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Scoob!: 10 Differences Between The Cartoon And The New Movie

Scoob! is a modern update of the Scooby-Doo fans love, and as a result, it changes a few things from the cartoon.

For more than 50 years, audiences have watched Scooby-Doo and Mystery Inc. unmask villains in supposedly haunted houses. With Scoob!, the group gets a modern update. While the personalities of the characters, and the bonds of friendship between them, remain intact, there are a few differences to the way their story is told.

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The newest animated movie is packed with pop culture references and reminders that friendship is the most important thing, just like the original series. With the modern update, however, comes new actors, new story beats, and even an updated Mystery Machine. We've got some of the biggest differences between the classic Scooby-Doo and the newest take on the franchise.

10 Shaggy's Confidence

The previous versions of Scooby-Doo show that Shaggy is absolutely terrified of ghosts, monsters, and even people in Halloween masks. What those previous versions don't show is that Shaggy has some serious issues with self esteem and confidence.

Scoob! opens with Shaggy listening to a podcast about friends and then literally "making friends" at the beach out of mounds of sand because he doesn't want to approach anyone. Even as an adult, he doesn't want to make waves with Blue Falcon's team because he doesn't have confidence in himself. It gives the character a bit more depth than before.

9 Fred Doesn't Call The Shots

In the original series, Velma is obviously the brains of the operation. Even though she's the one who's really solving the cases, it's always Fred who seems to make the decision. Not this time around.

Fred is very much the team muscle, or as Velma refers to him in the movie, their "tank." She and Daphne are shown to take charge pretty equally. Fred even asks the others what they're going to do at different points. The only time he appears to be in charge is when he's driving the Mystery Machine.

8 The New Technology

To be fair, some of the modern movies have employed plenty of modern technology to help solve mysteries. Compared to the previous animated series, however, their techniques for solving crimes are very different.

In the original series, the group essentially walks around talking to people and accidentally finding secret passages. Now, Velma has a complete computer system set up in the back of the mystery machine so the group doesn't have to search for clues the old fashioned way. They have the answers to their questions at their fingertips.

7 A Dastardly Villain

Most of the cases Mystery Inc. take on involve ghost sightings, strange creatures interrupting major events, and even just mysterious noises in the middle of the night. They typically reveal a regular guy in a mask behind everything. While Scoob! still gives the audience a guy in a mask, it also gives us a supervillain.

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Supervillains are rare in the Scooby-Doo franchise. That usually only happens when Scooby finds himself in a comic book crossover. Dick Dastardly is very different from their usual cases with his long police record, flying machine, and army of robots.

6 Daphne Doesn't Get Kidnapped

It seems like an episode can't go by without Daphne being one of the characters accidentally caught in the team's own trap or kidnapped by the bad guy. The live action movies even made fun of that fact. It doesn't happen in this movie - at least not the way you would expect it to.

When the opening of the movie shows the team as kids, it's Daphne who trips on the stairs after Scooby and Shaggy are already hiding and Fred and Velma have already run to the top. Mr. Rigby has the chance to grab her, but he misses because Daphne runs back down and even lassos him with the lasso of truth from her Wonder Woman costume. When she does get caught by the bad guy, it's when everyone else is also caught by the bad guy, and she's actually the one who finds the team a way out.

5 There's A New Mystery Machine

Through more than 50 years of television series and movies, there has been a relatively consistent design for the Mystery Machine. The team's beloved van might always run out of gas, but it gets them from one mystery to another.

In Scoob!, however, the Mystery Machine doesn't make it to the end of the journey with them. Instead, the team gets a high tech replacement courtesy of Blue Falcon's team. It's a serious upgrade, complete with its paint job appearing to be a hologram.

4 Scooby-Doo Is The Case

Over the course of the various animated series, Mystery Inc. find themselves called to cases from a variety of their own relatives - mostly Daphne's. Scooby, however, is rarely the subject of the case.

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For Scoob!, he's front and center as Daphne, Fred, and Velma have to figure out just why someone would be after Scooby and Shaggy to start. Once that's covered, it's Scooby they have to save. It's very rare for Scooby to be at the center of the case instead of just one of the characters afraid of a guy in a mask.

3 Velma Keeps Her Glasses

There are a few common gags in the original series that have remained a part of every modern adaptation. Scoob! doesn't really employ any of them. Fred doesn't come up with the plans, Daphne doesn't get kidnapped, and Velma, well, she keeps her glasses.

Inevitably in classic ghostly encounters, Velma's glasses are knocked off at some point. She spends a scene trying to find them because she can't see without them, only to end up nose to nose with the monster of the week. While the credits feature artwork of Velma losing her glasses, she never loses them in the movie.

2 Shaggy Has A Plan

Shaggy and Scooby have never been the brains of Mystery Inc. Instead, they do a lot of running, screaming, and accidentally finding secret passages. While they do some of that here, Shaggy is also not as inept as previous versions of the character.

Here, he's actually the one who comes up with the final plan in the movie, much to the surprise of his friends and the audience. Fans get to see a version of Shaggy who isn't just comic relief, but a contributing member to the team.

1 A New Voice Cast

While many of the voice actors for the iconic roles have changed throughout the course of five decades, there are actors who have been voicing the main cast for the last decade or more. Matthew Lillard officially took over the role of Shaggy in 2010, Kate Micucci has been voicing Velma since 2016, Grey DeLisle-Griffin has voiced Daphne since 2000, and Frank Welker has been voicing Fred since the series premiered in 1969.

None of those actors voice the characters in Scoob! Instead, the studio cast Will Forte (Shaggy), Gina Rodriguez (Velma), Amanda Seyfried (Daphne), and Zac Efron (Fred). Frank Welker did return to voice Scooby, but no one else was given the option to return to their role.

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