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Star Trek: Beverly Crusher Actress Teases A Picard Appearance

The Next Generation actress Gates McFadden, who played Beverly Crusher, seems to be teasing a potential appearance on Star Trek: Picard.

Beverly Crusher actress Gates McFadden might be teasing a future appearance on Star Trek: Picard. McFadden played Beverly, the Enterprise's chief medical officer for nearly every season of Star Trek: The Next GenerationShe was briefly absent for season 2, but then returned for the rest of the series. McFadden also appeared in four Star Trek feature films, with her last appearance being in 2002's Star Trek Nemesis. As The Next Generation's medical chief, Beverly often played a key role in episodes. She also became Jean-Luc Picard's (Patrick Stewart) love interest later on in the series, with the finale even showing a possible future where they got married (and divorced).

Jean-Luc's story continued with the arrival of Picard on CBS All Access earlier this year. The series picked up with Jean-Luc in the later years of his life and the newest adventure he finds himself wrapped up in. While much of Picard's cast is comprised of new characters, season 1 had a few familiar faces from Picard's Next Generation days. Brent Spiner briefly returned as Data, while Jean-Luc was able to reunite with William Riker (Jonathan Frakes) and Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) in the seventh episode. Undoubtedly, the returns of additional Next Generation characters were among the reasons viewers flocked to Picard.

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Season 2 of Picard is still in the early stages, but fans are already curious about which past characters could appear. Nothing has been announced yet, but McFadden recently seemed to hint there might be a role for Beverly in the future. While talking to TrekMovie, McFadden was asked if she had been tapped for a guest appearance on Picard. "Well, I don’t know," McFadden said. "There’s a good chance, let’s put it that way. But I have no contract signed." She also briefly commented on what Beverly and Jean-Luc's relationship might be like if she did appear on Picard, saying this:

I think that Patrick made a decision at some point that he was opening it up to other relationships in our show, and in the movies, certainly. So I can’t imagine that it’s suddenly going to be different, but it doesn’t mean that there’s not a relationship there. Obviously, from our all of our scenes, there is a relationship and that’s great. So who knows? I have no clue, but it would it would be lovely.

Frakes, who will likely be returning to Picard to direct some episodes, said back in April that he expects more Next Generation characters to appear on Picard. In fact, a few might have already been revealed. LeVar Burton (Geordi La Forge on TNG) confirmed he's had conversations about appearing on Picard, and earlier this year, Stewart personally invited Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan) to join season 2.

It makes perfect sense to include more Next Generation characters in Picard season 2, though it might be some time before fans actually get to see their returns. The first season ended back in March, and season 2 is still in the writing stages. Additionally, production might see itself impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, so it might be a little longer before Picard season 2 arrives on CBS All Access. As of right now, though, it's likely that the next batch of episodes will drop sometime in 2021. Hopefully they'll contain some old favorites too.

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Source: TrekMovie

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