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Rick And Morty: 10 Characters That Could Return Over The Latest Season

The second half of season 4 of Rick and Morty is here, and we have a feeling there are a few characters that are about to make a comeback!

Rick and Morty is continuing to run through the second half of season 4 and thus far there have been a few teases for returning characters. While these supporting players only appeared in an alternate reality, it's perhaps a sign of things to come.

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The series has a wide range of genuinely interesting side characters, all of which are likely to appear again in the future; whether it's because they were beloved by fans or because their story isn't quite over. Here are 10 characters that could absolutely show up once more, over the rest of season 4 and beyond.

10 Tammy And Phoenixperson

Tammy once betrayed Rick and the family, turning on them, with Birdperson dying in the person. Her former love has now been resurrected as Phoenixperson, a cyborg of the former alien.

Tammy is clearly out for some kind of vengeance still and is a looming threat in the background of the show. It's likely that she and her new slave will return in the future, troubling Rick as to what was done to his former friend.

9 Jaguar

Jaguar sports the acting talents of Danny Trejo and is one of the few genuine action stars in the show. Jaguar has appeared a few times helping out Rick and Morty in both pickle and supervillain related incidents.

Acting like a combination between a super spy and a superhero, Jaguar has no fear and could certainly be called upon again in the future to help Rick and Morty out in another dire situation.

8 Evil Morty

Evil Morty will likely be the main villain of the show for the foreseeable future. The character is from an alternate reality, one where Rick clearly wronged him as he is looking for revenge.

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The eye-patch sporting character has shown up a few times as his master plan has come to fruition. It's almost guaranteed that audiences will see him again, although Rick and Morty aren't even aware of his takeover of the Citadel.

7 Lucious Needful

The devil himself has made an appearance on Rick and Morty before and Rick came into direct conflict with him. Creating objects that had dire consequences for those who used them, Rick countered Lucious's curses with his own technology.

The rivalry between them was intense and Lucious eventually had to leave. They both seemed to enjoy this confrontation though as if they now have an equal to fight against. It's likely that Mr. Needful will come back in the future.

6 Noob-Noob

Noob-Noob caused a lot of issues in the Smith family. It appears that Rick might value the young caretaker more than Morty, although he eventually completely forgets about him.

Noob-Noob was lifted up and then forgotten about again. This could make him quite bitter and might even turn him into a supervillain for the next Vindicators team-up that features the grandson and granddad duo.

5 Doofus Rick

There's been plenty of versions of Rick over the show, but Doofus Rick really touched the hearts of many viewers... and Jerry. This was the only Rick that seemed to understand Jerry in a deeper way.

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They got on fantastically, but all the other Ricks shunned this kinder character. It may be that Doofus Rick returns to save Jerry from his abusive life so they can start their bromance afresh.

4 Unity

Unity is one of the love interests of Rick, although both of them are far more destructive together. Their relationship really isn't healthy despite how happy it can make Rick.

It's interesting to see Rick actually vulnerable and in love for a change and Unity could return in the future to provide that spark of life, jealousy, and chaos that Sanchez needs.

3 Mr. Poopybutthole

Mr. Poopybutthole has been an interesting character in that he appeared in Smith's life quite suddenly. Beth shot him believing him not to be real because they had no unhappy memories of him.

Over the years he's learned to live with his new disability and has even started a family now. He's appeared since then again but the fan-favorite character is sure to return at least one more time; hopefully, he doesn't have a tragic end.

2 Beth Smith

Beth Smith has been in the show the whole time, so how can she return? Well, there may be a variation in Beth. She made a choice whether she would continue on with her life or be cloned.

The audience never found out what she chose but it could be that the real Beth returns in the future and the clone of Beth is ousted. The matriarch of the household may want to take back her own life.

1 The President

The President of the United States has appeared a few times and has a slightly difficult relationship with Rick. While he acknowledges that he is helpful, they often don't see eye to eye on things.

Since he is still the President, the character could return in the future of the show. In fact, there's sure to be another world-changing even that Rick and Morty have to get involved in for the chief.

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