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Mandalorian Art Offers Detailed Look At Paz Vizla & Jetpack Designs

Paz Vizla, one of The Mandalorian’s many characters, has been highlighted in some newly revealed art showing him wearing his jetpack.

New The Mandalorian art offers a detailed look at Paz Vizla and his jetpack. Thanks to the degree of success that Disney’s Star Wars TV series has achieved, it would be easy to believe Baby Yoda aka The Child is the popular program’s single biggest draw. For some, perhaps, Baby Yoda is indeed a major draw. What’s more, the character will likely continue to provide The Mandalorian a substantial boost once second season 2 arrives this autumn.

There are still many questions to be asked of the series, and while Baby Yoda takes up no small amount of attention, The Mandalorian offers an entire world of characters to focus on and discuss. One such character is a Mandalorian known as Paz Vizla. Voiced by series creator and blockbuster blockbuster filmmaker Jon Favreau, Vizla’s arrival in episode three briefly showcased his skills, as he did battle with the Mandalorian (aka Din Djarin), only to later aid Djarin in making his escape from the planet Nevarro.

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Vizla’s efforts, as well as his dedication to the Mandalorian clan, have succeeded in making him another popular character on the TV series. Given that Vizla has barely appeared at all on The Mandalorian yet still maintains a certain degree of popularity, there’s much that can be done with the character in the future. At present it’s uncertain whether or not fans will see Vizla once again in the upcoming season, but it does seem quite possible. For now at least, fans of Vizla and The Mandalorian can check out a detailed look at the character as well as his jetpack design. The artwork (below) comes to us courtesy of a Tweet from Brian Matyas, a character concept designer at Lucasfilm.

According to Matyas, he did several paintings of the character and this particular image was featured in the Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian. It’s a great depiction of Vizla using his jetpack, and it’s bound to further excite fans of the character as well as the TV series ahead of the new season’s launch. Exactly what has become of Vizla since audiences last saw the character is unknown, as the Mandalorians on Nevarro paid a severe price for having aided Djarin escape with The Child. The series hinted at survival for at least some of the heroic Mandalorians, and given the number of unanswered questions likely to be addressed in the second season, there’s every reason to believe that Vizla’s fate will be given at least some attention.

It’s true that Vizla perhaps won’t be a priority for the series, as there are more pressing issues and characters to explore. At the same time, however, Vizla’s connection to Djarin is a pretty major one, in that the character lead the push to save the lives of Djarin and The Child. It would be great to see a wider range of Mandalorian characters in the upcoming episodes of The Mandalorian, which would allow fans further insight into the mysterious clan, as well as giving Favreau more of an opportunity to cameo in his wonderful series.

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Source: Brian Matyas

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