost mystical bond between that family and their dragons was forged has never been explained, simply leaving it as a legend eventually proven true by Daenerys.

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Conventional means of training animals in Game of Thrones would not have achieved their level of control. It was assumed by many that magic was used to forge the connection.

2 The Iron Throne

This one is very specific to one particular dragon. In the final episode of Game of Thrones, the last of Daenerys' dragons mourned her sudden death by using his fire to melt the Iron Throne. He then took her body and carried it away to an indeterminate location. Why Drogon did any of this is never made clear, nor do his actions make any sense, though they were visually compelling.

1 Dodging

Dragons appear to be largely invulnerable creatures, impervious to most attacks and powerful to a fault. But they do seem to have one main weakness; dodging sharp objects. The Night King felled Viserion by throwing a spear at him. Then, Euron's took out Rhaegal with a volley of bolts from his scorpions. The dragons apparently have an issue with dodging projectiles, which would come up often in Westeros.

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