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Money Heist: Every Major Character Death (So Far) | Screen Rant

Despite the Professor’s hopes for non-violence, Money Heist’s four seasons have seen several key characters killed off during the heists.

Despite the Professor's carefully-laid plans for a robbery where no one gets hurt, Money Heist has seen several key characters killed off over the course of its four seasons on Netflix. The Spanish crime drama from creator Álex Pina began with a group of misfit criminals being recruited for a heist where they would take control of the Royal Mint, print out €2.4 billion in unmarked bills, and escape with their riches.

Pacifism is a cornerstone of the Professor's particular brand of resistance, and one of his golden rules was that no one would be harmed during the heist. However, things soon went awry. While no hostages were killed during the Royal Mint heist, a police officer was shot by Tokyo, hostage Mónica Gaztambide was shot in the thigh, and three of the robbers were killed.

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In Money Heist season 3, the gang embarked on a new heist: stealing gold from the Bank of Spain. Like the Royal Mint robbery, this operation was meticulously planned out so as to avoid violence. However, when put into practice there were two flies in the ointment: the wily and unscrupulous Inspector Alice Sierra; and the cold and brutal head of security, Gandía. Money Heist season 4 saw another robber killed off, and the gang aren't out of the woods yet. Here are all the deaths in Money Heist so far.

A man of few words, Oslo (real name: Radko Dragić) was a Serbian war veteran who was recruited for the heist alongside his cousin, Helsinki. Oslo's knowledge of Spanish was limited, so his main role in the Royal Mint heist was to act as muscle and intimidate the hostages into compliance. This intimidation wasn't effective enough, however, as a group of police officers who had been captured as part of the infiltration managed to escape the Royal Mint. On the way out, one of them hit Oslo over the head with an iron rod, cracking open his skull and causing severe brain damage. Helsinki tried to remain optimistic for his cousin's sake, but he and Oslo had an agreement that neither of them would allow the other to be sent to prison. When it seemed that the Professor had disappeared and they would have to abandon the heist, Helsinki quietly smothered Oslo with a pillow.

Moscow (real name: Agustin Ramos) was one of the most likable robbers in Money Heist seasons 1 and 2, interested only in doing the job well and looking out for his son, Denver. Moscow had been in and out of prison for much of Denver's life, and in season 2 confessed to abandoning Denver's mother outside a drug den in order to protect his son from her damaging influence. After Denver learned this, he was furious with his father and said some ugly words to him - words that he soon came to regret. When Tokyo drove a motorcycle back into the Royal Mint after being ejected from the building, arrested, and busted out of her prison transport, Rio and Moscow came to the door to provide covering fire. Moscow was shot several times in the stomach by the police, and despite the gang's best efforts to save him, he died from his wounds.

As much a villain as a member of the team in Money Heist seasons 1 and 2, Berlin (real name: Andrés de Fonollosa) was a complex character. The Professor's older brother, he shared a love of heists but lacked the Professor's compassionate and care for human life. He did a number of terrible things - chief among them his predatory relationship with a hostage, Ariadna - and was a self-confessed misogynist who spoke in degrading terms about women. However, he was also cool-headed, calculating, and immensely charismatic. At the very end of Money Heist season 2, Berlin decided to sacrifice his own life in order to buy the rest of the gang enough time to escape. He held the cops back using a machine gun, and finally ended his own life by walking into a hail of police gunfire. Of course, all Berlin had really done was to hasten his death by a few months and go out on his own terms, since he was already suffering from a degenerative disease that would have killed him soon.

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The most tragic and controversial death of Money Heist so far was that of Nairobi (real name: Ágata Jiménez) in season 4. A mother who had lost her young son after getting caught with some pills, Nairobi was brought into the Royal Mint heist due to her skills in forgery. Unlike the other hotheads and egomaniacs in the group, Nairobi has always been very focused on doing her job and doing it well. Her love for her son was used against her by Sierra, who had him brought to Madrid during the Bank of Spain heist in order to lure Nairobi to a window. There, she was shot by a sniper and almost killed, but the other members of the gang managed to bring her back and get her into a stable condition. Unfortunately, Gandía had already decided to kill Nairobi and fulfilled his promise towards the end of Money Heist season 4, shooting her in the head so that she died instantly. Nairobi's death was a hard blow not just for her fellow bank robbers, but also for fans of the show.

With only one death so far, it might be said that the Bank of Spain heist is going better than the Royal Mint heist - but it's not over yet. Money Heist season 4 concluded with Lisbon being successfully smuggled into the bank, where she was reunited with the rest of the crew and they declared their intention to finish the job "for Nairobi." However, Gandía is still alive and could find a way to escape again, once again making himself a threat to the group. Alternatively, a member of the group could snap and kill him as revenge for what he did to Nairobi. Meanwhile, on the outside, the Professor is being held at gunpoint by Alicia Sierra, but it seems unlikely that Money Heist would kill off its linchpin. Of all the current gang members, Palermo seems like the most likely to be killed off, given how much the show has been building up his backstory with - and resemblance to - Berlin. One thing is certain: until they're out of the bank, everyone's life is in jeopardy.

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