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GTA 6’s Location Could Be Lots Of Cities Instead Of Just One

Grand Theft Auto 6 is likely arriving on next-gen consoles, and that means Rockstar could utilize new technology to incorporate multiple cities.

Thanks to recent advancements in gaming technology, it's entirely possible Grand Theft Auto 6 could take place in multiple locations as opposed to just one. Every Grand Theft Auto title since the very first one has focused on one city (or state) in particular, with settings such as London, Anywhere City, Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas (and the accompanying cities of Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas) being the only areas Rockstar Games has chosen to explore with the franchise. There have been other cities mentioned in the Grand Theft Auto universe, but none of them have been featured in the games.

Right now, Grand Theft Auto fans know they can look forward to GTA5 on the PS5, along with a new, updated version of Grand Theft Auto Online, but many fans are likely more interested in Grand Theft Auto 6. Although the developer hasn't officially confirmed GTA 6's location, or even if GTA 6 truly is in development, there have been multiple reports from credible sources which have said so, and given the near-seven years it's been since Grand Theft Auto 5 originally released, players can't be faulted for expecting a sequel in the near future.

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Thanks to recent reports (and video showcased during Sony's PlayStation 5 Future of Gaming Event) players now have a better idea of how next-gen technology will affect their favorite video game franchises, and one of the most interesting aspects of these new advancements is the ability to simultaneously switch between different worlds with no loading screens. If Rockstar Games were to capitalize on such a technology, it's not inconceivable that the next Grand Theft Auto game could take place in multiple locations, not just one city or state.

By utilizing next-gen technology, it's entirely possible the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise could take place in multiple locations. While there are a number of rumors about GTA 6 which point to the game taking place in both Vice City and the surrounding area, it would be much more interesting for players if they were allowed to explore multiple smaller cities without the need for expansive landscapes between these locations.

One of the biggest issues in open world video games developers face is how to make the world feel big while still offering the player lots of gameplay options. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was one of the best GTA games ever made, but it still ran into the problem of having too much empty space separating the areas of high gameplay density. The easy solution to this problem would be to offer GTA 6 players some sort of hub area, such as an airport, and allow them access to multiple cities at once.

While games like Red Dead Redemption 2 showed Rockstar is adept at filling vast, open landscapes with activities for players to participate in, GTA 6 should move in the opposite direction and instead offer the player multiple urban environments without empty deserts or grasslands in between. In San Andreas players had the ability to take airplane rides to San Fierro, Los Santos, and Las Venturas (in addition to that one mission which sent them back to Liberty City) and in GTA 6 it would be fantastic if players could choose from a list of three of four different locations to visit whenever they got sick of their current surroundings.

Not every location in GTA 6 needs to be as massive as Los Santos was in Grand Theft Auto V, either. Players could unlock new, smaller locations throughout the course of the game, and with the advancements in technology next-gen gaming systems could simply play a quick animation of planes flying over the countryside and then load players in a new area without any long gameplay abbreviations. This would not only allow Grand Theft Auto fans more variety in locales, but it would also negate the need for the game's developer's to desperately try and reduce player downtime in unpopulated areas. Grand Theft Auto 6 should focus on city gameplay, and next-gen consoles will hopefully allow Rockstar to do that better than ever before.

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