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Resident Evil 7: Jack Baker 2nd Encounter Boss Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Jack Baker is one of the most intimidating antagonists in the game. Here’s how to take on Jack Baker’s Second Encounter in Resident Evil 7.

Resident Evil 7 is one of the most intense games in the series. This is largely in part because of the horrifically realistic first-person point of view. Simply creeping down a dark hallway through Ethan Winters’ eyes is nearly debilitating. This fear is especially present during the game’s thrilling boss battles.

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Jack Baker, the game’s first antagonist, is a truly intimidating character to go up against. Players can mostly get by during his first encounter without trouble. The real challenge is taking him down the second time. Jack is nearly indestructible, moves significantly faster than the player, and wields an insane scissor-chainsaw weapon. Luckily, there is an unspoken trick to scraping by during this fight. Here’s how to defeat Jack Baker’s second encounter in Resident Evil 7.

At this point in the game, Ethan Winters is attempting to recover the third Dog Head Puzzle Piece and finally open the front door to the house. Unfortunately, it is held by Jack Baker in his torture workshop. The only way to get the piece is to finally take him down one on one.

Here are Jack Baker’s Attacks:

  • Basic Axe Swing
  • Scissor Over-Hand
  • Scissor Under-Hand
  • Spread Scissor Slashes
  • Charge Attack

When the player first enters the boss room, there will be shelves on the left and stairs on the right. Be sure to check the shelves for ammunition and consumables. To the right of the shelves, stands the door to exit the boss room after the fight. In the corner, there is a box with shotgun shells inside. This box can be broken from outside of the room. Break it with a knife and collect the shells. This will save some time during the fight.

Head upstairs and the Dog Head Piece will be chained to a hook to the left. Don’t grab this yet. Head around the corner to the right and down those stairs. There will be more consumables down there. It is a good idea to spend those consumables on crafting First Aid Medication instead of ammo. This fight requires much less ammo than it may seem. Once the player is suited up, they should head back up the stairs and begin the fight by picking up the Piece.

After Jack Baker kicks you down into the boss room, the fighting stage of the fight will begin. Jack will start out by swinging his axe and slowing chasing the player around the room. As soon as the fight begins, back up so he must follow. If the player stands too close to Jack, he will begin swinging right away and his attacks will be more ferocious during this first stage. Use the pistol to make careful headshots. Avoid using the shotgun during this stage.

After the player stuns Jack enough, he will take a knee and a fleshy growth will emerge from his shoulder. Now is the time to pull out the shotgun and shoot him in the growth. At point-blank range, the shotgun will do extra damage. From here, Jack will get up and run to grab his Scissor Chainsaw from the table. There is also a regular chainsaw on the table next to it. Take this opportunity to grab the chainsaw instead of waiting until later in the fight.

The trap that most players fall into is believing that ranged attacks are more effective than melee. Actually, the chainsaw is the best way to attack Jack during this fight. Grab the chainsaw as early as possible and use it to both attack and deflect his attacks. This will not work for every attack. Players should keep an eye out for the Charge Attack. Jack will say, “Don’t lose your head,” and then charge at the player with the scissors fully opened. This attack will definitely kill the player if they are caught up in it, so avoid at all costs.

Don’t save the chainsaw as a last resort after running out of ammo. Use it as the primary weapon until Jack takes another knee. When Jack isn’t actively attacking, follow up with the shotgun. The player should be able to get through this fight with little difficulty while conserving a large amount of ammunition. Keep this up until Jack is finally defeated.

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Resident Evil 7 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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