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Star Wars: The Worst Thing About Each Sith Lord | ScreenRant

The Sith have always been the baddest bad guys in the Star Wars universe, and here are the worst aspects of each individual Sith Lord.

The Sith were the constant force of evil throughout the Star Wars trilogy. The prequels gave us Darth Maul and Darth Tyrannus, while the original series gave us Darth Vader. The sequels made it seem as though the time of the Sith had finally passed, but it was eventually revealed that the evil Emperor Palpatine had been running the show once more, just as he had done since before The Phantom Menace.

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The Sith aren’t great at the best of times, but each Sith Lord has done something even worse than the last. Here are the worst things about each one.

6 Darth Bane: Established The Rule Of Two

Darth Bane is a historical figure in Star Wars lore who we have never seen in a feature film. His legacy comes into play somewhat during The Clone Wars, but his impact was first felt a thousand years earlier when he established the rule of two.

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He formed this rule after realizing that the defeat of the Sith came from the fighting between its members. As such, only a Master and an apprentice could exist at the same time, with the apprentice almost always taking power by betraying their master many years later. It was the introduction of this rule that eventually allowed Palpatine to destroy the Jedi almost completely.

5 Darth Plagueis: Trained Darth Sidious

We don’t know a lot about the existence of Darth Plagueis aside from what Palpatine told Anakin about (“the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise”).

What we do know, is that he was the one to train Palpatine, and as such, the reason behind Palpatine’s immense power and ability to destroy most of the Jedi. In accordance with the rule of two established by Darth Bane, Plagueis was betrayed by Sidious, and the story was used to create Darth Vader.

4 Darth Maul: Was So Angry That He Survived Being Cut In Half

Darth Maul would probably be considered to be a failure of a Sith lord. He was introduced in The Phantom Menace as the apprentice of Darth Sidious, and after jumping around a bit and showing off his cool double-ended lightsaber, he was chopped in half by Obi-Wan and ‘died’.

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Of course, as many know, The Clone Wars allowed Darth Maul to return, because he was too angry at Obi-Wan to die. Even though he’d been chopped in half. Yeah, don’t question it too much... either way, surviving this allowed him to go on to cause a lot more chaos around the galaxy through evil activities completely separate from the Sith.

3 Darth Tyrannus: Betrayed The Jedi

Count Dooku was another in a long line of criminally underused bad guys introduced in the prequel trilogy. He was threatening and impressive in battle, and had an interesting backstory that it took until The Clone Wars for us to finally be told about in full.

Much like Anakin, he became disillusioned with the Jedi. However, unlike Anakin, he originally simply left the Jedi Order and was presumed missing. They weren’t aware for a long time that he had actually been lured to the Dark Side and was about to betray everyone who had trained him and cared for him by working with Palpatine.

2 Darth Vader: Was The Cause Of The Jedi Destruction

While we eventually saw Darth Vader turn against his master and destroy the Sith, it was his original actions that were probably the worst thing he ever did. While still in his Anakin form, he killed many children and attempted to kill his master (the only person who ever stood by him), while Palpatine executed Order 66 and wiped out the Jedi.

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Considering he was trained as a Jedi and given chance after chance by people who didn’t trust him in the first place, mass murder wasn’t exactly the best way to repay their efforts. If Anakin hadn’t been lured to the dark side, then Palpatine wouldn’t have been able to successfully execute Order 66, and in fact, if Anakin had just avoided this conversion, he could have helped his fellow Jedi kill Palpatine far, far earlier.

1 Darth Sidious: Was The Man Behind It All

The most powerful Sith of all time and the man that the so-called ‘Skywalker’ saga should truly be named after was Darth Sidious, AKA Emperor Palpatine. He was a key figure throughout the prequel trilogy as he pretended to be the kind-hearted Senator while actually devising the destruction of the Jedi. He was the figurehead of evil throughout the original trilogy, where he oversaw the actions of Darth Vader, the creation of both Death Stars, and ruled the Galactic Empire with an iron fist.

He was supposedly dead, but by the time of The Rise Of Skywalker, it was revealed that he was alive and orchestrating everything from behind the scenes the entire way through the sequel trilogy as well. He might not have had an apprentice, but he was still working under Sith values and seemed to have acquired even more power than he had demonstrated before. He was an impressively terrifying character.

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