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MBTI®: 5 Netflix Original Series That ENFJs Will Love (5 They Will Hate)

ENFJ types, or the “compassionate facilitator,” will enjoy some Netflix Original shows but not others. Which are best for this MBTI® personality?

The ENFJ or "compassionate facilitator" love people, organization, and teams. They're amazing when taking on leadership roles and they can be very motivating those around them. They don't like to be by themselves and they also don't care for negativity.

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This MBTI® type will have very specific preferences when it comes to their Netflix queue. Some stories will feel relatable and others will be tough for them to get through. Here are the five Netflix original series than an ENFJ will love, along with five that they will hate.

10 Love: Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is an incredibly popular Netflix original series, and for good reason: the main character, played by Krysten Ritter, is one of the toughest women around. She works as an investigator and is intelligent, independent, and capable. She could do anything that she puts her mind to, just like an ENFJ.

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This MBTI type will love this show and they will be able to relate to Jessica's strong-willed personality. ENFJs can boss other people around when they've got a lot on their plate, and Jessica definitely has some of those tendencies.

9 Hate: Friends From College

Friends From College didn't fare well with critics, and the two-season show is pretty awkward to watch. Now that these college friends are in their forties, things aren't going so well and they're having trouble adjusting to the reality of how their lives turned out.

ENFJs will hate this show because the characters don't want to help or support each other. They also don't inspire each other to make better choices or try harder in their lives, personal or otherwise.

8 Love: Outer Banks

Outer Banks is the latest Netflix obsession for many viewers. The story follows teenagers who work together to uncover the truth about one of their dads who went missing. The teens are also looking for treasure, which adds an exciting element to the show.

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Since Outer Banks is about teamwork, friendship, and going after a goal, it seems like something that an ENFJ would like.

7 Hate: No Good Nick

The premise of the Netflix comedy No Good Nick is a little awkward: a girl shows up at a family's home, saying that she's related to them and she doesn't have a family, so they should take her in. It turns out that she's conning them and she actually wants to steal their money.

An ENFJ would hate this show. They want to assist others in reaching their full potential and they always want interactions to be happy, not negative. They would wonder why this girl was going down such a dark path and it would really upset them.

6 Love: Girlboss

Almost as soon as Girlboss started streaming on Netflix, it came out that Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso's company, had gone bankrupt. But the show is still a fascinating look about what it takes for a young woman to start her own business. She has to believe in herself when no one else will and there are a ton of obstacles in her path.

This will appeal to an ENFJ because Girlboss is a show about leadership, being an inspiration, and reaching for the stars. They will cheer Sophia on in every episode.

5 Hate: Living With Yourself

While Living With Yourself is a great series featuring the very talented Paul Rudd (in two roles), it won't be a favorite for an ENFJ. Rudd's Miles is depressed and thinks that a spa experience will change his world. Well, it does... but it clones him, which wasn't what he was expecting.

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Miles is a mess: his relationship with his wife is crumbling, his work life is horrible, and he's confused about everything. This will upset an ENFJ and make them wonder why he's not getting better advice from the people in his life.

4 Love: Queer Eye

The Netflix reboot of Queer Eye is an incredibly sweet, beloved emotional ride. Lucky viewers who see the Fab Five give someone a makeover are going to have a tough time not crying at least once per episode.

The changes are always positive and focused on learning to cook, keeping a clean and beautiful home, feeling good, and maintaining healthy relationships. ENFJs will love this series and root for everyone. It's a perfect example of people working together for a good cause.

3 Hate: Bloodline

While people loved the first season of Bloodline, the other two weren't so popular. The series isn't a Netflix original that an ENFJ would enjoy tuning into as the story is pretty dark. It follows the Rayburn family, who are very unhappy and don't exactly get along with each other.

Since this ENFJ type likes teamwork and being able to have a positive influence on someone, they won't want to hang out with this family, who have spent decades hurting each other and keeping secrets.

2 Love: Stranger Things

There's a lot in Stranger Things for an ENFJ to love, from the way that the characters take care of one another to their constant striving to solve the major mystery.

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ENFJs will devour this Netflix original series, which is definitely one of the streaming service's most popular. Stranger Things is ultimately a friendship story and ENFJs will love that.

1 Hate: GLOW

GLOW is a beautifully crafted series about female wrestling, but it's going to be too harsh for an ENFJ. Everyone is competing with each other, which this type wouldn't like, and then there's the rivalry between Ruth (Alison Brie) and Debbie (Betty Gilpin).

ENFJs want people to support each other and help them be the best that they can be, so this isn't going to be their favorite show by a long shot.

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