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Harry Potter: 5 Ways Aries Are Typical Ravenclaws (& 5 They Are Not)

Aries and Ravenclaw have a lot of similarities and differences. Which major typical traits do they or do they not share?

In some ways it seems like those born under the zodiac sign of Aries are perfect matches for a Hogwarts house like Ravenclaw, but in other ways it seems like the stereotypical traits of Aries and Ravenclaw are diametrically opposed to one another.

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Although any zodiac sign is going to mesh and clash with any Hogwarts house in a variety of different ways, what typical Ravenclaw traits are also typical Aries traits? And which traits of Ravenclaw are characteristics that people born under the sign of the ram almost never possess?

10 Are: Adventurous

Although Aries tends to follow their passions and Ravenclaws tend to follow their minds, their ultimate instinct to do what other people might not think to do or might be afraid to do stems from the same basic place.

There is nothing more thrilling to an Aries or to a Ravenclaw than being the one to blaze the trail and do something or discover something that no one else has before.

9 Are Not: Pessimistic

One of the down sides of being the thinkers at Hogwarts is that thinking can often times lead to overthinking, and overthinking can often times lead people down a pessimistic path. Knowing and understanding all the ways in which something can go wrong is bound to make someone expect things to go badly.

But Aries doesn't ever succumb to these trains of thought. They are extremely confident, so they expect to succeed at everything they attempt.

8 Are: Intelligent

Sometimes their impulsiveness covers it up, but most people born under the sign of Aries are actually very smart. They don't always use their intelligence to their maximum benefit, but that doesn't mean that it isn't there.

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That's another obvious reason why many Aries people would feel right at home in Ravenclaw, and Ravenclaw could actually help them learn to use their minds instead of their impulses first.

7 Are Not: Open-Minded

Aries is both a fire sign and a cardinal sign, and that combo means that they are extremely strong willed and intense in their own perspectives. One of the reasons why so many Aries are high achievers is because they will fiercely go after whatever they want and they will block out everything that they don't.

But of course, that means that they're not particularly open-minded either, which is a pretty classic Ravenclaw trait.

6 Are: Persuasive

Aries is one of the fiercest signs of the zodiac, so while they aren't particularly open to ideas or points of view that aren't their own, their passion and intensity is so great that they have an easy time convincing people to see their side.

They're so strong in their own ideas that even if someone doesn't initially agree with them, they ultimately have a hard time seeing how Aries could be wrong.

5 Are Not: Flexible

Ravenclaws are typically very adaptable. They have an easy time getting along with other people, and they're clever and savvy enough that they can adjust themselves to any situation or to any group of people with ease.

And this isn't to say that Aries isn't capable of that. However, it's extremely unlikely that they will adjust or adapt to any given situation, both because they don't feel like they have to and because they simply don't care to.

4 Are: Creative

One arena in which Aries and Ravenclaw is never lacking is in creativity. Ravenclaws love to explore every possibility they can, and they love to imagine every possibility they can't.

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And because Aries is so strong minded, they are amazing at pushing themselves to and beyond any limit that they see in front of them, as they simply do not believe in the idea that they can't do something.

3 Are Not: Analytical

Aries can be great intellectuals, but their intelligence isn't what drives them or what they value more than anything else. They can be analytical if they choose, but again, this is something they're really not prone to doing.

They trust their instincts and intuition, and they would much rather be doing something than thinking about something. Instead of analyzing first, they're much more likely to just try anything they can think of until they find something that works.

2 Are: Independent

The greatest trait that Aries shares with Ravenclaw is their sense of independence. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so they are trailblazers in every way, and alone at the front of the pack is exactly where they want to be.

While Ravenclaw's independence is more driven by exploration than the need to lead, it is a clear and striking similarity between Ravenclaw and Aries.

1 Are Not: Level-Headed

Aries is a fire sign, so they are driven by passion. They are the kinds of people who act first and think later.

They can also be one of the most ferocious and temperamental of the zodiac signs, so if they get a burst of passionate energy then they need to release it immediately in any way they can, and it's only after they've cooled off that they can access their more level-headed side.

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