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Iron Man VR Demo Impressions: As Close You’ll Get to Being Iron Man

The Iron Man VR demo is out now and if first impressions are any indication of the full game, it is going to one of the most impressive PSVR titles.

While Marvel's Iron Man VR may not be releasing until July, Marvel Games and Sony have released a demo for the virtual reality game on the PlayStation Store. This demo offers an early glimpse at what Iron Man VR will look and feel like, and only gives players access to a tutorial and the first mission. If first impressions are any indication of what the full game will be like, Iron Man VR could be one of the most impressive PSVR games on the market.

The opening tutorial mission puts the player directly into the Iron Man suit a few hundred yards away from Tony Stark's Malibu home. After quickly showing players how to move their hands around the environment and position the Iron Man suit's repulsor beams properly, players are able to zoom off into the distance towards Stark's house. Movement is simple and more responsive than a lot of other PSVR titles. Players just need to hold their remotes out at their sides and press the T buttons down to lift off of the ground. By rotating the controllers, players can change direction and very quickly slow down or speed up depending on how the controllers are oriented.

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Upon reaching Stark's house, players are then given a quick run down on how to fire their repulsor beams at objects. This is as easy as pointing the controllers at a target and pressing the fire button. As soon as combat training is over, its back to flying around the map as Tony wants to test his abilities with a time trial. Players then have to fly through a series of rings at breakneck speeds while also firing their repulsor beams at nearby targets.

Developer Camouflaj has absolutely nailed the feeling of moving around the world as Iron Man. Traversing the environment is surprisingly smooth for a game that moves at such a fast pace. This helps remove a lot of the discomfort that some players experience in VR, and allows the player to pull off maneuvers like turning off the thrusters, spinning 180 degrees, and firing both repulsor beams without getting dizzy. Comfort of the player should always be one of the first considerations in VR games, and Iron Man VR does a great job of that during the demo.

Players really don't get to experience the full effects of combat until they play the mission, which is apparently going to be the first mission in the full game as well. While flying on his private jet, Tony and Pepper Potts are attacked by an unknown assailant using old Stark combat drones. The player must leap out of the side of the plane without their suit, and plummet towards the ground as the Iron Man armor catches up. Once each piece of armor has attached itself to Tony's body, the player gets fly around the jet and protect it from incoming drones.

The shooting mechanics are solid and responsive in Iron Man VR. As drones rush the player, the thrusters can be used to dodge incoming projectiles while also shooting back with either hand. There is weight behind each shot, so players may quickly become immersed in the moment and feel like they are shooting at the drones themselves. This mission isn't particularly difficult, but the high speeds and all the projectiles moving across the screen makes for a very stressful and exciting first look at Iron Man VR.

The demo only takes around 20 minutes to complete, but every second is more exciting than the last. The Iron Man suit operates just how any Marvel fan would dream it would, and the game's world is beautifully rendered. Hopefully the full version of Iron Man VR can keep things just as interesting as the demo does.

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Iron Man VR releases for PlayStation 4 on July 3, 2020. The demo version can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

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