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Hogwarts Houses of Kristen Bell’s Most Iconic Characters

Which Hogwarts House would Kristen Bell’s most iconic roles be sorted into? She often plays strong, independent women who are sometimes not so nice.

Kristen Bell has played many roles over the years and the Sorting Hat would have a fun time sorting her most iconic roles into their Hogwarts Houses. Bell has played a lot of strong independent females on-screen, giving all of them her signature wit and charm. Each character she plays is well developed and has a rich list of traits that help determine where she would fit in best at Hogwarts.

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Most of her characters seem to be cunning and ambitious with strong leadership skills, which lands them in Slytherin, but she has played many roles that fit in the other houses, as well. Here's where all her characters would be sorted if they attended the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

10 Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars) - Ravenclaw

On Veronica Mars, Veronica has traits that could sort her in quite a few of the houses. She is resourceful and has been known to charm her way outta a jam. She is also brave and bold in her attempts to catch a suspect and she's loyal to her dad and her friends.

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But she most exemplifies the house of Ravenclaw because she uses her intelligence and perception to solve her cases and she obsesses over learning everything she can. She always finds a way to solve a case and still ace her history test the next day.

9 Jeanie Van Der Hooven (House of Lies) - Slytherin

In order to do her job well as a management consultant on House of Lies, Jeanie needs Slytherin traits. Slytherins put a lot of weight on how they are perceived and are cunning and ambitious enough to figure out how to always make the best impression.

Jeanie is great at her job at the management consultant firm because she's not afraid to lie and cheat to get what she needs, all while still having the clients eating out of her palm with admiration. She would make a strong Slytherin.

8 Anna (Frozen) - Gryfindor

Anna from Frozen is a true Gryffindor. She's brave and willing to risk her life to save her sister on multiple occasions. Anna is often chivalrous and seems to possess a high moral compass.

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Anna believes in doing what is right and also whatever she must do to protect her little family. Her boldness in life and love would earn her the Scarlet and Gold stripes of Gryfindor.

7 Kiki (Bad Moms) - Hufflepuff

In Bad Moms, Kiki is a truly loyal person who roots the loudest for her friends and has a high level of compassion. She stays loyal to her husband, even when he's being a jerk, and always wants the best for those she loves.

She works hard as a stay at home mom and would probably feel right at home helping plant some Mandrakes in the garden. All of these traits would make her feel at home in Hufflepuff.

6  (Voice Of) Gossip Girl - Slytherin

Okay, so obviously Kristen Bell wasn't actually Gossip Girl, that was Penn Badgley, as Dan, but she voiced the role for the whole show with her perfect cadence and therefore she exemplified the role best. The Gossip Girl would be sorted into Slytherin without hesitation.

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Gossip Girl thrives on attention and bringing down others to get it. She has no qualms about hurting people's feelings with her leaks and some might even say she is addicted to the power that comes with the role of the town crier.

5 Zoe (Fanboys) - Ravenclaw

In the 2009 love story to Star Wars fans, Fanboys, Kristen Bell plays the ultimate fangirl, proving girls can be nerdy and obsessed with iconic films like Star Wars and still kick butt. She is knowledgable and can be quizzed on the subjects she holds dear. Zoe is referred to as the Princess Leia of the group, constantly helping them out of binds as they try to sneak into Skywalker Ranch with her intelligence and quick thinking.

She would fit right in with fellow Ravenclaw, Luna Lovegood, who can tell her all she needs to know about the creepy and eclectic things she loves, such as Thestrals and Wrackspurts.

4 Nikki (Burlesque) - Slytherin

In Burlesque, Nikki craves the spotlight and is not above sabotaging her castmates to get what she wants. She's cunning and malicious as she tries to weasel her way to the top.

Karma might bite her in the butt in the end, but as a true Slytherin, shes out there planning her next move to find her way into the spotlight.

3 Eleanor Shellstrop (The Good Place) - Slytherin

In The Good Place, Eleanor shows the two sides of what a Slytherin can be, as both her Earth self and her afterlife self, both exemplify traits of a Slytherin, but both use them in different ways. On Earth, Elenor was resourceful and sly, using the misfortunes of others for her profit or optimizing the best way to be lazy, but still profit.

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In the afterlife, she uses these skills to uncover the truth about The Good Place and lead the group to achieve their goal and save the afterlife. She comes up with some ambitious plans, but her strong leadership skills help her keep the group on track and inspire them to finish their mission.

2 Sarah Marshall (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) - Slytherin

Bell's role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall is one of the most self-centered roles that she has played and it is vastly different from her real-life self. Her inability to put others before herself and her disregard for the feelings of others when making decisions causes this character to be sorted into Slytherin.

She loves the spotlight and likes to feel good, even if its at the expense of others. This selfish behavior could only put her in Slytherin.

1 Elle Bishop (Heroes) - Slytherin

In the show Heroes, Elle Bishop uses her electric powers to help an evil corporation find and obtain others with powers. She is the daughter of a power-hungry man that she desperately wants to please and doesn't let anything stand in her way, even her size.

She doesn't stop to see the hurt she is inflicting on other people until it is too late. She thrives on her power, becomes obsessed with the hunt and she hates to lose. Elle Bishop would definitely be donning the black and green at Hogwarts.

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