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Star Wars: 10 Details About General Hux You Won’t Know If You Only Watched The Movies

General Hux has a lot more going on than implied by Star Wars sequel trilogy. Here are 10 facts about the character that the movies do not cover.

General Hux – later revealed to be named Armitage – is a secondary antagonist of the Star Wars sequel franchise. A general in the First Order, Hux often worked alongside Kylo Ren and under the command of Supreme Leader Snoke.

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Though Hux only has small parts in each of the three films, fans became so intrigued by his character, that his mysterious past has been fleshed out in canon novels, comic books, and he even has a small role in the animated series Star Wars: Resistance. Here is a list of 10 things you wouldn't know about General Hux if you have only watched the movies.

10 He Was Born On Arkanis

Arkanis is an Outer Rim planet known for its gloomy weather. Sunshine there is a rarity, and when it isn't raining heavily, the forecast is at best a light drizzle. In a way, the planet itself is a sad metaphor for Armitage Hux's childhood.

Armitage was born around 0 ABY, not long after the destruction of the Death Star. The rainy planet is not only his homeworld, but it was also the home of a Galactic Empire Imperial Academy that centered around training officers.

9 He Was An Illegitimate Child

"Brendol, I understand you have a son. Not of your wife — an illegitimate child?" Chuck Wendig's Aftermath novels give fans another peek at the Hux family, and reveal that Armitage is the product of an affair between Brendol and a kitchen woman.

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Brendol had a wife named Maratelle at the time, and the younger Hux's parentage was a source of bitter gossip among other officers throughout his life. Armitage spent years being both shamed for and ashamed of his status as a bastard.

8 His Father Was Extremely Abusive

Brendol Hux made Armitage's life a living hell and was a bully in every sense of the word. He did not bother hiding that he despised his child and had very little confidence in him, despite his efforts to toughen him up.

The elder Hux regularly mocked his son to his face, as well as to others. "Armitage is a weak-willed boy. Thin as a slip of paper and just as useless." It's no wonder that Armitage grew to be so angry and obsessed with seizing control from others.

7 He Had An Imperial Protector Named Rae Sloane

Grand Admiral Rae Sloane was a smart, ambitious, and capable Imperial officer who watched over a young Armitage when she suspected that Brendol was harming him. "Your son. Armitage. I know you don't like him. I suspect you hurt him — psychologically or physically, I don't know, and I don't care."

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"You will leave him alone. And you will teach the boy everything that you know." Later, Sloane made a deal to ensure that Armitage was both properly trained and protected.

6 He Commanded Child Soldiers (As A Child)

Hux's first command was of a group of children that his father had trained to be soldiers and assassins. Seeing potential in him, an Imperial named Gallius Rax gifted these soldiers to Armitage when he was quite young.

As he was used to abuse and routine humiliation, the boy tested his newfound authority in the one way he knew how – he ordered one of the children to hit another one in the group. This is credited as the beginning of his thirst for power.

5 Hux Is Brilliant & Achieved Success Young

General Hux is far more intelligent than the films give him credit for, and his success is attributed to both his intellect and his ruthlessness. A brilliant strategist, he rose through military ranks quickly and is only 35 years old in The Force Awakens when he is a general, as well as a high ranking leader of the First Order.

Hux entirely revamped the Stormtrooper program. Hux's troopers were "programmed from birth," and trained to be loyal only to the Order, rather than to individuals.

4 He Conspired With Phasma To Murder His Father

Brendol Hux openly hated his son, and the apple didn't fall far from the tree. "I know Phasma killed him, and I'm glad the old bastard is dead. We agreed on the right time for it to happen. I told her it had to be untraceable."

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Seeing that his father has formed a bond with Phasma, Armitage wastes little time in conspiring with her to have Brendol killed so that he can assume his command. They do it with a beetle, whose lethal bite causes his father to bloat and then explode in a bacta tank.

3 He Once Took Revenge On Another Abuser

Star Wars: Age Of Resistance is a series of one-shot comics, and the issue that focuses on General Hux provides more details on his cruel childhood. A flashback shows him accidentally breaking a glass in front of his father and an Admiral Brooks, who cruelly orders him to lick up the mess.

Terrified, Armitage obeys Brooks, and his father becomes angry with him for being weak. Years later, Armitage gets his revenge by killing Brooks after one of the Admiral's subordinates is accused of being traitor.

2 He Is Obsessed With His Appearance

Appearance is an extremely important part of discipline for Hux, as well as an important part of showcasing his authority. His formal parade uniform, expertly slicked-back hair, and rigid posture allow him to appear authoritative at all times.

Armitage is not only obsessed with his appearance in command settings, but also in his private quarters. The Phasma novel details his obsession with black clothing, fine lines, and perfect pleats, even when it comes to his robe.

1 He Was Once Marooned With Kylo Ren

Fans of Kylo Ren and General Hux could hardly contain their excitement at the announcement of the General Hux issue of Age Of Resistance, in which the First Order enemies are marooned together after crash landing on an unknown planet. 

Their pilot dead and their communications down, the two are forced to work together to survive (but spend a significant amount of time bickering about each other and who is at fault for their predicament).

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