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Justice League’s New Version Isn’t The REAL Snyder Cut

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is finally releasing through HBO Max, but the upcoming version of the film isn’t really the director’s original vision.

Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League is officially releasing, but the upcoming version isn't the filmmaker's original vision for the film. After more than 2 years, the Release the Snyder Cut supporters are finally getting what they want after Snyder announced that his much-desired iteration of Justice League is rolling out. The director confirmed the news after hosting a watch party for Man of Steelthe film that launched Henry Cavill as Superman and kickstarted the DCEU back in 2013.

After a personal tragedy, Snyder had to step away from the project and was replaced by Joss Whedon, who manned extensive reshoots and assembled the film's final cut. Shortly after the movie hit theaters in 2017, it was immediately apparent that what ended up on the big screen was different from Snyder's plan for Justice League. This resulted in the birth of the Release the Snyder Cut movement demanding Warner Bros. to roll out Snyder's work before Whedon's involvement, complete with Junkie XL's intended score. Now, those who were staunch supporters of the petition are rejoicing with this big news, although it's worth noting that whatever is in the upcoming HBO Max Justice League isn't the real Snyder Cut.

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There are three versions of the Justice League script. Snyder first worked with Chris Terrio to finish the original version before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hit theaters. Due to comments about the 2016 film as being too dark, however, they had to make some revisions to it before it could even get to production. What succeeded it is what people typically refer to when they talk about the Snyder Cut. This was what Snyder storyboarded and shot before he left the project; it's also what's going to be in the new HBO Max version. Finally, the third iteration of the Justice League script was what made it on the big screen. It's based on Snyder and Terrio's second script but with significant alterations from Snyder's narrative by a team of writers including Whedon, Geoff Johns, Allan Heinberg, Seth Grahame-Smith, and Andrea Berloff contributing.

This means that whatever will be revealed in Zack Snyder's Justice League through HBO Max is still not the director's truly original plan for the movie. Since the first script never made it into production, very little is known about it. That said, Snyder made some comments about it back then, revealing that much of its story hinged on the Knightmare sequence in Batman v Superman. In it, Lois Lane (Amy Adams) was killed, resulting in Superman being susceptible to the Anti-Life equation and ultimately be under Darkseid's control. Batman (Ben Affleck) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher) then work to send The Flash (Ezra Miller) back in time in the hopes of preventing Lois' death. This explains the bizarre Flash Batcave cameo in Batman V Superman. The filmmaker described this iteration of the film as "the really scary version." This is backed up by concept art which teased a darker tone for the film, with Steppenwolf and other Apokolips trappings mining inspiration from H.R. Giger's aesthetic.

At this point, it's still unclear what form Zack Snyder's Justice League will be by the time it releases on HBO Max next year. Reports say that it can either be a 4-hour movie or a mini-series, with the filmmaker personally pitching the project with episodes and cliffhangers in mind. Whatever the case may be, it won't be his original vision for the movie. Still, fans are totally happy with the fact that Snyder is finally able to roll out a version of the movie that's purely from him.

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