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Scrap Mechanic Where to Find Crude Oil | Screen Rant

In Scrap Mechanic, crude oil quickly becomes a highly-valued crafting ingredient. So here is a guide on how to find crude oil and what it’s used for.

Scrap Mechanic is an early access game where players are put into the shoes of a character sent to a far away agricultural planet to repair some malfunctioning farming robots. But the ship crashed, and now the player character has to use their ingenuity, scavenged material, and creativity in order to survive the hostile farm planet. The player quite literally has to scrap their way through the planet.

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Players will quickly determine that creating and using vehicles are exceptionally useful for traversing and transporting material across the planet. Which is why players will often find themselves wanting to find crude oil, which can be used to craft items like gasoline and vehicle suspensions. But where to find it?

So where to find crude oil? In an oil rig? An oil deposit on land? Maybe on the remains of some sort of giant robot? It's actually nowhere on land. Crude oil is found underwater. It can be collected by interacting with an oil vent, an underwater rock formation that is easily identifiable with its black smoke-like emissions. They should have a blackish bubble near the top that is presumably made of crude oil.

The player doesn’t need to have some sort of special container or protection to collect the oil. The player can just go up, touch the oil, and instantly gain bottled crude oil in their inventory. It is also worth mentioning that there is currently no known way to automate crude oil collection. That means if the player wants crude oil, they have to collect it manually.

Odds are the player began collecting crude oil for their vehicles. Usually to craft gasoline, a fuel source for scrap gas engines, gas engines, and thrusters. But crude oil can also be used to create items like sport and off-road suspensions, both of which can add balance and stability to vehicles.  So having a decent supply of excess crude oil can be beyond useful for creating a superior vehicle. This excess crude oil should preferably be stored either in a mechanic station or inside the player's base.

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Scrap Mechanic is available on Windows PCs as an early access game

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