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Maneater: How to Evolve Your Shark | Screen Rant

This guide will teach players how to evolve their shark by leveling up and killing other apex predators in Maneater

The player is put in the fins of the ocean's fiercest predator in Maneater. A recently orphaned shark seeks vengeance for its mother's murder and the player is responsible for making that happen. Maneater has the player eating, exploring, and evolving their shark to become the one true apex predator. But growing from a baby shark to the world's most dangerous animal takes a lot of time, and will require the player to show their dominance among other aquatic lifeforms.

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One of the things this shark has going for it is its ability to evolve beyond the limits of a normal shark. Much like Kirby, this shark absorbs the powers of those it eats in the form of nutrients, however, some creatures give this shark special abilities when consumed. These abilities are called evolutions and are permanent changes to the shark's physiology making him more dangerous than ever before. But how does one evolve their shark?

Evolving your shark in Maneater is a little obscure as the game never outright tells you how. Some evolutions are simply obtained by leveling up, and after hitting a certain level, an evolution is obtained. Evolutions can also be upgraded but upgrades also require the shark to be above a certain level. Players can quickly level up by completing missions and eating larger or more dangerous fish.

Evolutions are also obtained by killing and eating an area's apex predator. An apex predator is a special enemy that rules over an area in the game. These can be fought after completing a series of missions such as eating a certain number of fish in different areas to draw out the apex. Each apex will reward the player with a unique evolution upon killing them.

There are eight different evolution slots for players to customize: Jaw, Head, Body, Fins, Tail, and three Organ slots. The player will unlock evolutions for those slots one at a time, and each slot offers the player an increase in certain stats. These evolutions can also be upgraded using nutrients that can be collected from killing and eating animals, completing missions, or collecting Nutrient Caches. However, some upgrades and evolutions will require the player's shark to either be a certain level or a certain age. The player's shark age increases after a certain level is reached.

To actually evolve your shark the player will need to be at a Grotto which serves as a shark's safe house. Once in the Grotto players can access the Evolutions menu and customize their shark. Evolutions can be switched out as more are unlocked.

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Maneater is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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