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Modern Family: Which Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Using the Zodiac signs is a great way to better understand a sitcom’s cast of characters, and Modern Family is no exception

Though it has now concluded its final season, Modern Family has definitely left a lasting impression on the popular culture landscape. As one of those rare wonderful sitcoms that manages to create a cast of characters that audiences can love and grow with, Modern Family showed viewers that family really can mean many different things.

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By comparing the characters to which zodiac sign they are most like, the canny viewer can also figure out which character from the show that they are most similar to. So without further delay, here are the Zodiac signs of the Modern Family cast.

12 ARIES: Phil Dunphy

One of the most dominant traits associated with the Aries is enthusiasm. No matter what activity it is, the Aries can be counted in to be willing to throw themselves in headfirst. There’s no question that the sweet, lovable, and excitable Phil is definitely the most enthusiastic character in the entire show.

Whether it is showing his love and devotion to his wife or making sure that he is part of his children’s lives in every way possible, Phil is everything an Aries should be.

11 TAURUS: Mitchell Pritchett

It’s no surprise that the bull is one of the steadier and more sensible signs in the zodiac, always relying on logic and practicality. It’s also no surprise that Tauruses will no doubt find themselves identifying themselves with the ever-pragmatic Mitchell, who constantly finds himself having to deal with the excitable nature of both his husband Cam and his sister Claire.

To his credit, Mitchell usually does so with (at least some amount of) patience and understanding.

10 GEMINI: Haley Dunphy

As an air sign, Gemini can be a bit unstable, often flitting from project to project and never being quite able to settle on one. Though she is incredibly charming and intelligent in her own way, Haley Dunphy is a source of constant frustration to her parents because she seems unwilling or unable to settle down and focus, whether that be on school or even on her relationships

Like a true Gemini, however, she is also a lot of fun to be around.

9 CANCER: Claire Dunphy

Claire is the kind of woman who is determined to get it all and, for the most part, she succeeds, managing to attain both professional success and a closeness with all of the members of her family. There’s also no question that she is incredibly protective of everyone in her life, whether that is her children, her husband, or her father.

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They all know that they can count on her, and Cancers will find her very relatable.

8 LEO: Gloria Pritchett

Gloria is, shall we say, something of an exuberant personality, which makes her such a hilariously incongruous partner for the more down-to-earth Jay. But as a Leo, Gloria is able to command a room, to draw every eye to herself and make sure that she is always the center of attention.

Just as importantly, for the Leos in the audience, she’s also someone that can take charge when she needs to do so.

7 VIRGO: Alex Dunphy

Alex is something of an odd man out in her family. Far more bookish than almost anyone else in her family, she is something of an intellectual, always striving to be better. In that sense, she is definitely a Virgo, particularly since she is something of a perfectionist, never willing to settle for anything less than the rest.

As any Virgo can attest, though, she is also fiercely loyal and loving to her family - no matter how much they irritate her.

6 LIBRA: Manny Delgado

One of the funniest parts of the show is watching the interactions between Manny and Jay. Theirs is truly a relationship of opposites, yet somehow they make it work. In part this is because, like any good Libra, Manny always strives for at least a measure of balance in his life.

More than that, though, he is also deeply compassionate and, for the most part, proves himself adaptable to life in the Pritchett household.

5 SCORPIO: Lily Tucker-Pritchett

Lily is one of those children who is just bound to be precocious. Given the fact that she is raised by Cam and Mitchell, it’s not really a surprise that she has a rather dominant personality.

Scorpios in the audience will recognize more than a little in themselves in Lily, particularly her passion for what she loves to do (and her total disinterest if something bores her), as well as her rather waspish sense of humor.

4 SAGITTARIUS: Luke Dunphy

It’s very easy to underestimate Luke Dunphy, precisely because he comes across as such a doofus. However, what has always set him apart is the fact that he’s so open about his affections, particularly for his father with whom he seems to be especially close.

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This makes him a good Sagittarius, a sign that is known for its embrace of others, and the fact that Luke is always so willing to help solidifies that association.

3 CAPRICORN: Jay Pritchett

Discipline is the watchword for the Capricorn, and anyone who has seen Jay knows that he is disciplined. This is a man, after all, who built his own company and has led quite a successful life. That, and anyone looking to keep their sanity while hanging out with a family like this will have to be at least a little disciplined.

The Capricorn will definitely identify with Jay’s ability to get things done, no matter the obstacles in his way.

2 AQUARIUS: Dylan Marshall

It’s often said that Aquarius is the most unique sign in the zodiac. They just…aren’t quite like anyone else and seem to march to the beat of their own drummer. That’s definitely what one can say about Dylan, Haley’s on-again-off-again boyfriend (and eventual boyfriend).

He’s a sweet guy, certainly, and he genuinely seems to love Haley, but there’s a reason that Claire tried to get Haley to date someone else. He’s a man of many aspects, and the Aquarius will get it.

1 PISCES: Cameron Tucker

Anyone who has ever known a Pisces knows that they tend to be both very compassionate and incredibly emotional, two traits that are definitely associated with Cam. Say what you will about the man, but he definitely knows how he feels and is more than willing to talk about those feelings to anyone who will listen (including and especially the much more logical Mithcell).

However, it is precisely these qualities that make him such a great husband for Mitchell and such a good father for Lily.

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