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PLL: Aria’s Hairstyles, Ranked From Worst To Best | ScreenRant

Like everyone, Aria Montgomery wasn’t immune to a bad hair day or two. Here’s the Pretty Little Liar’s best hairstyles from worst to best.

Pretty Little Liars brought the drama. There were normal high school struggles, such as completing tests or homework, gathering up the courage to talk to a crush, and deciding what to wear to prom. Relationships ranging from romantic ones to those with friends, family members, and frenemies were experiencing all sorts of ups and downs. And someone was anonymously sending scary messages knowing the main characters’ deepest and darkest secrets. 

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Through it all, though, there were also some amazing hairstyles seen on the show… as well as some not-so-great ones. It's time to look back and rank all the different ways that Aria Montgomery wore her hair on PLL!

10 Her Stuffy Updo In The Dollhouse

When the girls were trapped in the dollhouse, Charles threw a prom for them. That being said, they did not get to pick out the dresses, and they probably did not have a say in their makeup and hairstyles. 

Aria’s look was stuffy from head to toe, including this weird updo she wore. While the prom and parties usually brought about some of the best looks on this show, this was a miss.

9 The Time She Was In Between Lengths

Aria had long hair at the beginning of the show. She went a bit shorter at one point. And later in life, she had a super short cut. This proved that she could pull off anything, with her adorable face and great style!

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However, this photo was taken when her hair was at an in-between stage. The length, the color, the way it is laying… Everything felt off. 

8 One Of Her Bandannas

Aria loved a good accessory, and she was seen in several hats, bandanna, scarves, and headbands. At one point, she had this funky and sporty updo, with bangs hanging down into her face. The entire thing was topped off with a bandanna, which just wasn’t her best look ever. 

7 Long Pigtails

While hanging out and keeping it casual, Aria was seen in these long pigtails. While this style can be pulled off in a fabulous way, these felt messy and childish. Sure, she was young, and this was obviously a more relaxed ensemble. But it still has found its way on the bad side of this list, as there were so many other styles that were so much better on her!

6 Her Wrapped Braids

The last not-so-great hairstyle Aria rocked were these wrapped braids. It was funky and unique, just like Aria, but it was hard to tell anything about her hair: What was the length? How much volume was there? 

Everything was just slicked against her head, which was a shame since she had this full, luscious mane! Furthermore, this was around the time she joined the A team, so...

5 Bouncy Ponytail 

Aria’s hair seemed to normally be down, but there were several episodes that featured her in a ponytail. This is a go-to style that keeps hair out of the way, and it can be dressed up or down.

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As mentioned, Aria had gorgeous hair, so her ponytail was bouncy, full, and too cute, making this one of her best. Not everyone looks feminine and flirty with theirs up, and not everyone looks as amazing as she did. 

4 Short & Wavy

At the end of the show, Aria had short hair with some blonde in it, and she could wear it straight or wavy. When her wedding day with Ezra finally rolled around, she opted for this style. It was spunky yet sophisticated, so it paired perfectly with her retro dress. It was another good one, especially since it was seen on such a special day!

3 Her Pink Streaks

This list would not be complete without this character’s most iconic hair: the pink streaks. Way back in the day, the rebel in Aria added some color to her ‘do, which was featured in flashbacks, family photos, and the very first episode. 

As an artistic soul with a one-of-a-kind sense of style, this pop suited Aria well. She may have outgrown them, but they deserve a mention and some recognition. 

2 Pulled-Back Braid

One of the top hairstyles from Aria also featured braids, but this time just a few strands were twisted together, then pulled and clipped back. This style has been seen on so many people, so many times, and it can be customized (as she did with the braids). 

Plus, this was one of Aria’s best outfits, too, so all around, she had a winning look.

1 Any Time Her Hair Was Long, Down & Natural

Drum roll, please… Aria’s hair looked best when it was down. Its best length was this long one. And the natural way it framed her face was beyond beautiful. As fans know and as this list proves, Aria had so many hairstyles over the years, but her thick and voluminous brunette locks looked best like this.

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