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SpongeBob SquarePants: 10 Awesome Fan Art Pieces Of Squidward

All SpongeBob SquarePants fans should check out these awesome pieces of Squidward fan art that capture the hilarious character in different lights.

If there is one character on SpongeBob SquarePants who would appreciate fan art, it's Squidward Tentacles. In fact, fans wouldn't be surprised if they found out that Squidward made some fan art of his own! After all, he has made several pieces of artwork that resemble himself, which he displays on the walls in his house.

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These pieces of art need to be of high caliber if they are going to meet Squidward's standards and expectations. Squidward is known for his pretentious attitude and can be hard to please. Here are 10 awesome pictures of Squidward fan art that are good enough for him to add to his impressive collection of artwork featuring himself.

10 Rockin' Squidward

Squidward is happiest when he is performing. This fan art from joehudu29 on Instagram pays tribute to his passion, showing Squidward on a stage with his fist in the air. He is wearing his band uniform as fire blasts on either side of him.

At this moment, Squidward looks fierce and determined. Thespians all over the world can relate to the feeling Squidward is expressing here.

9 Squidward Doodle

Art_hr14 has a truly amazing Instagram account devoted entirely to their art. There are stylistic choices that give this artist their own particular style, making this work stand out next to others. This artist often uses bright contrasting colors to make the image pop. They are also known for placing images inside of other images.

This gives fans the perspective of seeing inside Squidward's brain. Of course, the creatures that live inside his brain are all representations of Squidward's thoughts and feelings, meaning many of them appear to be dissatisfied.

8 Gender Swap Squidward

If you ever wondered what Squidward would look like as a woman, you now have your answer. Gender Swap Squidward has an urban style, featuring long nails and a crop top.

Though her outward appearance may have changed, she seems to have a similar attitude as she looks unapprovingly off to the side.

7 Squidward Is Not A Squid

Though this may come as a surprise to some fans, Squidward is canonically an octopus. Yet, for some reason, he only has 6 limbs. This has led some fans to revolt, redesigning Squidward with the 8 limbs they feel are rightfully his.

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It makes one wonder what Squidward must have gone through his life when thinking about those missing limbs. It also makes fans wonder why his parents (or the creators of SpongeBob) would have named him Squidward in the first place.

6 Cute Squidward

This Squidward likely comes with a different personality than the octopus fans have come to know and love. In this fan art, he seems much sweeter and softer. His eyes are larger and his edges are smoother.

He is also sporting a smile, something not often seen on Squidward's face in the cartoon. Perhaps the reason he is so happy here is that this artist also decided to give him all 8 of his limbs.

5 Squidward The Artist

Squidward takes his artwork very seriously. To him, this is a serious hobby, not something he does just for fun. He doesn't even seem to be getting enjoyment out of the process.

It seems like success, fame, and recognition are an extremely important part of the equation for Squidward. He focuses more on the outcome than the process. Maybe that is part of the reason why his art doesn't come out as well as it could.

4 Trippy Squidward

Many fans of SpongeBob are also fans of the psychedelic style. There have certainly been some scenes from SpongeBob that have been trippy, but none are as trippy as this phone.

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The artist has put an incredible amount of work into this extremely detailed picture. They have managed to perfectly capture a complex texture, making it seem as though Squidward's skin is melting off of his face. This fan art is definitely for the adults that grew up on SpongeBob and not the young kids who may be beginning to watch it now.

3 Panicking Squidward

Similarly to the fan art by art_hr14, this artist also decided to put smaller images inside of Squidward's head. However, the two pictures have very different effects.

Whereas art_hr14 featured a calm Squidward with negative emotions in his mind, this Squidward seems panicked. The images inside his head are flowers and eyes. It even seems like SpongeBob's eyes are depicted. These upbeat thoughts and images would likely make Squidward panic as he is used to more negative thoughts.

2 Sad Squidward

Fans are used to seeing Squidward annoyed and frustrated. This usually elicits laughter as fans can identify with Squidward's dark sense of humor and pessimistic outlook on life. However, seeing Squidward sad and stressed out is no laughing matter.

There have certainly been a few moments on the show when this otherwise tough and guarded character has let themselves become vulnerable. This fan art will make you want to wrap your arms around Squidward and hold him close.

1 Squidward's Not A Loser

In SpongeBob the Musical, Squidward had a showstopping number called "I'm Not a Loser." This musical number finally gave Squidward his chance to shine.

This artist does a beautiful job of capturing this moment from the musical. His gorgeous and sparkly outfit is brilliantly sketched, he looks happy and at peace, and it is clear he is singing and dancing. The artist chose a creative color palette that adds a peppy feeling to the image. Fans who enjoyed SpongeBob the Musical will immediately have a smile brought to their face upon viewing this piece of fan art, as they reminisce on his big number.

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