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Six Feet Under: Which Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

To this day, Six Feet Under remains a mesmerizing series with unforgettable characters. Find out who you’d relate to the most through your Zodiac Sign

Almost 20 years after it debuted, HBO's Six Feet Under is still considered one of the most mesmerizing series of all time. This ensemble drama, which aired from 2001 to 2005, focuses on a family running a funeral home in Los Angeles. The Fishers - as well as their traumas and their dreams - are put on full display for five dazzling seasons.

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Each member of the Fisher family and their cohorts has become iconic, thanks in part to the stellar performances of the actors who portray them. Where does each of the characters from Six Feet Under fit into the Zodiac? Read on to find out.

12 ARIES: Nate Jr.

The oldest Fisher child Nathaniel Jr. is an aggressive, passionate man. After his father dies on Christmas day, Nate returns home from Seattle in order to help his family run the funeral home.

Nate is an Aries through and through. These outgoing Fire signs express themselves through actions more than words. Aries are athletic, engaging, and constantly crave excitement.

11 TAURUS: Keith

Keith is the boyfriend and later husband of David Fisher. While David hides his sexuality, Keith is open about his homosexuality despite David's desire to remain closeted. Over the course of the series, Keith struggles with his own identity as a gay black man.

Tauruses like Keith are loyal Earth signs known for possessing a severe stubborn streak. Tauruses are motivated by love and family. These signs work hard to protect those they love, and they don't like to be crossed.

10 GEMINI: Claire

The youngest Fisher, Claire, is an aspiring photographer and artist who feels stifled by her family. Claire experiences major growing pains throughout the series, desperate for creative stimulation, unique experiences, and profound conversations.

There's no doubt Claire is a Gemini. These flirty, fun Air signs are easily bored. They love meeting unique people, as well as non-stop communication. Geminis also find it difficult to integrate their intellectual and emotional halves.

9 CANCER: Ruth

Ruth is the Fisher matriarch, a sensitive and quiet woman whose unique desires are often overlooked by her children. Ruth wants to be much more than a widow after her husband dies, and Six Feet Under does a fantastic job giving Ruth the voice and agency she deserves.

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Like a Cancer, Ruth is an emotional Water sign deeply rooted in her home and family. Being a self-conscious and excitable Cancer, Ruth needs constant reassurance and love from those around her.

8 LEO: Nate Sr.

Nathaniel Fisher Sr. dies in the first five minutes of Six Feet Under, yet he visits his family and loved ones through dreams and fantasies. Nate's specter stalks the series like a lion, and he often provides comic relief amidst all the death.

Leos are the consummate thespians of the Zodiac. These Fire signs love being the center of attention, and they know how to keep audiences captivated with their humor and gregariousness. Nate Sr. is emphatically the resident Leo in Six Feet Under.

7 VIRGO: Vanessa

Vanessa Diaz is the wife of Federico, the show's restorative artist who works at Fisher & Sons. Vanessa is a full-time nurse who scrambles to keep her household afloat while her husband tries to rise up in the mortuary world.

Kind and overanalytical Vanessa carries all the Virgo traits. These reserved Earth signs express themselves through hard-work and reliability. While they are known for their patience, Virgos are highly critical, often taking out most of their frustration on themselves.

6 LIBRA: Lisa

Lisa goes from a one-night-stand to Nate Jr.'s wife after becoming pregnant with his daughter Maya. Lisa is a fair and creative woman who wants a genuine relationship with Nate. Unfortunately, her past and Nate's feelings for Brenda affect their love.

Lisa is a Libra, an idealistic Air sign moved by art, integrity, and social engagement. Libras ultimately want everyone to get along, and they uphold diplomacy to a fault.

5 SCORPIO: David

David Fisher undergoes an intense journey of self-discovery over the course of the series. While running the family mortuary with his brother and Frederico, David comes to terms with his sexuality.

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Scorpios are deeply emotional Water signs known for their zeal, secretiveness, and sensuality. David is undeniably a Scorpios. David's profound well of feelings is explored in great depth in Six Feet Under.


Brenda Chenowith meets Nate Jr. on his flight home to Los Angeles on Christmas day in the first episode. The two of them embark upon a tumultuous relationship full of love, desire, and near-mania. A massage therapist, Brenda is a charming, personable woman whose traumatic childhood haunts her.

Sagittariuses are independent and outgoing Fire signs known for being eternally rebellious, and Brenda is by far the biggest rebel in Six Feet Under. Sagittariuses do well at parties, and they know how to hide their troubles under an attractive smile.


Federico Diaz is an ambitious restorative artist who becomes a partner in Fisher & Sons. Rico is driven, hard-working, and authoritative. Rico marries his high school sweetheart Vanessa. Their marriage is put on the line in Six Feet Under, but they ultimately reconcile.

Capricorns are disciplined Earth signs motivated by pragmatism, tradition, and custom. While Capricorns like Rico value routine and structure, they often struggle to live up to these rigid expectations.

2 AQUARIUS: George

George Sibley is Ruth's second husband, a quirky and bizarre geologist suffering from severe mental illness. George was married six times before Ruth, and he has two adult children. George is an idealistic and progressive man who forges a unique relationship with Ruth, one based on their own terms.

Aquariuses are the notorious innovators of the Zodiac, a sign focused on the future and whatever will come next. These Air signs align themselves with just causes and never worry about stirring up controversy.

1 PISCES: Billy

Billy Chenowith is Brenda's bipolar younger brother. An established photographer, Billy is equal parts arousing and overwhelming. Billy has an unhealthy relationship with his older sister, mostly due to how their parents raised them.

There's no way Billy could be anything other than a Pisces. Pisces are intriguing Water signs who desire creative expression, romance, and pleasure. Pisces want to live in a world of beauty and wonder.

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