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Star Wars: 10 Rey & Luke Skywalker Similarities | ScreenRant

As two fo the driving forces for Jedi and Jedi culture, Rey and Luke share a lot of similarities that are present throughout the movies.

Back when Star Wars was first released, Luke Skywalker immediately became the poster boy of the franchise. Mark Hamill's fresh-faced character was the epitome of good and won millions of fans due to his determination to stand up to Darth Vader, despite the odds always appearing to be stacked against him and his friends.

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For Disney's sequel trilogy, it was Daisy Ridley's Rey who became the main character. Here are 10 similarities between the pair.

10 They Were Both From Desert Planets

We're starting with the obvious here. Both Luke and Rey were raised in the harsh desert worlds of Tatooine and Jakku respectively.

The former works as a farmboy, helping his Aunt and Uncle during tough times of Imperial rule. Rey, meanwhile, is a scavenger who has to find bits to sell to Unkar Plutt just so she can survive. She spends the entirety of her life on the planet before being caught up in the fight between the Resistance and First Order.

9 Natural Pilots

When we first meet Luke back in 1977's A New Hope, it's shown that he's a pilot with skills others could only dream of. He immediately takes to flying and shooting on the Millenium Falcon, despite the ship being a 'big piece of junk' and also fires the key shot that obliterates the first Death Star.

Rey possesses similar skills. In The Force Awakens, she's also able to pilot the falcon right away, saving both herself and Finn from the First Order on Jakku. That led to theories she had the Skywalker blood in her veins but, ultimately, that wasn't the case.

8 Mysterious Parents

Luke thought his father died many years ago, with Obi-Wan Kenobi confirming as much. However, it's revealed in The Empire Strikes Back that he's actually the son of fierce enemy Darth Vader, who is determined to lure his child to the dark side.

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Rey's parents were also a mystery before The Rise of Skywalker. Since then, however, it's been established that her father was a failed Palpatine clone - one the Sith Lord discarded. She gets her strong power, though, from the villain himself.

7 Wise Mentors

Luke was mentored by Obi-Wan Kenobi, who saves him from Tatooine and takes him on an unforgettable adventure during the events of the original trilogy. Kenobi was wise and, when he perishes, the even-wiser Master Yoda takes over his teaching.

Rey, meanwhile, was trained by Skywalker himself. Granted, Luke was a bit of a grumpy hermit when she finds him. But he still imparts wisdom nonetheless, helping mold her into the Jedi she becomes. Han Solo was also a big mentor in her life.

6 They're Reckless

It can't be disputed that both Luke and Rey have their hearts in the right place, but they're also impulsive. The former abandons his training with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda in order to save his friends on Bespin, despite the dangers.

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Rey does something similar in The Last Jedi, ignoring Luke's pleas in order to confront Ben Solo. This very nearly backfires and she's fortunate that, at the last minute, Kylo Ren chooses to murder Supreme Leader Snoke instead.

5 They're The Strongest On The Team

Both Rey and Luke are easily the two strongest members of The Resistance and the Rebel Alliance, particularly after the deaths of their mentors.

Poe Dameron says the gang needs Rey with them at all times and even concedes that her powers dwarf any of theirs. Luke, meanwhile, is the most important asset for the Rebels in their fight against the Empire. Neither fails their friends, too. And speaking of which...

4 They Need Help From Their Friends

While they're both the biggest assets of their respective teams, Luke and Rey also require help from their friends on countless occasions.

Rey would likely have never got off Starkiller Base had it not been for Finn, Han Solo, and Chewbacca. Sure, she escaped imprisonment, but fleeing the space station would have been a different challenge entirely. Luke would have fallen to his death on Despin had Leia, Chewbacca, and Lando not come to his rescue. It turns out that, no matter how powerful you are, you need loyal allies in order to succeed.

3 They Never Underestimate A Droid

It's not just friends that Luke and Rey see the value in. The pair also respect droids and rely on their intelligence throughout the series, while also treating them as if they're humans - unlike many in the galaxy.

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Luke always looks out for C-3PO and R2-D2, even having touching exchanges with both in The Last Jedi. Rey, meanwhile, fixes D0's antenna and also treats BB-8 with nothing but fondness. It's a testament to both characters that, even during spells where the galaxy is in turmoil, they remain good at heart.

2 They See The Light In People

Despite Darth Vader being an abhorrent villain, one who takes great pleasure in carrying out the orders of Emperor Palpatine, Luke never gave up on his father. He always sensed the light in him, coaxing it out entirely in Return of the Jedi.

Rey is the same with Kylo Ren. After he killed Han Solo, it seemed there was no way back for Adam Driver's character. But, fortunately, she perseveres and ends up being proven right when he transforms back into Ben Solo.

1 They Both Defy Palpatine

During Return of the Jedi, Palpatine senses an opportunity. He attempts to turn Luke Skywalker, even encouraging him to kill Darth Vader and take his father's place at his side. What he doesn't bank on, though, is Luke standing up to him - and Vader throwing him down the Death Star chute.

Palpatine thinks he's got Rey doing exactly what he wants in The Rise of Skywalker, urging her to strike him down to save her friends - just like Luke many years previously. That backfires, though, with the Jakku scavenger standing up to the villain and eventually killing him.

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