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PLL: Ezra’s 5 Best & 5 Worst Traits  | ScreenRant

Ezra Miller was a main character of Pretty Little Liars, and he had some great traits, but also some bad ones.

An important character on Pretty Little Liars was Ezra Fitz. He taught at Rosewood High, passing on his knowledge of and passion for reading and writing. He owned The Brew, a local staple. He fell in love and eventually married Aria Montgomery, a main character on the show. And he was very instrumental in helping defeat A. 

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While he was just a TV character, he had interests, strengths, weaknesses and dislikes, just like everyone else. In fact, the traits that are listed out down below were Ezra’s five best personality traits and his five worst throughout the course of PLL.

10 Best: Literature Knowledge

Perhaps Ezra’s greatest strength was his knowledge of literature. He loved books and reading and writing, so he was hired on as the English teacher at Rosewood. He also taught this subject at the college level.

Ezra wrote a couple of books, including one he co-authored with Aria. Furthermore, his apartment was filled with great reads and a cool old typewriter, making it quite homey. 

9 Worst: Inappropriate Relationship

While teaching students English should have been his first priority at school, it was not. He had met Aria before he started the job, he hooked up with her, and he fell fast and hard. They went back and forth, knowing it was wrong yet yearning to be together. 

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They broke up several times, came back together years later and tied the knot. But before that, there was certainly some inappropriate behavior. 

8 Best: Really Got To Know People

Ezra was personable, and he really got to know people. He was great at making conversation with anyone and everyone, which made those around him trust and respect him. Whether he was helping students, talking about books, hiring locals at The Brew, or rubbing elbows with affluent people at lavish events, he was so nice and warm. 

7 Worst: Lied To Loved Ones

Despite how genuine and kind he could be, he did lie over and over and over. Sure, that was a big part of the show, but he would hide the truth from loved ones far too often. Some big examples of this include his relationship with Aria and the book he wrote, as he had known Ali and truly hurt Aria when all of that came out in the story. 

6 Best: Protective

Another word to describe this character would be protective. He made some bad decisions over the years, but he was caring and would do anything to protect those around him. He stood up for students and gave them flexibility when he knew they were struggling. He immediately cared for Malcolm, even though he was a stranger and turned out not to be Ezra’s son at all. And he put his life on the line for Aria and her friends in order to win the A game. 

5 Worst: Could Be Disrespectful

Whenever Ezra got an idea in his head, there were times when he would move forward with it, not thinking about the consequences. In fact, there were some scenes that showed him in a disrespectful way. There were times when he thought he knew best. There were moments when he disregarded other people’s thoughts or feelings. 

His intentions may have been good, but his delivery was not always the best. 

4 Best: Romantic 

Ezra was a true romantic, and that surely partly came from his love of literature; he had read the greats, he knew winning moves, and he wooed time and time again. 

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PLL was full of several love stories, but some of the most powerful episodes focused on Ezria. They hit so many bumps in the road, but they overcame so much together, and it was beautiful to finally see their happily ever after!

3 Worst: Some Anger Issues

Just as Ezra could be disrespectful, he could also get really angry. There were plenty of times when this emotion was warranted, as A made life beyond difficult for these characters. Still, he could have taken a moment, reigned in it, and breathed before throwing things, hitting things, and making scary faces like this one. 

2 Best: Helpful

One more positive trait that was seen in Ezra several times was his helpfulness. He volunteered and led at school. He was there to be a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on for many. He gave people chances to work at The Brew, even if they were not the best for the job. The list goes on and on… He was a good one!

1 Worst: Too Wrapped Up In Emotions At Times

And one final negative trait that was sometimes seen in Ezra would be that he could get too wrapped up in his emotions. As mentioned, there were scenes that showed him disregarding others, lying, and having outbursts. And perhaps because he was a creative type, he was also shown focusing solely on one emotion and acting in impulsive ways. 

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