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Money Heist: The 10 Best Episodes So Far, According To IMDb

Money Heist exploded on Netflix, and IMDb couldn’t get enough of these 10 episodes on the amazing show

Action and suspense is the name of the game for the hit Netflix show Money Heist. For four seasons, fans have watched in amazement as The Professor, Tokio, Rio, Denver, and the rest of the gang pulled off two incredible bank heist with minimal casualties. However, that's not to say that they haven't suffered great losses.

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While Money Heist can be viewed as an audience cheering on bad guys, viewers never walk away with that feeling. Each person can argue for different reasons why an episode was better than the other, and IMDb is a good way to measure these opinions. Without further delay, here are the 10 best episodes of Money Heist, according to IMDb users.

10 48 Meters Underground (Season 3, Episode 3) - 8.4

Nairobi and Tokio are in the office of The Governor having a talk with his security detail flanking them. But the ladies are aware of the danger. Nairobi gets her gun ready under the table and Tokio comes up with a plan. What follows is one of the best standoff scenes in Money Heist.

The plan is revealed on how they will break into the vault. The action scenes in this episode were top-notch and set the stage for an explosive season.

9 A Quick Vacation (Season 3, Episode 7) - 8.4

Rio is finally released from prison and rejoins the team. But there is a catch. Rio is bugged and the cops are listening in on their conversation. There is a flashback where The Professor warns the team that this may happen and teaches them what to do.

Out in the world, The Professor and Raquel are on the run from Angel and his team and they have finally caught up to the two fugitives.

8 The Head Of The Plan (Season 2, Episode 2) - 8.5

With The Professor off trying to find his way out of a sticky situation thanks to his feelings for Raquel, Berlin takes a sizable leadership role in the bank. But here comes Tokio and her wild spirit and Berlin offers a double-cross that almost destroys the plan.

Feeling like his back is against the wall, Rio now comes up with a plan to escape with the help of Monica and Arturo. Did Berlin go too far this time?

7 Masked No Longer (Season 2, Episode 1) - 8.6

The Professor is playing a game that he should have avoided from the beginning when it came to Raquel. He's arrested and falls off the grid for a while which puts the rest of the team in danger. They're good at taking orders but fending for themselves is not a strong suit.

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Berlin takes command but Tokio is not one to listen. She gets tied up and pushed outside to the police as a punishment for dividing the team.

6 Whoever Keeps Trying It, Gets It (Season 1, Episode 9) - 8.7

Are the walls finally closing in on The Professor? By underestimating Angel, The Professor is in great danger of having the truth exposed. But Angel gets involved in an accident and for the time being, his secret is safe. But there are messages left on Raquel's phone.

The Professor, feeling the heat, comes to the conclusion that he must kill Raquel's mother to save the job. One of the first real intense moments of Money Heist.

5 A Matter of Efficiency (Season 2, Episode 3) - 8.7

One of The Professor's biggest mistakes was made in this episode. After Raquel set a trap for The Professor, he still believes he got the best of her by flooding the hospital where Angel was with clowns and dressing like one.

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But Raquel is a great detective and notices a string of orange hair on his suit, the same hair the clowns wore at the hospital. The jig is up but she plays it smart.

4 What Have We Done (Season 2, Episode 4) - 8.8

Raquel has The Professor right where she wants him but then he drops a bomb on here that gets her head spinning. Is he telling her the truth or is that another of his mind games he's playing? Moscu and Denver have a real heart-to-heart talk that ends with Denver having issues with his father.

Tokio escapes police custody and finds her way back to the bank. However, in doing so, Money Heist gives viewers their first real heartbreaking moment as a major character is harmed.

3 Against The Clock (Season 2, Episode 5) - 8.8

Moscu was shot when he helped Tokio enter back into the bank. Bleeding out, the crew asks the police to send aid but they refuse to help. This causes a fight between Denver and Tokio and the cracks began to show because The Professor is not there.

Meanwhile, The Professor manages to escape away from Raquel, and then she gets taken off the case because her colleagues believe she's part of the plan to rob the bank.

2 Bye Beautiful (Season 2, Episode 6) - 9.4

Can they do it? Will they be able to escape with the money and everyone safe? The answers to the two questions is 1) no and 2) they don't.

With the police closing in, Berlin does something foolish. The Professor is visibly hurt by his decision, which viewers will find the reason for that later. Raquel is arrested and does not give up The Professor's location until her child is threatened. Everyone escapes with a cut of the money and the show fast forwards to a year later, where The Professor and Raquel are reunited in another country.

1 Astray (Season 3, Episode 8) - 9.5

The Professor devised a maser plan that faked the cops out, but then his plan was used against him. Alicia made The Professor believe that Raquel was executed and the results were the first real act of violence that the team used in three seasons.

Meanwhile, the police played a huge card with Nairobi by using her son, which resulted in a sniper taking a shot at her. The team was in ruins by the end of Season 3.

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