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Pretty Little Liars: Spencer’s 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Traits 

Spencer of Pretty Little Things could be a great person, but she also had some less than admirable traits to her personality…

Pretty Little Liars had five main characters, who were best friends. Alison DiLaurentis was the blonde it girl. Aria Montgomery was artistic, with a vibrant and unique wardrobe. Emily Fields was a sensitive athlete. Hanna Marin was the fashionista of the group. And Spencer Hastings was the brainiac.

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There was more to her than just her study habits and her good grades, though. Like everyone else, she had positive and negative traits that made her interesting and relatable. In fact, the ones listed out down below were Spencer's five best and five worst. 

10 Best: Smart

Obviously, Spencer was smart. She came from a family of perfectionists who wanted and expected to excel in any and all areas, so she was studious and hardworking. Even without trying, though, her intelligence could shine, as she was book smart and street smart. 

From school subjects and topics of culture to everything related to the A game (such as hacking into systems, picking locks, tailing people and lying), Spenc was one of the best if not the best.

9 Worst: Competitive

Due to her upbringing, Spencer was very competitive. She, yes, usually did come out on top, whether she was in a race for class valedictorian or out playing field hockey. She took it to the extreme, though, and was always competing against Melissa and Ali, as well, trying to outshine them and getting upset when they defeated her. 

8 Best: Organized

Spencer’s family certainly had its issues and secrets, but on the outside, they seemed like a model group, with picture-perfect clothes and a stunning house. There were lots of type-A personalities in that household, and Spenc could often be found color-coding or alphabetizing her belongings.

She was usually in charge of organizing missions, as well, and used her wit and structure to help form game plans against A. 

7 Worst: Stressed

Her anal ways led to a great deal of stress. High school can come with its set of challenges, due to tests, homework, peers and plans for after graduation. And life with A definitely gave the girls anxiety, since there were secrets to keep, since there were scary messages and since they were in danger.

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Spencer stayed more stressed out than everyone, though, as she was used to perfection and came from a family that expected that from her. 

6 Best: Rational

As someone who was knowledgeable and thoughtful, Spencer was also very rational, and this came in handy with A. She could decipher codes. She could come up with suspects. She could sneak around to find out more information. She could think clearly, even under extreme pressure. 

5 Worst: Too Analytical At Times 

On the other hand, Spenc could be too analytical at times. She followed her brain more than her heart, and it sometimes led to sort of robotic behavior.

Yes, she was a young girl who had fun and friends and crushes and such, but her life was full of structure… which was not always good for her. Therefore, the scenes that showed her loosened up and having a good time were always nice to see. 

4 Best: Passionate

A good word to describe this character’s overall personality would be passionate. And some of her passions included doing well in school, field hockey and other extracurricular activities, coffee and solving the mystery of what happened to Alison and who A was. 

No matter what she was doing, she went all in, giving it everything she had, which was a lot!

3 Worst: Intense 

Some of her passion was put into the wrong place at the wrong time. Just look at her history with the opposite sex. She kissed a couple of her sister’s boyfriends. She used flirting and kissing as a distraction. Her relationship with Caleb could have messed up the entire central group’s chemistry. And the time she drank at the bar and met Marco led to her making a critical error, when she paid.

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Plus, on the topic of substances, she also struggled with addiction, since her passion for anything could get intense. From pills to alcohol, this character was seen taking things too far more than once.  

2 Best: Direct

Along the same lines, Spencer was direct. She had intelligence, was organized and knew what she wanted, which led to straight-forward conversations and detailed plans in life. For the most part, this was a great trait to have, and it helped her out in school, in her career, in her relationships and in her issues with A.

1 Worst: Sometimes Hid Her Feelings

Being too direct and analytical, though, can cause a person to hide their true feelings or disregard other people’s feelings. This happened a few times in Spencer’s life. She wanted to maintain that look of perfection, so she sometimes hid her emotions and troubles. She also hurt loved ones, due to this behavior. 

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